Ravens website says Rice will be suspended two games, based on “reports”

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As more and more sports leagues and more and more teams try to get into the media business, unusual developments occur from time to time.

Most recently, the Ravens have posted an item on their website acknowledging “multiple reports” that running back Ray Rice will be suspended two games for violating the NFL’s personal-conduct policy.  Adam Schefter of ESPN has reported that an announcement of the suspension will come later today.

On one hand, it’s smart that the Ravens didn’t avoid the topic.  On the other hand, it would have been stupid to post the item without running the issue by folks higher on the organizational chart who may know which way the wind is or isn’t blowing.  So if the folks who run the team’s website are smart, the mere posting of the story should be regarded as a very strong hint that, indeed, Rice will be suspended two games.

The backlash already has begun, on two fronts.  Some have argued that the suspension of Rice without a suspension of Colts owner Jim Irsay shows favorable treatment of the folks who sign the checks.  Others have argued that Rice didn’t get suspended long enough.

Both sentiments have a considerable degree of merit.  Even though players are almost never suspended for a first-offense DUI and despite the fact that no discipline comes for a first-time DUI offender until the case is resolved, a strong expectation has emerged that Irsay should be and will be held to a higher standard.  As to Rice, the fact that the NFL will throw a guy out of the game for a year due to the disease of addiction to marijuana or other non-PEDs but will ban a guy who knocked out his future wife in a public place for only two games seems more than a bit inconsistent.

The common thread between those two angles comes from the league’s ongoing desire to police what players do on their own time with substances that don’t enhance performance.  Regardless of whether Irsay is suspended sooner than later, the league likely won’t subject him to the same rigorous testing that would throw a player who has an uncured disease out of the league for a year or longer, for fear of ultimately having to throw an owner out of the league for a year or longer.  Or permanently.

So maybe the discussion eventually needs to focus squarely on the substance-abuse policy that applies to players.  With coaches constantly policing performance by playing and/or keeping only the best players, that should be the ultimate litmus test for determining whether a guy should remain in the league notwithstanding the use of recreational drugs.  If/when the use of street drugs affects his performance, he won’t have a job.  If the use of street drugs doesn’t affect his performance, why should the NFL or anyone other than the appropriate law-enforcement agencies care?

92 responses to “Ravens website says Rice will be suspended two games, based on “reports”

  1. This wife beater should have an indefinite suspension.

    Justin Blackmon and Josh Gordon should still be playing this season.

    Even though i’m still against the legalization of marijuana, this is taking it too far.

    The punishment doesn’t fit the crime for all of these cases.

    If they did, Ray Rice would be kicked out of the NFL.

  2. I called the league office on Tuesday and left a message with a league official. I left my name as well. I asked “why hasn’t Ray Rice been suspended yet, and why hasn’t the word on his fate come down by now? Thursday morning the “unofficial” word comes down.

    You’re welcome.

  3. Huge Ravens fan here- If he gets two games suspension from the league, the Ravens should announce they are tacking on two more.

  4. sounds about right.
    Get caught with Pot 4 games.
    Beat the cr@p out of your fiancee and drag her by the hair from an elevator like a piece of samsonite luggage 2 games
    Only in Roger Goodell’s world is that justice.

  5. They were a little premature in posting this. Much like they were premature in getting rid of Boldin, paying Flacco big $, and drafting Mosley.

  6. Schefter says the same thing. Godell has gotta go. Not just because of his utter lack of consistency as judge, jury and executioner but the fact that he suspends guys for hits on the field almost as long as guys who hit women.

  7. So apparently the lesson here is that knocking out a woman isn’t nearly as bad as smoking weed.

  8. Let that be a lesson to all you kids out there: if you’re going to break the law, make sure you’re doing something harmless like drinking and driving or abusing a woman.

  9. Good thing he only knocked his woman out instead of getting caught smoking a little weed.Only half the penalty.

  10. Doing what Ray Rice did once is FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR worse than doing what Josh Gordon has done 50 times over . . . Rice’ suspension should be for life and he should be spending plenty of time in jail, regardless of whether or not she wants him to . . . what a crock!!

  11. Beat up a defenseless woman? That’s ok, here’s a 2 game suspension.

    Smoke weed? You’re EVIL! 4+ games for you.

  12. ravens first three games are all against the AFCN – that could cause them a few intra-divison problems

  13. Well guess no one can complain about Irsay getting preferential treatment. 2 games for beating someone when you’re caught on tape and have no defense. Shaking my fracking head.

  14. Haha! Amazing! Beating a woman! 2 games! Lane Johnson got 4 for… something, who knows. Pretty sure he didn’t beat a woman on camera though.

