Tanard Jackson claims this suspension is “totally different”

Getty Images

Tanard Jackson has been suspended on four separate occasions by the NFL but he claims this time is different.

No, really.

Jackson exchanged text messages with Chris Russell of ESPN 980 in Washington D.C. on Wednesday night claiming this suspension isn’t the same as his prior offenses.

“I plan to appeal and this is not a repeat of the past. Totally different,” Jackson said.

However, Jackson isn’t able to appeal this suspension any further. The suspension was officially announced by the league on Wednesday, meaning all appeals have already been exhausted and the decision is final.

Quite frankly, even if this suspension didn’t stem from the same problems that have plagued Jackson in the past, it doesn’t matter. He hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2011 after missing the last two seasons due to prior suspensions. After being reinstated by the league in May and given another opportunity by the Washington Redskins, Jackson couldn’t even make it to training camp before once again violating the substance-abuse policy.

The league may not give Jackson another opportunity at reinstatement. Even if the league reinstates Jackson in the future, it seems far-fetched to think another team would take a chance on him. No matter the reason or excuse, Jackson has likely seen the last of his days on an NFL roster.