Seahawks expected to sign receiver Morrell Presley

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The unexpected retirement of wide receiver Sidney Rice on Wednesday leaves the Seattle Seahawks with an open roster spot ahead of the start of training camp on Friday.

According to Jayson Jenks of the Seattle Times, the Seahawks are expected to fill the vacancy with receiver Morrell Presley.

Presley, an undrafted rookie from Division II California (Pa.) University, took part in the Seahawks rookie mini-camp in May as a tryout player.

Presley was a highly touted prep athlete that was initially committed to Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll at USC. Presley ultimately signed with rival UCLA before transferring down to California.

At 6-foot-3, 225 pounds, Presley could be an interesting player to keep an eye on as the Seahawks lack height at the receiver position. Only Presley and former Canadian Football League star Chris Matthews (6-foot-5) are taller than 6-foot-2 following Rice’s retirement.

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  1. Russell Wilson is an elite franchise QB. He has proven to be able to win a super bowl with non star wide outs. Not worried. Paul Richardson and Percy Harvin are going to be a lethal duo anyways. Watch out NFL

  2. Hmm – an undrafted rookie from CA that Pete was eyeballing earlier?

    That sounds about right. Go comPete, Mo !

  3. Up / Down?
    Berkley is North of LA.
    California has a better football program than UCLA.
    Berkley is the top public school in the country.
    I’d say he moved up in every way, not down.

  4. Well, this were Pete works his magic. Who else can take guys off the street and beat high profile blue-chippers?

    Everybody who gores to camp knows they have a legitimate chance to make it. Other teams anoint players based on reputation.

  5. “Morrell is in the building,” announced the Seahawks.

    “Thank you. Thank you verramuch,” Morrell answered.

  6. This kids luck just changed drastically. He should send Rice a box of Lebrons cupcakes. Hope thats not him in the picture above trying to catch the ball though, looks like the ball won on that play.

  7. Can’t wait for all the seahack fans to start chiming in…. “Great Pickup”, “Our receiving corp will be fine”, “We’ve got Percy”….. I’m sorry, Morrell who???

  8. Thanks to Sid for being a part of our first ever world Championship. The 12’s are part of you and you part of us for all time. Good luck on the chicken wing restaurants here in the NW, my wife and I look forward to giving you are business. GO HAWKS!!!!

  9. Seems we have a plethora of WR options already…I would have figured they’d sign some other position to compete.

  10. He’s nothing more than training camp depth with a very slight chance of making the team. If he does well in the preseason, he could end up on the practice squad shuffle that Scheider and Carroll seem to like so well.

  11. This guy wont beat out Baldwin or Kearse, and Harvin and Richardson have something special going on. So where does he fit, he could immulate an opponents tall receiver so Sherman and Maxwell could get some practice. That’s what his career will consist of!

  12. Let’s see if this guy has game. Now that Rice has retired (possible wouldn’t have made the team anyways), I think Chris Matthews has a real shot to show something good with his size. At the very least, maybe Presley can hang around the practice squad for a call up in case somebody gets hurt.

  13. This Seahawks team should have a much more potent offense with the improved o-line and 4.3 speed in harvin and p-Richardson stretching the field with their home run ability, letting Baldwin, kearse and Norwood carve up the intermediate routes as beastmode and C. Michael draw LB attention. Could be an epic team on both sides of ball

  14. LOL. This guy did not go to Cal Berkeley (which is a division I school in the Pac 12). He went to Division II California University of Pennsylvania. Apparently he did not make it at UCLA and had to transfer to a division II school. In the eyes of the Seahawk fans, he is already better than Golden Tate and Sidney Rice.

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