Breno Giacomini: Chris Johnson has run for 2,000 yards before, why can’t he do it again?


Since running back Chris Johnson signed with the Jets this offseason, there’s been a lot of discussion about what his role will be in the offense and how effective he’ll be in filling it.

The Jets have said that they will not overburden Johnson, who had knee surgery this offseason, and that go with the hot hand in the backfield. Right tackle Breno Giacomini, one of the guys who will be blocking for Johnson this season, says that he thinks Johnson will make the most of whatever opportunities come his way.

“I think, from what I saw in OTAs just on the side there, he’s looking good,” Giacomini said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “I expect him to come back refreshed. I know injury kind of takes a toll, because I went through one last year, too. But I expect a lot from him. I want him to be one of the best backs in the league. I’ve kind of had that privilege, I guess, from the past four years [of blocking for Marshawn Lynch]. It’s something I take pride in, and I don’t really want to give that away, just because I’m on a different team. And they acquired a back that can be that. He’s been a 2,000-yard back before, so why not again?”

Based on the way the Jets have talked about divvying up the workload in the backfield, the presence of Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell is a big reason to doubt that Johnson will get enough action to break the 2,000-yard barrier even before getting into Johnson’s own physical condition. Should Johnson prove to be fit and effective, however, his piece is likely to grow enough that he may be able to post his best statistical season since running for 2,006 yards in 2009.

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  1. Why can’t he do it again? Because his ego is a lot bigger than his actual ability these days. Johnson may prove to be a serviceable back, but that’s about it. He certainly won’t get anywhere near 2,000 yards again. His prime is past.

  2. Because no one has done it twice? ANd if someone was going to do it twice is Chris Johnson really that guy? Because you’ve already given him the most money he’s going to get? Because he doesn’t really care anymore? Because he’s Jet? Because his backup is probably a better RB at this point in his career?

    Many answers that question.

  3. As long as CJ doesn’t call out and place the blame on his O-line he should have a much better season. Also he should get a tattoo of his face, on his face.

  4. Lol i hate how people try to Criticize chris johnson. He might not get to 2000 rushings yards again in a season but hes still gotten over 1000 rushing yards in every season in his career . Thats pretty consistent for a running back these days if u ask me

  5. lol preseason talking, when news are always reminding you that some day chris johnson ran for 2k yards (so did Jamal Anderson0

    @8to80texansblog I agree 100%, I also expect CJ to be pissed when one of his few 20+ yard runs is nullified by a Giacomini holding.

  6. CJ may gross 2K, but after subtracting the yards lost to Beno’s holding, false starts & personal fouls, look for it to be more in the 1200-1300 range.

  7. I was once 175 pounds and cut…but not anymore and will never be. it’s called age sir.

  8. He’ll get more more yards than Adrian. Take that to the bank and cash it.

    Of course he will, as long as you’re talking about Adrian Monk, because he’s a fictional character. If you’re talking about Adrian Peterson, the NFL running back, then that’s a ridiculous statement.

  9. Oh look…. another day, another story about a RB that is way, way better than Eddie “Too Fat Cause of Big Macs” Lacy…

    Or is Lacy better than him too Green Bay fans?


    Is Lacy better than the starting RB for any team in the NFL?

    I’m still waiting to hear who he’s better than.

  10. “He’s been a 2,000-yard back before, so why not again?”

    1. It’s never been done twice by the same guy. Ever.

    2. You play for the Jets now.

    3. Chris Johnson.

    4. See Reason No. 3.

  11. You can talk about splitting carries as much as you want, but when the whistle blows if he is running like CJ2K, he will get the carries. The carries will get divided simply because he is clown shoes.

  12. Eric Dickerson, O.J. Simpson, and Terrell Davis all ran for 2,000 yards at one point too. Why don’t you sign all of them (except O.J., obviously) and you’d just run all over everyone by his logic.

  13. Do receptions not count in the NFL now? CJ has averaged 1,661 yards from scrimmage per season over his six-year career. Of course the avg. is skewed by the monster year he had in 2009….2,509 YFS. Still, never less than 1,400 YFS in any season, even last year when he tore his meniscus in week three. He could be effective if he is used the right way. And we know he won’t tap out due to injury unless it’s catastrophic. So 2k rushing, probably not but total YFS could be close if the Jets can maximize his receiving capability.

  14. Aaron Rodgers has Tiny Hands says:
    Jul 18, 2014 1:10 PM
    Since his 2,000-yard season, Johnson has averaged 4.18 yards per carry, which is only slightly better than the overweight plodder Eddie Lacy’s average.

    4 1
    OK, now we’re getting somewhere.

    In 4 FULL seasons since his 2K season, as the poster said he’s only averaged 4.18 yards per rush.