  15. Why are people acting like Ray Rice is the first player in the history of the league in a situation like this?

    I’m not implying he doesn’t deserve punishment or that hitting a woman is okay, but do you all really think this has NEVER happened before?

  16. Just shows the inconsistent punishment of Gödel and his office. Beat up on a women, wife now or not, never could figure out what that has to do with anything. Two games. By the way there has been some first time offenders get four to six games.

  17. I can’t condone what Rice did on any level, but this was his first offense of any kind. The others mentioned have had MULTIPLE offenses, been through counseling, etc.. If they had made it 4 games he would have appealed and it would have gone down to 2 games. That’s the state of today’s NFL….

  18. Guys – I’m a Ravens fan and all so ofcourse I’ll be a little baised towards my team. That being said – all of these comments about how he beat the crap out of his wife – did you see what happened? I didn’t. For all we know, he pushed her away from him and she hit her head on the elevator. Maybe he smacked her. Who knows? I don’t.

  19. A guy on the Eagles takes the wrong medication, and gets suspended for four games. This criminal wife beater gets suspended for only 2 games??? Are you freakin’ kidding me? Something is radically wrong with the rules as written, and this is just plain wrong. There shouldn’t be “first offense” bs with wife beating!!! Thoroughly disgusted with this organization, AND Goodell and I’m going to let them hear about it. You don’t punch a woman and then have HER apologize for it.

  20. i agree with the whole pot vs wife beating suspension times… sorry but have to say I’m disappointed the Ravens have done anything. can’t they suspend him? my redskins may be awful, but they don’t come up in the news for things liek this very often.

  21. So will Kluwe be handed a 4 game suspension to be served if anyone ever gives him a job in the NFL again since he feels that wife beaters get treated better by the NFL than he does?

    Both he and Ray Rice are cowards though, for different reasons.

  22. Guessing it would have been more severe if Ray Ray received a bounty for the knockout. Unbelievable.

  23. I used to like Rice, going back to his Rutgers days. This is not a heated argument or getting to close to a person while screaming at them. He punched a women, in her face. This is unforgivable.

    At best I’ll just not pay attention to Rice going forward. More likely I’ll just cheer for the guy to tear a ligament.

  24. I havent given Goodell problems on anything. Most things people complain about are out of his hands.

    But this one is a crock, and is square on Goodells shoulders.

    This should be a minimum of a year. He should be in the same boat as Vick and Gordon.

  25. they should just suspend the ravens for 2 years. save goodell time from having to go through each player on the team.

  26. Lane Johnson and Dion Jordan both suspended 4 games for PEDs that sound like they are available in legal supplements.

    This scumbag knocks out his wife and drags her around like a blanky and gets 2.

    I cannot believe this one.

  27. It’s easy to judge someone sitting behind a computer screen. You trolls speak so highly about character that y’all clearly lack.

    The fact remain,..no one knows what happened in that elevator.

    He (Ray Rice) has since gone above and beyond to apologize to his wife, her father, the fans, and anyone who would listen.

    He married his wife and she followed him to the meeting with Roger Goodell showing that they as a couple have moved forward and are better people.

    And for those trolls who start of comments with “I am a Ravens/Baltimore fan..”.. You all are sad.

  28. I seriously doubt anyone here knows Exactly what went on wife Rice and his wife, but there is more than enough evidence that the league should have sent a much stronger message. Comparing Rice’s physical incident to those suspended for drugs is like comparing apples to oranges, although I see that punishment is definitely warranted in every one of those situations.

    My Rice #27 Raven’s jersey was thrown away after this all came to light. As someone who works in the school system and no matter how much a fan I am of the team and the sport of football I can not justify advertising and supporting through my hard-earned money someone who resorts to physical violence, whether it be on a woman OR a man.

    The Commissioner has a tremendous opportunity to send a clear message that putting your hands on someone without their permission is not to be tolerated. Unfortunately, it’s a message that his twin 12 year old daughters aren’t going to learn from their father! Not being able to impart a valuable life lesson at work is bad enough. Not being able to help one’s own children understand it is entirely another!

  29. I don’t care if you’ve been caught with weed 15 times. beating a woman once is MUCH worse than being caught with marijuana no matter how many times you had the marijuana. You’re a despicable human being if you can hit your wife and completely knock her out. I don’t care how remorseful you are. You are disgusting. And now the NFL is showing they’re not as mad about wife beating than they are about marijuana. Great standards to set there. Now kids will get into recreational wife beating rather than weed so they can surely make it in the NFL. For all those defending this scum bag and completely disregards what he did just because he may help your team win, you’re no better than him.

