Golden Tate: “The sky’s the limit” in Detroit


Wide receiver Golden Tate won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks last season, but he’s going to be in Detroit this season after signing with the Lions as a free agent.

It wasn’t hard to understand why Tate decided to change teams and if it was Tate has been more than happy to explain his reasons. After signing with the Lions, he said there wasn’t much of a comparison in terms of the salary offered by his former team. That wasn’t all of it, though. Tate explained the difference in his role with the two teams on ESPN on Monday.

“I hated being tackled [last year] because I didn’t know when my next ball was going to come. I have a chance to catch more balls and make Pro Bowls,” Tate said, via “I think if I can stay healthy, God forbid, it’s going to be fun. I have a chance to catch a ton more balls. I’m going to see a lot of single coverage. I’m probably going to see a lot of No. 2 and No. 3 cornerbacks because everyone’s going to be on No. 81 [Calvin Johnson]. I’m excited. I think the sky’s the limit. I think it’s going to get back to the old Golden.”

Given how often the Lions are expected to put the ball in the air this season, Tate should have plenty of opportunities to make good on the location change. Tate and the rest of the Lions receivers spent much of the spring learning new offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi’s offense so that they would be ready to hit the ground running in training camp and the preseason. We’ll find out soon if that’s the case and what Detroit’s offense will look like in 2014.

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  1. As long as Stafford plays more consistently Tate & Detroit as a whole should be successful.

    Albeit, Stafford only had Calvin, bush & bell, his play last year was inexcusable.

    Ebron, clowney, barr, gilbert > mack


    GO HAWKS!!

  3. Don’t you hate it when a player refers to himself in the third person. It always sounds idiotic.

    True, Golden Tate was and is an idiot but he could at least try to hide it.

  4. It really says a lot about Seattle that golden Tate would rather be in that 3rd world crap hole known as detoilet for a franchise that has 2playoff wins the last 70 years than play in that classless Ped using organization known as the shehawks.Vikings wr >yours.SKOL

  5. Shehawks were willing to pay you commensurate with your value to the team.
    Loins paid you because you were on a team that had just won the SB.

  6. Ha…. the 2nd best WR on the Lions (maybe even the 3rd) is still better than Jordy Nelson. He might not even make the Lions roster, or the Vikings. Definitely he wouldn’t make the Bears.

    The Packers aren’t making the playoffs this year.

    Book It

  7. In Seattle, his goal was the Super Bowl. In Detroit, his goal is the Pro Bowl. That’s nice. Ugh…

  8. He’s getting paid more money to be on a pass happy team with a number one reciever that draws double and triple coverage. Sounds like a smart career move to me, even if it doesn’t end in playoffs or a championship.

  9. If they let him two-hand shove a DB out of the way and then call it a catch when he gets one hand on a ball that another DB is cradling, I agree he should have an awesome year.

  10. Anyone notice how many times he said “I”? What’s that old cliché referencing the word team?

  11. “I hated being tackled [last year] because I didn’t know when my next ball was going to come. I have a chance to catch more balls and make Pro Bowls,” Tate said, via “I think if I can stay healthy, God forbid, it’s going to be fun. I have a chance to catch a ton more balls.”

    There you go Golden…way to be a TEAM player. You won a Super Bowl last year moron!

  12. I think detroit is going to have a good season, but the players and the fans are doing way too much talking for doing jack s#!t the past few seasons. Try getting out of your division before talking about winning a Super Bowl.

  13. Yet another reason the Hawks will have difficulty repeating. In the NFL teams that have relied on their defense, never repeat. These days you have to score – and this guy was one of their key offensive weapons.

  14. It would be fitting if he finishes a short career being a forgotten player in Detroit.

  15. Most overpaid receiver in the league. Big mouth. Will hang on Megatrons coattails and get shut down by Xavier Rhodes…

  16. Golden Turd’s words and credibility are about as solid as a sponge. He has yet to take the field with Lions and now he is as delusional as Viking fans.

  17. The Lions keep bringing guys in to be the #2 to Megatron, and just can’t find anyone to stick. At some point you’d think they would hit on someone.