    Hmm… simple math says that 2,000 divided by 4.18 equals 478.47.

    Uh, how many running backs have EVER rushed 478 times in ONE season?

    Uh, that would be NONE. The all time record is 416 carries in a season.

    Only 5 times ever has a back ran 400 times or more in a season.

    Backs don’t get that many rushes and we know he won’t.

    Now he could average more yards per rush than 4.18 but that was over 4 full seasons and it’s a good indicator of his abilities as it wasn’t one game or just a stretch of games.

    There is no way he’ll get the carries necessary to reach 2000 yards.

    There is no way he’ll average a high enough rush per attempt number to reach 2000 yards.

    Combine both of those two things and he comes nowhere close.

    I think he needs to set a goal of reaching at least 1,000 yards so he may continue his streak of always running for 1,000 yards as that would be a realistic goal for him.

  15. he couldn’t run for 2K on a good team and the big tent of that circus aint nearly big enough. 3 or 4 years ago maybe with a better line, just remember there is a reason he isn’t with titans anymore, you don’t cut good players….

  16. Since Vikings fans are so obsessed with Packers players even on an article about a Jet….let’s talk about how how many NFL Quarterbacks Ponder, Cassel or Bridgewater are better than? I can’t think of one.

    Meanwhile….the Packers rookie RB won OROY and finished 7th in rushing 2nd in TD’s while missing 2 games (got concussed on the first carry of one game by a cheap shot).

    Not bad for a late 2nd round draft pick. I can see why Vikes fans are worried. Of course they don’t need him to carry the team to have any shot at an above .500 season as long as they have a healthy QB.

    I can understand the pain and frustration that Vikings fans have. It has to suck as a fan to start the season without any hope.

  17. #1, he’s older.

    #2, he’s gotten paid and is no longer motivated like he was.

    That should about cover it.

  18. Aaron Rodgers has Tiny Hands says:
    Jul 18, 2014 2:24 PM
    I like to call Eddie Lacy “Dime a Dozen.” Not just because it’s easy to find a running back like him, but also because it usually takes him 10 carries to get 12 yards.
    Lacy knocked all of the dimes right out of Rhodes pocket when he trucked him last season. You must be horrible at math. I bet you don’t even know that 13>>>>0

  19. With Giacomini blocking, every third series or so a good run will get called back for holding.

    just sayin’

  20. Did I miss something about the hatred for Eddie Lacy? I don’t look at the comments much but jeez, he’s getting roasted on here.

  21. So seeing as they are dividing up carries among 3 specialist RBs – he can easilly hit 2,000 yards

    All he has to do is average 15 yards per carry.

  22. 1. The Gold Grills are weighting him down.
    2. He is nowhere near a great back.
    3. He is not LeSean McCoy
    4. He is on the Jets
    5. He is not that good.

  23. Giacomini cleaned up his game in 2013, a LOT FEWER penalties than in 2012. I hated to lose him but the Jets are getting a finished and very nasty right tackle.

  24. Johnson will rush for 1200 yards but will still only get credit for 1000 in the stat sheets due to Breno’s penalties.

  25. Why is it that the Jets always seem to be the team to bring in the “Me” guys and then wonder why there are locker room issues? This will be off the tracks before week 3 if CK1 isn’t getting his carries.

  26. Being a Saints fan my whole life, I remember when Earl Campbell felt like he was in the best shape of his life just before his final season started and was looking better than ever in shorts and helmets… And that was a man’s man who actually was 100% effort his whole career, instead of someone just trying to catch up on lost times / efforts / chances late in the game.

  27. Because of the all of the Personal Foul penalities that you will have will keep him from getting to 2000.

  28. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere says:
    Jul 18, 2014 2:44 PM

    Aaron Rodgers has Tiny Hands says:
    Jul 18, 2014 2:24 PM
    I like to call Eddie Lacy “Dime a Dozen.” Not just because it’s easy to find a running back like him, but also because it usually takes him 10 carries to get 12 yards.
    Lacy knocked all of the dimes right out of Rhodes pocket when he trucked him last season. You must be horrible at math. I bet you don’t even know that 13>>>>0

    He will blame it on PFT they probably deleted part of his post again, isn’t that right tiny, speilman genius? Hard to keep track of all your aliases. Just remember the torch has been passed between NFC rb’s.

  29. This guy reminds me of megahead manning…all about his personal stats instead of team wins.

  30. CJ will have a good year.
    Mornhinweg has to be better than the Loggains / Palmer comedy show.
    He won’t pound CJ up the middle 15 times a game on first down. A little creativity with CJ and he will have a great year, not the NFL record holder for yards from scrimmage CJ, but a good year.

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