Giants want John Jerry to push for starting job


John Jerry didn’t have a good year on or off the field with the Dolphins in 2013, which made it seem like the Giants were interested in rounding out their depth on the offensive line when they added Jerry to a depth chart at guard that already featured Geoff Schwartz and Chris Snee.

That may turn out to be the case, but offensive line coach Pat Flaherty isn’t closing the door on a bigger role for Jerry. Even after the offseason knee procedure that kept Jerry from working for almost the entire spring program, Flaherty sees Jerry “plugging right in” during camp and hopefully making a push for a starting job.

“Until I see more of everybody, I couldn’t tell you the starting lineup,” Flaherty said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “It’s too early. I know I say this over and over again, and I firmly believe it, but I don’t know how much you can tell while you’re in gym shorts when it comes to the offensive line. They have to put their pads on people.”

Given the contract they gave Schwartz in free agency, Jerry’s best path to the lineup would seem to come at Snee’s right guard spot. Snee is coming off a season lost to a hip injury and also had elbow surgery this offseason, so there’s some question about how well he’ll hold up this season. Jerry and Brandon Mosley would be the candidates to nudge him out of the lineup, although we’ll see later this summer whether the talk of replacing a 10-year starter is lip service or something more serious.

13 responses to “Giants want John Jerry to push for starting job

  1. If Snee shows he’s healthy,he is going to be the starter,plain and simple.If Jerry can play left tackle then he may have a chance.

  2. Take it from a Dolphins Fan, Jerry can’t play any position successful enough to be a starter. My Dolphins were so desperate, he was a starter. He is at best a back-up RG. He is slow and has terrible pulling skills, so run trapping, zone blocking is out of the question. He is OK at Pass Blocking as long as it is not a Blitz pickup… They normally run by him untouched. Really, I like the Giants, so I hope Snee recovers quickly or Mosely wins it.

  3. John Jerry is a beast of a pass-blocker.

    PFF rated him the 5th best pass-blocker at his position last season.

  4. Of course he wants him to push for a starting job. Hopefully every player at every position is pushing for a starting job.

    But I don’t see Jerry getting in there. It may be time for Snee to go, and if it is, Mosley starts at RG week 1, with Richburg the #2 at both RG and C.

  5. Good one Giants (and I like this team too)! Mr. Penalty…offsides, pre-snap, whatever…John Jerry will be your Mr. Penalty! Maybe without Incognito there Jerry will be more like the guy who helped Michael Oher, not the bully he supposedly was in Miami.

  6. Based on comments here he will never be a starter.he will only play on passing downs….or they could fake and run the ball.giants want some competition up front and I see them looking for more o line people.if somebody gets hurt or plays hurt Eli will be in trouble

  7. Flaherty is a great coach. He has often got the most out of late rounders and free agents.

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