Ryan Tannehill sees greatness in the Dolphins’ offensive line

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The Dolphins’ offensive line was a mess last year, both on and off the field. This year the line has been overhauled, and Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill likes what he sees.

It’s been great. You can tell it’s a talented group,” Tannehill told the Dolphins’ website.

The new talent in Miami includes free agent signings Branden Albert and Shelley Smith, first-round draft pick Ju’wuan James and third-round draft pick Billy Turner. The biggest question is whether those players can mesh quickly, especially with the leader of the line and only holdover from last year’s starting unit, center Mike Pouncey, out for training camp, the preseason and at least a few games of the regular season with a hip injury.

“You see Branden, who was a Pro Bowl player from last year,” Tannehill said. “We bring in Shelley Smith, draft Ja’Wuan James, Dallas Thomas is already here but had to transition from playing tackle last year over to guard. It’s been a learning process for those guys just getting comfortable playing as a unit, but if you look back from day one until now you can see them start to jell together, start to understand the calls, see the calls happen before they’re made, and when that happens it’s really a dangerous weapon to have to help in the run game and pass game.”

Tannehill sounds optimistic, but we at PFT expect the Dolphins to be one of the worst teams in the league this year.

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  1. as a finfan, frankly I’m terrified. most people have no clue how much tannehill was hit last year. one more year of that and he could get david carr syndrome.

  2. .
    Would any of the 31 other franchises trade their offensive line for Miami’s? I didn’t think so.

  3. This is much more believable than gee-no Smith saying the jets can go to the superbowl.

    If the new o line drops the sack total to around 40 they can be a very good team. The last two games they lost last year was directly because the o line could not block 2 of the best pass rushing teams in the league.

  4. Tannenhill then remarked: “Coach Philbin, he agrees with me. When he talked about the OL, it was the first time he sounded different than that guy who says ‘Bueller, Bueller, Bueller.'”

  5. Well Tannehill can’t find Mike Wallace wide open running down the sideline. So how can he see that there will be greatness on the Dolphins offensive line.

  6. Lifelong fins here….
    this franchise will continue to suffer…with 4 games left of a terrible season we were in the drivers seat to get Andrew Luck….and couldn’t even “suck for luck” talk about messing up…we cant even lose the right way!!

    Happy to say my kids ARE NOT fins fans! Dont want to see my kids make my mistakes in life : )

    Oh well..Go Dolphins?!

  7. Can’t wait till we shut everybody up this team beat Cinni, NE, ,Colts,Chargers and Pitt in a snowstorm with one of the worst offensive lines to ever play the game and all the Jonathan Martin drama… this team will be night and day from last season

  8. The Dolphins have the talent of a 12-4 team (Tannehill included). Any team can crumble, but I wouldn’t say it’s likely for this team to fall flat this year.

  9. I still find it hard to believe someone over at PFT actually believes the Dolphins are the 2nd worst team in the league going into the season. Let’s be real for a second. This is a team who finished 8-8 and just missed the playoffs the season prior, had the bully-gate scandal over their heads for most of the season, had an offensive coordinator calling plays a high school defense could dissect, and one of the most horrid offensive lines the NFL has ever seen.

    They revamped the offensive line, hired an offensive coordinator who isn’t stuck in the 90’s, have quite a few young players coming back from injuries, and a 3rd year QB who has progressed since joining the league. Sure I’m a little biased being a Dolphins fan but to say they’re the second worst team in the league is ignorant in itself. I lost the little confidence I had in PFT after making that outlandish prediction.

  10. I saw nothing in the article indicating that Tannehill sees greatness in the line. He never used the word great or anything like it. Seems like he’s just being optimistic and talking his teammates up. Very misleading title.

  11. Politically un-erect, why should we think you’re so pure? What do we know about you, other than that bashing easy targets make you happy?

  12. so sick of these stupid quotes….
    what is he gonna say…
    they look pretty shi66Y to me????

  13. I do love delusional Dolphin fans. They are like homeless people crawling into their boxes on a winter’s night, smiling and marveling at how much they have achieved…

  14. The recently released PFT #31 ‘Fins Power Ranking would seem to negate Tannehill’s assertion.

  15. The headline might be a little misleading. He said, “It’s been great,” in relation to working with a new line. He didn’t say, “They’ve been great,” or, “They are great.”

    If you had been sacked over 50 times last season and 90 times in the past two years, you’d think it was great to work with a new offensive line, too.

  16. With the additions of Louis Delmas and Courtland Finnegan to an already fierce defense, and the signing of all pro bowl lineman Brendan Albert, not to mention the powerful and super lightning fast Knowshon Moreno. It will be hard to keep the Dolphins out of the Super Bowl this year.

  17. With what the dolphins have done in the way of free agent signings and the excellent picks in the NFL draft, not to mention the acquisition of a proven top notch offensive coordinator this, Dolphin team could duplicate the 17-0 perfect season Don Shula mastered back in 72.

  18. With what the dolphins have done in the way of free agent signings and the excellent picks in the NFL draft, not to mention the acquisition of a proven top notch offensive coordinator, this Dolphin team could duplicate the 17-0 perfect season Don Shula mastered back in 72.

  19. I love it Tannehill is putting faith in what he has… Adversity does one of two things bust pipes or makes diamonds and since we bust all kinds of pipes last season this season the way we handle the pressure we will be diamonds… Go Phins…Indeed…

  20. My comments were meant for the article about the dolphins being voted 31 in the power rankings by PFT. Not this article about the O-line. I must admit these are ridiculous comments I made meant to show PFT how ridiculous there comments are to project Miami as 31 . Didn’t mean to offend anyone.

  21. He says “It’s been great” and you say “Tannehill sees greatness”.

    This is how rumors get started.

  22. Does anyone know how to read? Just because the headline said ” Tannehill sees greatness in thr o- line” doesn’t mean that’s what he said. Read farther down, you see what Tannehill really said. His responce to questions about how it’s been thus far was “it’s been great!” That has a different meaning than the headline. The writers at PFT are just trying to bait you into controversy!

  23. I see a record-breaking year for Tannehill this year, breaking his sack record from last year.

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