David Wilson says that he’s been “cleared for everything”

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The medical update news wasn’t all bad for the Giants today.

After veteran offensive lineman Chris Snee was forced to hang it up after a long battle with elbow problems, they’re getting another player back.

Running back David Wilson just tweeted that he’s been “cleared for everything.”

The Giants have been hoping to get Wilson back after offseason neck surgery, but made contingency plans in case.

They signed running back Rashad Jennings this offseason, but Wilson can add an explosive element Jennings lacks.

25 responses to “David Wilson says that he’s been “cleared for everything”

  1. Yawn. So what, NJ players get too much press anyway, not b/c of talent or production, just b/c the NJ/NY media is under the impression that everyone across the globe wants to keep up with NJ/NY sports……NOT.

  2. Lots of “negative” thoughts on DW?
    When he blows your team up with his speed & ability to finally bring back the “Screen Pass” which you know the giants will use him, come back and talk to me, ok?

  3. I drafted him last year in my fantasy league. Right before reading this article, I listened to The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” Coincidence? I think not.

  4. His speed is second-to-none but the position requires much more than that. David Wilson needs to secure the ball and make sure he falls forward rather than running backwards.

    He could be a great asset on screens and draws but when you cough up the ball, Tom Coughlin will not give you many opportunities.

    Last year he was provided an amazing opportunity, the New York Giants did have much competition in their backfield. Now they have Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams who will compete for time behind Eli Manning.

  5. Giants will give up on him like the Saints have already given up on Ingram (didn’t exercise fifth-year option on him).

    With Jennings signed and the fact that long-term commitments with RBs are not worth unless you have someone like AP, Charles or McCoy in your backfield, it seems very likely.

  6. @berniemadoffsides:

    Go watch his game against N.O. in 2012. His speed is a weapon in multiple aspects of the game. But of he was on your team you’d be thrilled to have him back. You’re the reason it’s impossible to have intelligent debates about football on this site.

  7. “CT GIANT ” You are right on the mark my friend!!
    Watch out for DW this year. He has something to prove!! “GO DAVID GO”

  8. How many fantasy teams did this guy ruin last year?

    I personally put him in the same class as Darren McHurt and Ben “broken something” Tate, not draftable.

  9. crewchief15 says:
    Jul 21, 2014 11:12 AM
    Training camp can not come soon enough. Hey, I heard Eli got a good hair cut the other day…

    Rex Ryan says his was better.

    Chris Kluwe was offended and is going to sue.

    Johnny Manziel still hasn’t played a single down.

  10. Wilson is hands down one of the most explosive players we have on the roster. He’ll open a lot of eyes if he can stay healthy and cut down the fumbling. Just watch!! He’s only 23 and has tons of upside, he’s the best RB on the roster.

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