Bills fill in some defensive line depth with Landon Cohen


The Bills are going to give defensive tackle Marcell Dareus time to get himself in shape, but they’ve still got to practice.

They added a bit of depth for their line, signing veteran defensive tackle along with wide receiver Naaman Roosevelt, the team announced.

To make room on the roster, they cut wide receiver Ramses Barden and linebacker Nathan Williams.

Cohen has spent time with a good chunk of the league, appearing for the Lions, Jaguars, Patriots, Seahawks, Cardinals, Eagles, Cowboys and Bears.

8 responses to “Bills fill in some defensive line depth with Landon Cohen

  1. Bears fan here, and this guy’s awful. The only thing that surprises me more than how many teams he’s been with, is that he’s getting yet another chance.

  2. They probably brought him in to motivate Dareus in the workout room. When Dareus can bench press 50% of the reps that Cohen can, then he’s in playing shape, an easy test to determine when he’s ready!

  3. Why do I get the feeling Dareus will take this as a sign that he can take his time trying to get in shape. It should be a message to get with the program but I’m not sure he has the requisite brain cells (or cares) about that.

  4. Another Bear fan here. If Landon is on the Bills at the start of the season you might as well phone it in. The middle of you defensive line will be a swinging door.

  5. Roosevelt ahead of Woods and Williams?

    Hahahahahahaha…he’s a camp body.

    He will be cut by preseason game #2…he hasn’t caught on anywhere else…we sure don’t need him wasting a roster spot now.

    You’re one of the people who thought Ramses Barden was Megatron, huh?

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