Redskins are letting RG3 call audibles this year


Last year, the focus was on Robert Griffin III getting well from a physical standpoint.

But this offseason, he’s impressed his coaches mentally to the point they’re letting him try new things.

According to John Keim of, Griffin will be given the opportunity to call some audibles this year, unlike his first two seasons under Shanahan rules.

He did an excellent job above the neck,” Redskins offensive coordinator Sean McVay said, “as far as absorbing the new system, some of the terminology, . . . He’s done an excellent job translating his knowledge in the meeting room onto the field, recognizing some of those looks.

“Some of the audible situations we’ll give him the opportunity to call things at the line. He’s shown he’s fully capable of doing it and that’s what gives him a great chance to have success this year.”

Given Griffin’s ability — when well — to make plays with his feet, giving him some options at the line of scrimmage can only add to his potential.

40 responses to “Redskins are letting RG3 call audibles this year

  1. Jay Gruden is good with quarterbacks.

    Washington’s 16th ranked PASS Offense will easily improve to TOP 10.

  2. This is good news for the REDSKINS. Incredible that RG3 will lead the REDSKINS to many victories this season. Hail to the REDSKINS!!!!! Honor, glory, REDSKINS!!!!!!!

  3. Allowing audibles, and actually practicing what to do on broken plays will suit RG3 a lot more than the Shannahan “this is how we run this play and the play will run this way because I said so” style. RG3 was drafted for his athleticism and his creativity, not to be a Tom Brady pocket passer.

  4. so much for the news item a couple weeks ago that the ‘skins wouldn’t be running the read option as much anymore

    just kidding, i love the ‘skins, been a fan for almost 30 years now. but you gotta think that RG3 will be taking advantage of this situation to make the offense more like what he wants to run

  5. ALL QBs should be allowed to audible. If not then the coaches are too in love with their “system” or they have the wrong guy.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but even Vince Young was calling audibles in his second season … I mean, what in the world?

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAH crying tears of laughter at redskins fans who say they’ll be better, rg3 might as well play running back because he can’t throw LMAO, hahahaha #maylandssecondteam #thankGODforflacco

  8. Yet another indictment of Mike Shanahan. If Griffin has an outstanding year and Haslett’s new found freedom to call his own defense produces results, perhaps Shanahan’s coaching reputation will finally be in line with his actual bad coaching.

    Without John Elway and Alex Gibbs, Shanahan’s 35,000 sq.ft. home in Denver would have been a 350 sq.ft. apartment above the assistant principal’s garage near the high school where Coach Shanny was hamstringing the futures of high schoolers.

  9. more like RG “0”
    this guy is just not good, sorry.
    should have grabbed Cassel when you had the chance!!
    Redskins will be lucky to win 5 games this year.
    But on the upside, you get a higher draft pick!!

  10. Best rookie season ever.

    Sub par 2nd year coming back from knee surgery.

    Idiots still talking he’s not good?
    I’m not calling him Great!
    Just saying for a 3rd year starter with the above credentials^^^

    Shows how many hate him for all reasons not football related…

    And save the draft pick talk. 10 teams would have done exactly the same thing if the REDSKINS didn’t. And been happy..

  11. Hopefully this will be good news for the Redskins and fans of the Redskins like myself. Last season was rough for the Redskins, let’s hope Redskins QB RG 3 learned from his mistakes and can bounce back. I wasn’t willing to put him in the HOF after his first season or write him off after last season. Both Griffen and Redskins have a lot to prove this year, can’t wait for another season of Redskins football to start.

    Redskins Redskins Redskins

  12. floratiotime says:Jun 30, 2014 11:08 AM

    I looked up the word bust in the dictionary and there was a picture of RG3.
    I looked up the definition of knucklehead in the dictionary and this post was provided as proof.

  13. Wait, who is letting him call audibles this year? I thought PFT was pretending to be offended by the racist team name to actually use it in writing in their articles.

  14. Seriously? RG3 couldn’t audible last year? That is the most shocking thing I’ve heard all offseason.

    Surely he (or someone on OL) could change protections, and there had to be a run/pass “kill” of some kind. I cannot imagine a modern NFL offense surviving a single offensive series without the ability to modify (if not replace) a playcall at the LOS.

  15. Having a play(s) you’re allowed to check to if you see a specific look that you’ve been coached to look for is not the same as being able to just completely change the play to whatever play you want out of that set – or moving guys around into a different formation and calling a brand new play from that set. Not a lot of QBs are allowed to do that, in fact.

  16. I didn’t realize there were NFL quarterbacks not allowed to call audibles.

    Defenses have to love that.

  17. The kid should not have been thrown in right away.
    He needed time to learn.

    Putting him on the field before he was ready hurt his career. He may become a good QB with the right coaching.

    So far the Rams have gotten the better of the trade. It is up to Griffin to prove otherwise.

  18. Calling an audible requires the ability to read a defense, and read it correctly, then making the correct adjustment. So far, RG has been reacting to a defense and now he will be required to make changes based on what alignment he sees. I’m not saying he can’t do it, I’m just saying that its easier said than done.
    Regardless, good luck to you REDSKINS fans this year.

  19. Just looking at the other team in Washington. The Nationals. With bobbing Knucklehead night for Bryce Harper….

    And people still get on RGIII??

    Thats a clown man!

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