DeMarco Murray ready for an increased workload

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In his first three NFL seasons, Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray has averaged about 180 carries a year. This year, Murray says he’s ready for a much bigger workload than that.

Asked if he could handle 300 carries this season, Murray told FOX Sports, “If they decide to do that with me, of course. Whatever they decide to do with me, I think I can handle it.”

Murray likely would have had close to 300 carries last year if not for a midseason thigh injury that caused him to miss two full games and see limited action in two others. But that’s why Murray’s workload has been limited throughout his career: He struggles to stay healthy. Murray says he believes he can protect himself by changing his running style.

“You just have to take care of your body and know when to go and fight for that extra yard or inch and know when not to,” Murray said. “That’s something about just being a smarter football player in general and knowing when you’re helping your team and when you’re hurting your team.”

When Murray went down last season, the Cowboys suffered: Although Murray ran for 1,121 yards and averaged 5.2 yards a carry, all the Cowboys’ other running backs combined for 326 yards and averaged 3.5 yards a carry. Keeping Murray healthy for 16 games, at 15 to 20 carries a game, would go a long way toward bolstering the offense in Dallas.

30 responses to “DeMarco Murray ready for an increased workload

  1. Increased workload? Does that mean that when he is out by week six because of an injury he will carry Two clipboards?

    This is coming from a Cowboys fan since 70′

  2. The most vulnerable and injury prone position in the sport and the Cowboys insist on putting all their eggs in one basket. Tells you everything you need to know about them.

    Murray is crazy talented but his injury record speaks for himself. Get him some help back there.

  3. I think Ryan Williams is ready to make the team which should put Randle on waivers if they keep a FB. Either way, if Randle steps up, the #2 guy should be serviceable and Dunbar as the speed guy should be fine.
    The whole thing is moot if they don’t dictate the time of possession.

  4. Murray needs to go for broke. Go back to his physical style of running. I believe that most linebackers and corners that see a power back coming through that hole at full speed would rather grab at him than take him head on. But he’s right about one thing you need to be smart and pick your spots. But I think he’s good for at least 200 carries.

  5. Oof well that makes it easy to avoid this guy in fantasy.

    Same chatter was said in regards to Run DMC two years ago. How did he handle that “increased workload”?

  6. As a Rams fan who team is facing the Boys in week 3, if history holds true he will only need about 10 carries to get 200+ yards. The dude has absolutley killed us in the the previous 2 match-ups.

  7. .7 more yards per carry than Adrian Peterson. More than any back in the league except for Ellington, who had 100 fewer carries.

  8. he if oft injured…why put more stress on his weak hamstrings….cowboys are a mess…2nd best player/human on that team is jason witten…

  9. In recent years, the cowboys have had a tendency to abandon the run during the game so I doubt Murray gets 300 carries (about 18-19 a game).

    He does need to protect himself a bit more to last the whole season. Pick your battles so to speak when running. Get what’s there and live to run the next play.

    Murray’s health will have a lot to do with how their season goes for sure.

  10. As long as Garrett keeps Ol’ JJ smoke screened, it’ll be pass, pass, run, pass, pass run, pass punt. Until Romo’s back goes. Then run, run, run, punt, Until Murray get injured.

  11. Judging by the fact that the guy has proved to be nothing but injury prone, he needs less of a workload; not more.

  12. To follow up on schmitty2’s comment — DeMarco Murray’s career numbers have been significantly bolstered by his two monster games against the Rams. In fact, if we subtract those two games from his stats, his career YPC average goes down from 4.9 to 4.6(!!). In 2011, his average of 5.5 also goes down to 4.6 (loss of .9 yards per carry) by subtracting out the one game versus the Rams.

  13. Those added carries and an overall strong run game won’t only help the Cowboys Offense, but it would REALLY help out that Defense of theirs as well.

  14. Demarco Murray’s injuries have had nothing to do with him “fighting for that extra yard…”

    True. That dude could get injured during the national anthem.

  15. This must be his contract year. He has never played an entire season. Even if he does play the entire season there is a high liklihood he will not be able to replicate it the following year.

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