John Mara won’t make prediction for season after missing big last year


Giants owner John Mara met the media on Thursday and had plenty of positive things to say about his team ahead of the start of training camp.

He likes what he’s seen from new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, thinks the Giants have “a stronger secondary than we’ve ever had before” and that the team did their best this offseason to put a higher quality product on the field than last year’s 7-9 club. Mara isn’t going to be making any predictions about how the Giants will fare when all is said and done, however.

“I was the same idiot who said last year it was the best team we’d had in years and look what happened,” Mara said, via Tom Rock of Newsday. “We think we have the pieces in place, but until we start playing games it’s just hard to tell.”

That was pretty much the theme of the Giants preseason preview that we rolled out earlier this week. There are several valid reasons to expect a better team this time around, but the Giants have changed so much over the offseason that no one can be sure what they have until everything set in motion. Mara warned that he didn’t want a repeat of that kind of aggressive offseason, saying “there is something wrong with your organization,” but another shakeup may be unavoidable if the pieces don’t wind up fitting this season.

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  1. A good sign that he can admit to being an idiot last year, that means he has potential to learn from his mistakes and improve. It would be wise for him to lock down a strong GM for the future, which is something that is plaguing the team lately and it’s better late than never to figure that out.

  2. Owners really don’t add much to the conversation. Just because you can buy (or inherit) an expensive car doesn’t mean you’re a mechanic.

  3. IN my June NFL regular season 2014 forecast, based on four separate indicators from the 2012-2013 seasons, I picked the New York Giants at 8-8. However, if they lose their opener at DET and game two at home to ARI, I could see them sliding to a 1-9 start. If they falter early, they could end up tanking the easier latter part of their schedule to finish 2-14 or 3-13. This would allow them to choose one of the franchise QBs expected to come out early in next year’s draft. It would be similar to what IND did to get Andrew Luck. The Giants play five teams in 2014 who made the playoffs last year (PHIL twice, IND, A SEA, SF). They could easily win 10+ games with the personnel and coaching they have. Especially, if Eli gets hurt, a disastrous season ushering out the now lackluster Coughlin era with a shiny new franchise QB could turn out to be the best long-term scenario for the Giants.

  4. drs12522 – So the Giants could finish at 2-14….or win 10+ games….or pretty much anywhere in between. Way to go out on a limb man!

  5. Someone once said on this site that Mara “was born on third but thinks he hit a triple”.

    Guy is a d-bag of the highest order. Makes it easy to route against him….

  6. Players should adapt this same philosophy, when the bullets so to speak start flying that is when the talk should begin. All this nonsense and of-season of promise is endless drivel .

  7. All you haters know I am a big Giants fan but even I know that John Mara is too optimistic about the Giants. They already threw in the towel on 2014 so he’s really talking about 2015. With Josh Freeman gone, Luke Petitgout abandoning his comeback, my man Justin Tuck taking his Hall of Fame talents to Oakland, the shutdown duo of Corey Webster and Aaron Ross gone, Andre Brown gone to greener pastures and so many other big stars gone, there’s no reason to believe Ryan Nassib can lead the Giants to more than 4 wins in 2015. But I’ll keep rooting for my Giants.

  8. Giants have strengths but also some minor flaws. But the Giants much needed shake-up in offensive scheme will give them the edge in the division. 10-6.

    Redskins and Eagles will muddle in the middle. 8-8.

    The Cowboys, on the other hand, will be the cellar dwellers. Despite all those offensive weapons, the Cowboys defense will be so bad it won’t stop ketchup from coming out of a bottle. The Cowboys will have to score on every possession to win games. Which they won’t. 5-11.

  9. They will finish last in the East. The corners are better, but their DL, LBs, OL are not. Plus, Eli learning a new offense that takes accuracy is not his strong suit. He probably won’t throw 27 interceptions, but I expect him to continue to regress next season.

  10. “The New York Football Giants” are better and will have a nice record!!
    Sorry rest of NFC East, this is a fact!!

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