Graham’s appeal deadline is coming, quickly

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Now that a certain basketball player has decided to make another decision, decisively, all eyes normally watching the NFL can turn to New Orleans.

The Saints and tight end Jimmy Graham must reach a long-term deal by Tuesday, July 15.  If they don’t, the Saints and Graham can thereafter sign only a one-year deal.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the discussions have to date gone slowly.  Which means there’s a chance the discussions will go down to the wire.

This means that Graham’s window for appealing the decision that he’s a tight end and not a receiver for franchise tag purposes will close before a deal is, or isn’t, done.  The CBA states that Graham “must serve on the other party and file with the System Arbitrator a notice of appeal within ten (10) days of the date of the award appealed from.”

The arbitrator issued his ruling on July 2. That makes Saturday, July 12, the deadline. This means that Graham may have to file his appeal as soon as today, in order to ensure that he doesn’t technically fail to file “within” 10 days of the decision.

Some have suggested that, if Graham files the appeal, the negotiations on a long-term deal will implode. To the contrary, the Saints realize Graham would be doing what he needs to do to preserve his rights and enhance his leverage as he tries to get the Saints to or beyond $10 million per year.

At last word, the Saints were at $9.5 million per year, an offer undiminished by the team’s victory in the arbitration. By Tuesday, the two sides will work out a long-term deal or they won’t. If they don’t, 2014 could be Graham’s last year in New Orleans — especially if he wins the appeal.

20 responses to “Graham’s appeal deadline is coming, quickly

  1. Tired of hearing this mess…if it continues just trade him…its giving me a headache and hes being greedy…each day that goes by proves that hes NOT about the team…let him be someone else headache…if i did this to my job id be shown the door

  2. Jimmy’s not winning any appeal and Saints would franchise tag Jimmy 2 years in a row and Jimmy would be taking a huge risk in doing so. A long term deal for jimmy is best and a must. Saints should bump their offer to 10 mill minimum, 10.5 is probably an absolutely ceiling of what Saints would want to do.

    Question is, is Jimmy still trying to get 11-12.5 million a year?…

  3. Unfortunately for Graham he has no leverage. If he only signs the one year tender, then they can franchise him again next year for something less than $9M — a two year haul of no more than $16M (had he been given the WR tag, it would have been closer to $27M for two years — big difference). Holding out for the season, or until late in the season, only reduces the amount of games he’d get paid for. He wouldn’t get franchised three years in a row, but by then he’d be 30, and he’d have to risk that he’d stay injury free until then. If there’s an offer with $20M or more in guaranteed money he’d be foolish not to take it.

  4. You just can’t TRADE away a player who’s been franchised unless you willing to part w/2 1st round draft picks. That won’t happen. Everything will play out by July 15th good or bad. Like Jimmy Grahan is the ONLY GREEDY palyer in the NFL. lol Saint went thru this w/Brees a few years ago & it worked out. It’s about the player trying to get the most & the organization bleeding as much out the player for the minimum money. Just like a regular job…but w/MANY MORE zeros…and different rules.

  5. Unlike most gingers, Jimmy has a soul and a deal will be had. NFC South opponents you may begin to worry as you will see this red-headed beast in full “mode” 2 X each year for many seasons.

  6. Jimmy probably is staying away because the saints only use him to fill other players urine samples. I would get sick of covering up for Brees/ Colston / Engram etc etc as well.. Get out of that stank city Jimmy!

  7. Jimmy Who????

    Oh Jimmy not a team player want to be greedy?

    Yeah the players are just as greedy as the next person.

  8. brokebackbrees says:
    Jul 11, 2014 1:55 PM
    Zero accomplished since Bounty Program.
    Dude, you’re like the only one that still believes there actually WAS a bounty program lol

  9. They are doing Jimmy so wrong.

    Last chance at a major payday, yet they are low balling him.

    I would just sit out. That would probably hasten a trade.

  10. Judging by the multiple suspensions the team faced, I am pretty sure there was a bounty program, let alone the audio of Williams on the sideline. Anyone who thinks there was no bounty program, is probably living in that scab of a city we call New Orleans.. Stop living in denial and face the facts.

  11. I know many of you missed it but Scott Fujita was FULLY EXONERATED by Paul Tagliabue’s investigation. And the other Saints players had their suspensions reduced bc Tagliabue could not substantiate most of the egregious parts of the NFL’s findings.

  12. If he does not sign for $10-$10.5 million a year with good guaranteed money, since he will be unhappy anyway, and won’t play to his potential like in the past, trade him for 2 first round picks. It would be a good trade for both teams and be fair to the “team”. We can find another tight end in free Agency that can help. He will be no Jimmy Graham for sure, but the “team” will go on with out him. Hopefully , the trade will not be in the division and not to the top teams like Seattle, San Fran, Green Bay, or Denver. Hopefully, the replacement can block, a bonus.

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