Aaron Rodgers believes a little change can be beneficial with coaching staff


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers believes a little change can be a good thing.

While he’s played for the same head coach, Mike McCarthy, since becoming a starter in 2008, Rodgers is now on his third quarterbacks coach in four seasons. Ben McAdoo left to become the New York Giants offensive coordinator and Tom Clements was promoted to Packers offensive coordinator in 2012 after the departure of Joe Philbin to the Miami Dolphins.

Alex Van Pelt now takes over the role of Rodgers’ position coach after being promoted from running backs coach, where he served the last three seasons.

According to Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com, Rodgers feels that changing coaches and philosophies slightly can help keep things fresh in the team’s meeting rooms.

“I think it’s important to mix it up a little bit. Change is tough, but it can really be good for things that are getting stagnant,” Rodgers said.

The previous changes to the coaching staff haven’t appeared to slow Rodgers’ production in the slightest. He’s posted a passer rating north of 100 in each of the last five seasons. He was on pace for his fifth 4,000-yard season in the last six seasons before a broken collarbone sidelined him for seven games last season.


46 responses to “Aaron Rodgers believes a little change can be beneficial with coaching staff

  1. From listening to the grumbling class here on pft, you’d figure that doofus Rodgers got his previous coaches fired.

    To bad he doesn’t have the talent of the Ponder fella.

  2. It’s the same in our office…..department managers come and go and the best “fit” are the ones that help us all succeed.

  3. The packers coaching staff has always been overated,that’s one of ten reasons the Turdbay cheeseheads can’t get past the first round of the playoffs.your qb is glass,your o line is still laughable and your “defense”….mediocre.this is why you will be staring up at the vikings in the rankings this season.SKOL

  4. The Packers are always a tough team. They give my Giants huge fits. It’s going to be tough for anyone to stop the Packers this year.

    When the Packers fired Ben McAdoo I don’t know why the Giants thought he was the right guy to replace Kevin Gilbride. McAdoo wasn’t good enough to be a QB coach for the Packers so he shouldn’t be the Giants offensive coordinator and head coach in waiting.

  5. Will the extra coach show Erin how not to be a playoff choke artist? I just hope softie McRodgers can make it or find time to play the whole season. With discomfort in handing off last year it makes you wonder about his commitment. Then again we are talking about a QB with a .355 winning percentage in the playoffs!

  6. Rodgers needs a better offensive line and offensive line coach so he stops getting pummelled. He takes too many sacks. He almost takes as many hits and Roethlisberger but he doesn’t have his size. If he’s going to last GB has to invest more on the o-line.

  7. Purple trolls its Mr. Aaron Rodgers to you. When a qb has flat out owned you while embarrassing you in the playoffs that one year you didn’t finish in last, you might want to close your yaps because you look really bitter and jealous. Not to mention you are talking the career leader in qb rating and Super Bowl winner.

  8. Look at that picture. You can’t even see Rodgers’ tiny hand behind the football. It looks like it’s about to slip right out of those baby hands. With hands like that, he has no chance of ever being successful.

  9. Oh the haters. It is a great thing to be hated so badly by rest of the division. I mean who hates Ponder, it would be a total waste of time.

  10. I’ve never read an article that A-Rodg doesn’t want to comment on. Maybe non-stop babbling is a withdrawal side effect.

  11. They should have changed every coach on defense. And half the players

    Well if that happened instead of the queens getting swept perennially by the Packers by an avg of 15pts a game it would go to 25!

  12. Remember the last time the Vikings flat out beat the Packers? And I’m not talking “the packers resting half their team for the playoffs and it still takes a last second field goal to beat their backups” kind of game.

  13. Remember the last time Turd Bay flat out had a good defense? I am not talking about a top 30 defense but a top 10 defense? Nah, me either!!!!

  14. Omg im so sick of all these viking haters stop hating cause yall cant win a dang super bowl but i guarantee all u haters this year we will beat the 49ers in the playoffs there was a time in the mid to late 90’s where the packers owned the 49ers in the playoffs beat them 3 out of4 years in playoffs

  15. Wow, I thought the Seachickens were Haters, this Viking group is treacherous, not to mention delusional! Rodgers is better than any QB the Vikings have had in the last…ever!!!
    He owns the Vikings:
    8-4/70% competitions/2,840 yards/24 TDs and 4 INTs…
    Viking fan you’d better hope that AP stays healthy and Ponder or whatever bum of the month you have playing QB performs this year or you’ll be in the same position you are now. just HATING on a winner!

  16. You viqueen fans are a joke. Shear desparation. If you knew what your talking about you would check his stats. CANT blame the playoff losses on him. Yes the defense sucks, but they beat “your ” team twice. He was out most of the season and they still won the division. I guess the other teams in the division really suck ! Hes one of three top QB’s. HE has a superbowl ring, you people got SQUAT ! He’ll have another this year and maybe another superbowl MVP also. I enjoy seeing you make yourselves look like niave idiots!!! Flynn is better than any QB you’ve had since Favre!!!!

  17. …”Remember when the Packers had a top 10 defense”

    I do, 2010 when they won the Super Bowl! Remember when the Vikings one a Super Bowl? Me neither!

  18. The ball looks like a child’s toy in those massive mitts. You don’t need measurements……just look at the photos.

  19. The fact of the matter is Mike Zimmer OWNS Aaron Rodgers. 0-2 in games played, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, and sacked 10 times in two games. Fact.

  20. Some of the comments on here are just ridiculous, i seen some idiot say he has a playoff winning % of .355. He’s 6-4 in the playoffs so that would be .600. Other people saying he sucks in playoffs, he’s thrown 19 TD to 5 INT and has a 103.1 QB rating IDK how anyone can say that sucks.
    Also his hands are Avg. size for a NFL QB, and the Packers o-line actually ranks in the middle of the league for QB hits allowed, not one of the most like some people say.

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