Jon Beason won’t run in conditioning test on Monday

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Giants linebacker Jon Beason is still planning to play in this year’s season opener after injuring his foot this offseason, but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be practicing when the team opens training camp this week.

Beason told Tom Rock of Newsday that he won’t be running in the conditioning test that his teammates will be taking when camp opens on Monday. That suggests he’ll open up camp on the Physically Unable to Perform list that will bar him from practicing until the team feels sure his foot is ready after this spring’s ligament tear and fracture, although he told Rock he feels he could take the test and that he’s feeling great.

“We’re hitting all those benchmarks in terms of the prognosis. It’s getting better and better every day,” Beason said. “I feel fine right now. But then again I know that I’m not ready to go full speed and change direction and tackle people.”

Beason also added that he’s had seasons without any camp and hit the ground running, but the Giants would surely prefer things play out in a way that allows the veteran to get his feet wet before the games count. Beason’s arrival was a major turning point for the Giants’ defense last season and they are back in similarly undermanned straits at middle linebacker as long as he’s out of the lineup.

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  2. It’s always better to take these things slow and take the necessary time rehabbing. Too often you see guys trying to come back too soon and not only are they not as good as they should be but they end up with a setback or even a re-injury.

    The NFL should get past the culture of people playing hurt all of the time. In most cases (not QB), the NFL talent pool is deep enough that a healthy backup is better than a gimped starter trying to play though a significant injury.

  3. I told all you haters last year the Giants needed to shrink wrap JPP until he was healed but no one listened to me. Now his career is over.

    Same thing for Beason. The Giants should let him heal so he can come back as LB coach in 2015. They don’t need him on the coaching sideline this year since they already threw in the towel.

  4. He’s not underrated he’s over injured . His first four years in the NFL were tops for a middle linebacker and he made the pro bowl 3 out of the 4 so somebody noticed. How quickly we write someone off after injuries keep them from the field.

  5. It’s not about healing time. It’s about about an oft-injured player who is only going to get worse. Says THIS Panther fan. If he’s not on IR by Halloween, I’d be truly amazed.

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