The Eagles are No. 13 in PFT’s preseason power rankings


There were some blips along the way, but there weren’t many questions about whether Chip Kelly could devise a winning NFL offense by the end of his first season as the Eagles’ head coach.

Philadelphia went 10-6, took the NFC East title with a Week 17 victory over the Cowboys and scored the fourth-most points in the league behind Nick Foles’ 27 touchdowns and two interceptions. Even with DeSean Jackson in Washington, there’s every reason to think that the offense should be just as good in 2014 if not better thanks to a year’s experience in the system.

That makes the Eagles a good bet to contend for another division title and our panel ranks them No. 13, which is higher than any of the other NFC East teams. To vault even higher, the Eagles will need to make strides on defense and our voters appear to need some convincing that those strides will take place this season.

Take a look at the preview and then cast your vote to let us know where you think the Eagles should rank heading into training camp.

29 responses to “The Eagles are No. 13 in PFT’s preseason power rankings

  1. Admittedly a weak division, ranking the NFC East division winner at 13 implies that 4 teams that take second in their division are better. Which also suggests that the author would like to see an expansion of the playoffs. Or am I reading to much into that ranking?

  2. Boy the time leading up to training camps is almost as bad as the weeks before the draft.

  3. Lol at the Eagles……sorry team brings nothing to the superbowl winning conversation in the NFC East. And Foles “close my eyes and Chuck it” technique won’t fly this year. And oh yeah, cutting DeSean Jackson will have chip fired < 2 years, BOOK IT.

  4. They obviously have more to prove and will have to just that…on a football field and not by talking BS which is what most teams and fans spend the off season doing.

  5. Based on this prediction by PFT means that one of the next few teams in the NFC will not make the playoffs as the Eagles are the last team ranked in the NFCE.

  6. I think Foles is better already than McNabb ever was.

    The hype level in the state is nowhere near the same, however.

    Wonder what the difference is?

  7. I wont come on here and say we are a better team than any other team this year, little early to tell. What I will say for those claiming McCoy had success due to DeSean has never played or doesn’t understand the game. Jason Peters is a beast blocker and creates huge craters in the middle of D lines allowing McCoy to run free. Both Brown and Polk had a lot of success running behind him as well.. undoubtedly the best left tackle in the league.

  8. DeSean garnered very few double teams last year and didn’t stretch the field the way ppl seem to think. This offense will be just fine without him.. I’m still skeptical of our D though.. we’ve got a roster full of 2nd and 3rd tier safeties.. and our outside corners are pretty unimpressive as well.

  9. I agree with (most) Eagles fans that they will be fine without Jackson. Matthews can stretch the field and Maclin is back (IF he can stay healthy). I say it’s between PHI & NYG for the division, but the winner will only be 9-7 (hence the low ranking). I don’t think this division is weak at all,but their schedules are all pretty brutal.

  10. When you tout that they had “27 touchdowns and two interceptions”, remember that is the exception, not the rule. The chance of having such a favorable ratio again is really, really, REALLY low. Honestly, I’ll be impressed if Foles is able to get a 2 TD:1 INT ratio this year.

    That said, the division is up for grabs, which means injuries will be a major factor in winning it.

  11. Hate the Eagles, but if the Falcons are 14 then the Eagle should be at least 11 or 10. Heck I don’t think the Falcons should be a top 20 team. NFC east will finally be won by Dallas, let the childish remarks begin. Remember, cowboys were one game away from winning the div, even with one of the worst defense of all time.

  12. Eagirl fans drinking the Kool Aid again. Mediocre team like rest of East. One more year of study for League. Won’t be as good as most think. Once again, wide open division.

  13. How the hell did this list get made, with everyone being blindfolded and “trusting their guts???”

    Trusting your gut is a guess and a guess is better when it’s an educated guess.

    Clearly, no one likes to do that.

  14. I really get fed up with all the talk about how the loss of D Jax will hurt the Eagles… People put to much power in that ONE player… Philly has a TEAM… that is more important than the ONE player… do you really think that the eagles staff is that stupid to let Djax go if it would have hurt the team that much.. common man.. give us all a break. Only one team in the NFL is solely focused around ONE player.. and that is without a doubt Denver. If manning goes the entire team goes.. not so with most teams including Philly… so PLEASE lets talk about what is and not what was.

  15. A lot depends on the QB if he’s as good as I think he will be I optimistically have them in the NFC championship against the Seahawks. With a lucky catch(Giants) or a key turn over, you never know (one can hope).

  16. I think the entire season will come down to Foles. If he proves that he’s not a one year wonder, they should be back in the playoffs and good enough to win a PO game.

    Interesting that the Bears are ranked one spot higher when the Eagles embarrassed them in week 16 last year. The Bears had everything to play for and laid an egg in that game.

  17. Should not be rated over KC who owned them last year. Philly is always over rated though. This is not a championship team they are just in a bad division right now. They have a long way to go.

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