Dean Cain, Matt Leinart trade barbs (yes, it’s still a little slow)

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With plenty of camps still not open, there’s still some time for slow-news-days stories.  Especially when they involved former first-round busts.

Actor Dean Cain, talking to TMZ while loading groceries into his Ford F-150, cautioned Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel against living a Hollywood lifestyle.

“I do remember another quarterback, back in the day, coming out and being a high draft choice, and hanging out with the Hollywood starlets and stars, and never really doing that well,” Cain said.  “I didn’t say any names coming out of USC wearing No. 11 named Matt Leinart. . . .  I’m not saying Matt Leinart can’t get ladies, but he can’t get a contract in the NFL now.”

Said Leinart on Twitter, presumably in response:  “Put 7 years in, pretty sure that’s 7 more than 99% of the world.  Some people should stick to their day job because they couldn’t cut it!”

He’s right, but drawing an NFL paycheck for seven years and fulfilling the potential that made him a top-10 pick are two different things.  Leinart undoubtedly was a bust of near-historic proportions.”Stick to being D list!” Leinart added in a shot at Cain that pretty much ignores the current status of the guy who just played the D-list card.  The biggest question over the next few years is whether Manziel will eventually join them as guys who used to be not far less than they were expected to be.

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  1. Well, Dean Cain did get to “work” on TV for several years with Teri Hatcher. And Matt Leinart didn’t. Advantage Cain.

  2. Dean Cain’s busy finding Bigfoot, Leinart. Football is just a game. Bigfoot could be one of the great discoveries of the 21st century.


  3. Lol reminds me of Johnny Drama getting mad at Dean Cain for stealing one of his roles in Entourage.

  4. right after losing to Texas, he said USC had the better team. that day I realized he would be a complete bust

    thin skin. can’t have it as an NFL QB. also need to understand when you are beat, and that losing makes you the lesser of the two teams

  5. I guess Matt Leinart doesn’t have any interest in being invited to play a part in a future Christmas movie.

    And Johnny Drama or Superman? Yeah I don’t care what the role is, I’d go with Dean Cain faster than a downloading tweet.

  6. In my youthful ignorance I really wanted Leinart to fall to my Ravens that year – thank god he didn’t

  7. We would all jump at the chance to play 6 minutes in the NFL. Leinart may have been a bust but if someone starts talking crap he has a right to respond.

  8. I’m not sure partying affected Leinart’s NFL career, and I really doubt it’ll affect Manziel’s. But it does bother me that Johnny Football seems to act like he’s already “made it”. That (seemingly) tells me he doesn’t have that burning desire to be the best that he can be; that he can just show up on Sundays and it’ll be good enough. Brett Favre did that, but he was 6’5″ with a cannon arm. Manziel has neither of those things.

  9. But only if Ken Whisenhunt didn’t hold him back, lol. Whisenhunt iddn’t get much right personnel wise, but he sniffed that bust out pretty quickly when he stepped in the building here in Glendale.

  10. Well, in a sense they are both actors. Cain portrayed Superman, and Leinart portrayed an NFL QB.

    The difference being, Cain was actually pretty good in his role.

  11. He might be D list, but Cain is still able to earn a decent paycheck in his chosen profession.

    Leinart, not so much.

  12. Qb busts in the first round happen more and more, it might be because Rick Spielman gets to draft one in the first round every 3 years but he is not alone in that category, he’s just more consistent than other GM’s.

  13. I just enjoy the fact that your giving an opinion about Jonny Football without him playing a single down. I sure saw him chew out his team and giving them pep talks when he a amazing bowl comeback win in his last bowl game. He showed everything that game. That’s comes from a place of knowing than guessing. Once a Browns fan, always a Browns fan…

  14. For what it’s worth, Cain was a two-time first team All-American safety at Princeton and was considered a legit “fringe” late-first round NFL prospect and a second round lock. Unlike recent news reports indicating Cain was some wannabe Ivy League scrub, in truth he blew his knee out in one of the first few games of his senior year, but being 1987 and no Dr. James Andrews magic fingers on torn ACLs, Cain instead decided to play the whole season on one badly hobbled leg setting all-division interceptions record and being the Ivy P.O.Y. I know this b/c I played for Dartmouth and my head coach John Lyons loved Cain’s game– and said Cain was even better than Aeneas Williams who Lyons had landed as a committed recruit before family illness and a scholarship kept Williams from playing for Dartmouth. Cain apparently was a true stud– excellent hands, very quick AND fast, old-school instincts, ball hawk, etc., etc.– and fairly smart (for Princeton)– VERY smart for the average NFL safeties. Lyons elaborated that Dartmouth devised a plan to isolate and double team Cain in game 10 (the season finale that year) which resulted in Cain getting cross-legged in a pileup with several Dartmouth players which resulted in him further blowing out his remaining knee ligaments in the already badly injured knee. Then some hack doctor (actually, probably one of the best available at that time) discouraged any of the caveman surgeries they used to attempt on blown out knees back then and gave him a knee brace and told him to try to hide his injury from NFL scouts. That plan did not work and he went undrafted, signing with the Bills after the draft. At that time even the really good Ivy players were often overlooked and instead of attempting to operate on Cain’s knee Buffalo simply cut him in team cutdowns, apparently ignoring the NFL injury settlement regulation/requirement. Who knows how accurate my former coaches perceptions of Cain are, but if they were even somewhat accurate he has every right in this world to talk football shop, his lack of a lengthy NFL career notwithstanding.

  15. Why would Cain single out Leinart? What a tool. Leinart handled it as well as could be expected.

  16. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even about Manziel. Not that it means anything but, they’re still entitled to it.

    The only person Manziel has to please is the guy signing his checks.

  17. I think there’s a little bit of exaggeration there, considering that the Ivy League hasn’t had a first round draft pick since Calvin Hill in 1969 and safety isn’t a position that generally valued high in the first round anyway. But yeah, he was a good college player and would’ve gotten a shot in the pros if he didn’t get hurt.

  18. Here comes johnny with football in his hand hes a passing man the balls gone and hawkins is off to the endzoooo…ooo…one!!!……sorry nostalgia from a high school country song LOL

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