Work begins today on new Cowboys practice facility

The Cowboys are a month away from training camp, but work will begin on their new practice facility today.

According to Calvin Watkins of, construction is starting on their new place in Frisco, with the ceremonial groundbreaking in August.

The plan is to move to the new facility in 2016. It will include an indoor football stadium that will be used by high school teams as well, and all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a Cowboys facility.

“We’re ecstatic to take this next step of allowing the site to be prepared for construction, which is one of many steps in the process,” Frisco mayor Maher Maso said in a statement. “We’re dedicated to building a world-class, quality development that will benefit our residents, inspire our students and captivate visitors from everywhere.”

That’s a big expectation for a practice field. But then again, everything’s bigger in Texas.

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27 responses to “Work begins today on new Cowboys practice facility

  1. Hard to believe that with all the experience the Cowboys have with hot air that last one collapsed.

  2. Dude forgot to mention the part about being paid for by hardworking taxpayers thanks to their support of corporate welfare.

  3. When did practice facilities become national level news worthy? More important, Cowboys and Practice in the same sentence should be more about how they plan on breaking the unreasonably long .500 season streak, not breaking ground on JJs latest palace that will no doubt include more of the wife’s art acquisitions.

  4. The difference between Jerrah and the late, great Al Davis(RIP) is that Jerrah can afford to make all the high priced mistakes Al could only dream of making.

  5. r8rsfan says:
    Jun 25, 2014 11:28 AM
    The difference between Jerrah and the late, great Al Davis(RIP) is that Jerrah can afford to make all the high priced mistakes Al could only dream of making.
    Ya, that and the fact that Al Davis started as a water boy and worked his way up to Commissioner of the AFL and then owner of the Raiders, while Jerry Jones is an oil man and not a football man.


  6. How about a thumbs up all around for the young staff intern who came out of that mess paralyzed. It’s a shame that these young guys give it there all, just like the video intern who’s crane lift knocked over by gust of wind at ND, and they kept on practicing and he lies dead on the street. Just a remembrance for all the hard work they put in.

  7. See Cowboys fans, all that money you spend to watch a mediocre football team is being put to good use. Another “playpen” for Jerry.

  8. tampaskinsfan says:
    Jun 25, 2014 10:24 AM
    They should be working on a new playbook instead.
    Because the Washington Football Team has done a great job on defense against them in recent years?
    I think not. #5 offense in the NFL last season buddy.

    Slow your roll

  9. Big change from their practice facility in Richardson in the 70’s that I grew up two blocks away from. Everyone can bash Jones, but how many current or former players come out against him? Say what you want, but he takes care of his players.

  10. “Inspire our students” to do what exactly? Dedicate their life to football or something like medical school? Unfortunately, sports and entertainment is number one and dedication to things like science, math and things that really matter has completely taken a backseat.

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