  18. Loved Golden in Seattle and best of luck to him…

    Have to point out though that he said “I” 10 times in that pretty short comment of his. You got to wonder if the Hawks management saw an “I” player and said lets just low ball him and let him walk.

  19. Well it’s official ever player on the Lions have now stated how great they are & how they should when the Super Bowl!! I guess know one told them, you actually have too go out & play like Super Bowl contenders. Nothing like beating your chest, before someone hits you in the mouth!!

  20. Tate looks good on paper, I’ll grant you, but I’m betting that this is yet another example of a player hired off a winning super bowl team getting overpaid in the hopes that he’ll be able to “recreate his magic” with the new team.

    And the other commenters are right. A guy who says “I” and refers to himself in the third person is usually the cancer in the locker room who whines about not getting the ball enough… (cough cough Keyshawn, T.O., cough cough)

  21. “I hated being tackled [last year]…”
    Hello Golden, the more balls you catch the more you will be tackled.
    And, you are good but only 1 wr from the Lions will ever have chance at a Pro Bowl, especially if he is only single covered, CJ.

  22. “Tate, and the rest of the Lions receivers”. The rest could be possibly the greatest of all time.

  23. All Lions players better keep a close eye on wives and girlfriends. Already broke up one Sb winning qb’s marriage bet he’ll do more damage in Detroit.

  24. I read that article twice, and I’m sure I didn’t read a single team goal. It’s all “I’m gonna do this” and “I am that”. Me, me, me. I guess now that he has his ring he’s just looking for personal stats now.

  25. Wasn’t Tate sent packing by the Seahawks because he had an affair with QB Wilson’s wife?

  26. I loved watching Tate play for the Hawks. He was like a mini-beast-mode after the catch (from time to time).

    But, then he went and slept with Russell Wilson’s wife. And THAT is why Tate got a laughable offer from the Hawks. We didn’t want him around any more.

    Tate will be a good player for the Lions. But he’s a quiet locker room cancer.

  27. I wonder when we’ll see the real reason he’s in Detroit publish in the news? Someone needs to take a hard, hard look at his off field escapade. Talk about a low life move…to your own QB even!

  28. Let’s cut the cr-p and get to the chase here. Tate signed with Detroit because the Lions do what they do. Overpay for mediocre talent. Seahawks offered him a fraction of what Detroit paid. How can you fix your team when your backs are up against the salary cap wall year after year ? You can’t and they won’t. Rebuilding since 1957.

  29. Tate belongs on a sleazy team like the Lion’s. Tell Matthew Stafford to keep an eye on his girlfriend, Tate has been known to gravitate towards his Qb’s choice in women.

  30. December 15, 1991

    This was the last time the Lions won in Green Bay. As a Packer fan, I cannot take this team seriously while that date has significance.

  31. Hell of a catch he had versus cheesebay.
    Then he got a ring.
    With Stafford winging it around, Golden should be able to get what he desires, recognition.

  32. macdaddyspeed says: Jul 14, 2014 5:04 PM

    It was a catch, and always will be a catch…GO SEAHAWKS!!!
    Yes, we know the defender made the catch.

  33. Losing Tate was a tremendous loss for the Seahawks. Their nondescript receiving core is just pitiful.

    No way they repeat with that group.

  34. Quoting bassplucker:
    “The Lions keep bringing guys in to be the #2 to Megatron, and just can’t find anyone to stick. At some point you’d think they would hit on someone.”

    I don’t follow Detroit that closely, but if they keep picking guys like this who openly admits his game plan is to milk Calvin J’s double- and triple-coverage, you’re going to see this pattern for a long time.

    As a Seahawks fan, I was relieved we kept (undrafted) Doug Baldwin, a standup guy and team player. Tate broke into a doughnut shop (if he’d only left a $20 on the counter it’d be the cute story he thinks it is now) and stole from it even before his first mini camp, then waited until his contract year to acquire a work ethic.
    Now he has his money and thinks enough unearned snaps are going to come his way by default to get Pro Bowl invites; you can bet he’s not going to practice hard or produce much.

    Good luck, Detroit fans, you deserve a lot better than this after what you’ve endured and kept your loyalty throughout!

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