Manziel adds Snickers to his list of endorsements


Johnny Manziel hasn’t played in an NFL game and hasn’t won the Browns’ starting quarterback job, but he already has an endorsement portfolio that rivals Peyton Manning’s.

The latest brand to hire Manziel as a celebrity endorser is Snickers, which has hired Manziel to appear in its “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, according to ESPN. A national TV commercial starring Manziel will premiere before the season.

Manziel has also taped commercials for McDonald’s and Nissan, and Nike has been selling Manziel products since before he was even drafted.

Now Manziel needs to beat out Brian Hoyer and become the starter in Cleveland. Or else he’ll set a new record for the most commercials by a player who spends his Sundays holding a clipboard.

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  1. Hes not a distraction, hes just doing commercials , hanging with Justin Beiber and rolling up hundreds in bathroom in Vegas for entertainment purposes only….good luck Cleveland, your gonna need it!!!

  2. I take it he’ll play the whiny and smarmy version of the character, before the character eats a Snickers bar?

  3. So….i read this as written by someone who either has issues with a free market society…or is jealous. What exactly is the problem with the kid making money?

  4. Fitting. Snickers describes the actions of those who will watch him try to play football with the big dogs.

    Not to mention Snickers melts when you apply any heat, leaves a big mess, and really isn’t that good when you look closely.

  5. So it will start with Manziel on the money phone in the huddle talking gibberish when another player hands him a snickers bar and he turns into a real QB, Aaron Rodgers?

  6. Shame someone can become rich and famous without actually doing something, you know, extraordinary. Manziel and Michael Sam ought to be grateful and thankful for ESPN.

  7. Still think that Snickers ad from a few years back (with the guy in Germany who is constantly eating but still hungry), was one of the best ever.

  8. Somehow… Cleveland fans will blame this on Derek Anderson and Brandon Weeden (while giving Notre Dame’s Akili Quinn a free pass).

  9. I got a sneak peek of the commercial: Johnny’s in the huddle and one of his teammates say, “Johnny you’re not doing too well, have a Snickers.” At which point he takes a bite, then turns into Betty White, who plays 10x better than the original Manziel.

  10. God, I really miss reading about Tim Tebow now, and I never thought I’d say that until I stood before the Pearly Gates and had to owe up to posting mean-spirited comments about him.

    I’d write something mean about Manziel, but I’m so sick of reading about him my heaving stomach won’t let me.

    Thank the Lord camp starts in a few days and maybe then we can read real stories about real football and real players and less about TMZ-type baloney.

  11. And the 3rd version: Snicker Day at the Dawg Pound, and all you see is Johnny on the bench getting pelted by 50,000+ candy bars.

  12. Snickers is a lot like Johnny….Johnny is a lot like Snickers….

    Folks are hungry for anything now…kinda nutty…not very big…can get squashed pretty easily…not gonna last for the long haul…

  13. Meanwhile, Bortles has head in a playbook. Wonder who makes more money in the long run…

  14. “Shame someone can become rich and famous without actually doing something, you know, extraordinary. Manziel and Michael Sam ought to be grateful and thankful for ESPN.”

    Bobzilla, what do you mean he hasn’t done anything? Dude is one of the elite people in this world to win a Heisman trophy, and he can finally make money off of endorsements since he’s out of the NCAA’s cold unforgiving grip. He’s accomplished more than anyone on this thread. Let the dude make his paper. #straightcashhomie

  15. he’ll set a new record for the most commercials by a player who spends his Sundays holding a clipboard.

    I think Brady Quinn holds that record now.

  16. cheapseater says: Jul 18, 2014 4:22 PM

    Meanwhile, Bortles has head in a playbook.

    Actually, that is a good point. Has anyone actually seen Bortles (or as much as I hate to throw the Vikes fans a bone, seen Bridgewater) away from the field/facilities since the draft?

    While I have my doubts about Bortles NFL readiness, I will admit in watching the draft I was struck during his interview that “this guy looks and sounds like a QB”. For Jags fans sake, I hope he tears it up-they deserve some sunshine.

  17. Why would anyone endorse him after his antics in Vegas? This dude was good in college, yes, but to me it would seem you’re signing him for what he’s going to do in the NFL…

  18. 8to80texansblog says:
    Jul 18, 2014 4:18 PM

    “Looks good, but who are the Chefs?”


    LOL! Thanks for reminding me of this commercial. It was hilarious.

  19. Does he have Subway yet?

    Man, you ain’t made the big time if you ain’t got Subway. Jarvis Jones had a Subway commercial last year, but I don’t know about this year.

  20. Season needs to start already….the sooner this over-hyped media darling shows the fans he can’t dance the better.

    Anxious to put this guy in our rear-view mirror with the likes of Tebow or more topically, Tim Couch.

  21. I really don’t have a dog in the fight, but seriously, I’m rooting for the kid just because he has so many detractors. Nobody knows a damn thing for sure so it doesn’t take a set of cojones to put him down.

  22. My best guess is that the ad start with Lil Johnny Football acting like an ass and rubbing his fingers together and being a showboating little prick….then he gets a snickers….while his teammate says you are kind of a douche when you are hungry….then he turns back into Peyton Manning.

  23. Maybe he was unrolling the money in the bathroom to get a Snickers out of vending machine. Most clubs have vending machines right?

  24. I think he has finally passed Brady Quinn for endorsements before ever taking a snap. All kidding aside, Quinn had commercials with Subway, EAS, and a car dealership all before his 1st game. Only Browns QB’s…

  25. After Manziel gets his bell rung for the first time…

    “Where are you?”
    “Who am I?”
    “You’re the coach.”
    “And who are you?”
    “I’m Batman!”
    “Sit down…”
    “You don’t understand, I’m Batman!”

  26. So if the Veterans draw on Johnny’s face in the good spirit of hazing rookies, would that be referred to as “snicker doodling?” 🙂

  27. From the second he was drafted and walked on stage doing that stupid stunt, I am hoping he chokes on all the hype and attention he heaps on himself.

    Grab the Snicker endorsement money while you still can because in a season or two when the Cleveland Brown fans come to the same realization as the rest of us, that will be the end of the line for the big earnings.

    See if Justin Bieber still wants to hang with you once you are a broke bust, maybe Bridgewater might because he will be a bust too but not too many other people.

  28. This isn’t too different then picking a community organizer to obtain the highest post in the land. All form and no substance . It all comes out in the wash just like it is now within the country.

  29. Snickers bars are made by Mars, Inc. which for some reason tests on animals. One of the most egregious tests they conduct is drowning mice and rats in chocolate. Johnny Football needs to stop shilling and state studying.

  30. Look at that pic real close, now picture him after being in the NFL for a while his head shaved, no teeth and a banjo in his hand sitting on a porch by a river.

  31. For a guy who was drafted when he was, and is only an outside shot at best, at landing the starting gig this year, he has gotten far too much attention. He and his sponsors are likely to all fail big time.

  32. I hope he’s successful for the Browns. He will be the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

    PFT writers will have no problem with content if Johnny blows up.

    Snickers, Nike, Nissan. Not a bad start for his off the field money

  33. Cade McNown x 2.

    C’mon Cally fans! Own up! LOL.

    I literally cannot wait to download his first rap album.

    “Snickers, Snickers, BAY-BAH”

    You know though? This really is starting to play out like an Adam Sandler movie.

  34. I’m just amazed at all the Johnny hate. From PFT to all the posters it just seems unreal that this many people want the kid to fail, and the nedia just hypes it and encourages the hate. SMH.

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