Gus Bradley says Jaguars have rallied around Chad Henne


The Jaguars are going to give third overall pick Blake Bortles some first-team reps at quarterback this summer so that he gets a “feel” for the duties of a starting quarterback, but there’s been no indication of any change in organizational thinking about Chad Henne being the guy who actually performs those duties come the start of the regular season.

According to Jaguars coach Gus Bradley, the team’s strong and consistent shows of faith in Henne have created a situation where the rest of the Jaguars believe in the veteran quarterback and that Henne is secure enough in his role to act as a mentor to Bortles on and off the field.

“I think it’s been out there that our beliefs and our feelings is that we feel so strongly about Chad and he’s going in, I think the team has really rallied around that,” Bradley said in an appearance on NFL Network. “Now, it has provided an atmosphere for Blake to really go out there and ask a lot of questions and gain a lot of information from all the quarterbacks that are in.”

Bradley said the team is excited about Bortles’ development, but Henne should be able to stay in the job if he is able to complete more than 60 percent of his passes this season. It might not make for the most exciting offense anyone’s ever seen, that kind of accuracy (and the expected production from Toby Gerhart) should serve Jacksonville better than the fluctuations that almost always come along with playing a rookie quarterback.

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  1. Bortles could really benefit from a year on the bench. If you let him develop some and take another year to fill the remaining holes on the team, he might actually be able to come in and have some success rather than being thrown to the wolves unpolished with a bad team. He might not be sitting behind a hall of famer, but it makes far more sense to protect that investment and build a team around him.

  2. Good luck Chad Henne..clearly they did you wrong in Miami (but still glad they have Tannehill…gig ’em Aggies!)

  3. Not many GMs can build a team up from scratch. Dave ” the Chess Player” Caldwell, has said well before the draft that his main off-season goal was to re-sign Henne. That being said, he obviously didn’t care who he drafted at qb, the plan is for them to SIT. Henne could very well have a decent or improved season.

  4. Let all the Haters hate its all they know. There just mad cause the Jags have beat their team in the past and they are miserable when they see an article about the Jags giving them props. Must be AFC South fans who are mad and scared cause were headed in the right direction and their teams are going in the other direction. So keep hating haters and we will keep smiling at your misery and lovin it. Go Jags

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