Brian Orakpo: Throw contract talk out the window


Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo did not reach agreement on a multiyear contract with the team before July 15, which means that he’ll be playing out the 2014 season under the terms of the franchise tag.

That will pay Orakpo $11.45 million and make him a free agent again at the end of the season, leaving him well-paid for now but without much security over the long term. Orakpo said that the uncertainty about the future won’t be an issue this season.

“You can talk about contracts and this and that. Throw all that out the window, man,” Orakpo said, via the Washington Times. “I’m signed for the 2014 season. I need to go out there and make plays. I need to go out there and be a force. That’s what I’ve been working extremely hard at because this defense relies on myself to go out there and make big plays so we can get off the field. I’m not really a pressure guy.”

Orakpo doesn’t have much choice other than getting out there and being a force for the Redskins on defense this season. If he turns in a strong season coming off the edge, someone will be willing to pay him well to do it again in 2015. It may or may not be the Redskins, but that’s not worth worrying about now since nothing that can happen in terms of a contract until after the year comes to an end anyway.

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  1. Pay that man! A high motor guy like Trent Murphy can be moved around the LB core as well as play defensive end. Orakpo is a beast & paired with Kerrigan, this is an OLB group that can cause havoc for the foreseeable future HTTR

  2. If the defense relies on you to make big plays then it makes sense that the defense has been awful for years; you rarely make big plays. Ironically, people who defend Orakpo tend to place emphasis onthe fact that even though impact plays are lacking, he generates good pressure.

    At the end of the day, I think we’ll get what we’ve always gotten from this guy: average to good QB pressure with a few multiple-sack games against mediocre LTs to pad his stats, but very few game impacting events. Yet he clearly thinks he’s elite and should be paid as such.

  3. I really like Orakpo and hope he has another healthy productive season. Anything less than a repeat of last year isn’t deserving of a big contract. He’s good, but certainly not the great player he thinks he is. He might have been great if he stayed a DE like he played as a rookie when he recorded 11 sacks. His division play hasn’t been anything spectacular. 7 division sacks in 5 seasons, 0 against the rival Cowboys.

  4. Whether or not hes a force isn’t or never has been an issue with this guy. He’s a beast, when healthy. The issue is that the ‘when’ of that statement has been few and far between the past couple of years. He stays healthy this year, he’s getting a big payday from somewhere.

  5. Go out and be a beast, Brian, someone will pay you in ’15. ‘Skins were fools not to lock you up with at least a 3 yr. $35Mil deal… now it’ll cost them even more to try and keep you.
    Plenty of 3/4 teams looking for an OLB giving them 60 tackles and 10 sacks each year.

  6. Not much of a Redskins fan so I don’t follow closely but has this guy ever really done all that much to deserve big money?

  7. Thank you for using the actual team name. He is a redskin. Not a member of some Washington football club. Time for Rak to stay healthy and turn in a great (not just good) season. Httr

  8. This is why the Redskins are the Redskins. The contract they signed with Desean Jackson will end up costing them Orapko. They have no vision, no plan, and don’t think ahead. The proof is in their lousy record under Chef Half Man Snyder.

  9. Why is Orapko considered to be a ‘beast’?

    He has never had more than 11 sacks in a season (and that was his rookie year).

    2009 – 11
    2010 – 8.5
    2011 – 9
    2012 – 1 (injury shortened season)
    2013 – 10

    Avg less than 8 sacks/yr playing WOLB the focus of the pass rush in a 3-4 (the same position D Ware plays and he IS a beast averaging 13 sacks/yr).

    He’s a good OLB, but he isn’t a beast. He has a long way to go before he could be considered a beast (despite his admittedly amusing commercials that call him an All-Pro LB).

  10. Officalgame,

    ‘The Danny’ just LOVES to sign other NFC East players, even if there isn’t a need.

  11. Hype-po needs to go.

    He has no impact on any game he plays – he does not improve any defense with him on it – there is no difference in the results of games when he plays or not.

    It is time to ship off Hype-po and RGMELOGO to Oakland. Maybe on a team with no talent these two turds will rise to the top.

  12. “well-paid for now but without much security over the long term.

    He is going to make 11.45 million this year alone. If he can’t use that to secure himself some kind of financial security for his future, some lifestyle changes may be in order.

  13. Franchising him IS taking care of him. Gets good average stellar obl salary and can negotiate with anyone next year.

    I agree that he hadn’t been more than average to good WHEN he’s been healthy. He’s missed a bunch of games over the past three years!

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