  30. No team manages a bad situation as well as the Ravens. They engage professional fixers to take care of matters and disipate the heat. This situation was bad because of the video evidence but ultimately a 2 game suspension is a good result for Rice and Baltimore. Well managed again, Ozzie.
    He would have gone for 4 or 6 games on other teams but it appears that the Ravens just seem to get a lot of good luck.
    This whole process of suspension sentancing seems very subjective and at the whim of the Commissioner.

  31. I’m actually surprised he got two games. The NFL is bass akwards under Goodell. That’s one more game than some players get suspended for, for having one-too-many illegal hits.

  32. Hopefully Patrick Willis shatters his femur in that first preseason game and does what the coward Roger Goodell wouldn’t do.

  33. Roger Goodell proving once again what a useless tool he is. Travesty this clown will miss only two games. Beating a woman is ten times worse than smoking pot.

  34. Why are you all acting like you don’t know that there is a different set of rules for some teams? Ravens, Patriots, Giants, etc?

  35. This is a freaking joke and an outrage. Two stinking games for what he did? Whats even worse is someone on here commented ‘ oh thats fair deal with it” Got news for you. Should have been suspended at the very least 6 games. there are some things more important in life lessons than football. It should be applied here

  36. Pryor was suspended 5 games for selling jerseys in college. Big Ben got 6 for accusations, and no charges. Smoking weed gets you 4 games after a first offense. Ray gets 2 for knocking his wife out and dragging her unconscious body from an elevator on camera.

  37. Excellent job of the commissioner marketing the NFL to women! NOT! This is an embarrassment and there should be protests across the nation by women during their annual Pink farce. Rice is a has been, I get it. But he is also a low life scum that hits women. Not a Raven’s fan now or ever. The commissioner has lost the plot.

  38. I guess you can knock out a women, and get two game off. This is outrages Rice gets off so easy, his girl should sue the NFL in which is call the new felony league.

  39. The NFL wont go hard on Rice because he’s a star player. He sells Jerseys and other NFL merchandise.
    The NFL will give you a lot of chances IF you play well for them.
    But if you’re an average player, its a totally different story.

  40. What a joke !!! 2 freakin games, really ?
    The NFL offices can’t be this purposely
    inconsistent unless some money is
    exchanging hands.
    They just can’t hold certain people to such high standards and then let others off with a slap
    on the wrist. This is embarrassing for the game!.

  41. First and foremost anyone who hits/strikes a women is a piece of sh**!!!! All of you who say that Rice should be suspended longer, are delusional to the real facts. Has anyone seen the tape from the inside of the elevator….and the answer is no because it was not released to the public. You can guarantee that the police/legal system had access to the tape from the casino. No charges have been brought against him for “knocking his wife out”, which then stems no legal action will be taken against him. Pretty obvious that tape showed exactly what Rice and his wife described to the police/NFL. She struck him twice, he shoved her, she fell and hit her head on the elevator bar and was knocked out.

    He then dragged her out because thats a reasonable way to transport a passed out person. A freak result like falling and hitting your head on a bar is completely different that Rice just punched her and knocked her out. One of these actions is intentional while the other is an unforseen consequence by an action that was taken. Why wasn’t Rice then charged with anything….oh that’s right, it’s called burden of proof, which in this case there is none. There is no evidence that Rice committed a crime plain and simple. The only reason Rice got 2 games at all, is the public is aware of the situation, otherwise he would have received nothing, especially with him having no prior incidents in his NFL career.

    I hate being the rational guy, because nobody should hit a women, but it’s all about what can be proven, and don’t doubt for a second Goodell didn’t have access to the elevator tape before he made the suspension decision.

  42. Goodell saw the 1st part of video ,which none of us saw.must not be as bad as everyone presumed it was…GO RAVENS!!!

  43. You all can just shut-up! Where the hell is the evidence that showed he hit her. No black eye, no video, & no witnesses. If the NFL had enough evidence, they would have suspended him longer! They lady in that elevator looks drunk to me.

  44. Anybody defending this guy makes me want to puke. And I’m sorry you get to cal yourself a human being. Oh she married him, so it’s all ok now? PLEASE, he married her so they couldn’t force her to testify against him. Hopefully she gets away before he kills her*cough OJ*. The NFL made a huge mistake on this one.

  45. Rotheslisberger got 6 games and he was never even CHARGED with ANYTHING. Rice knocked his woman unconscious and he gets TWO? Its truly bizarre.

  46. People never cease to amaze me.

    Gordon and Blackmon have MULTIPLE arrests for pot, which is illegal and stipulated in their contract that they CANNOT USE/ABUSE DRUGS. Yet, they keep getting caught/arrested. They deserve to be suspended merely for VIOLATING THEIR CONTRACT.

    You can’t fix stupid.

    Rice should have had at least 6 games, and he did get off easy. But don’t go around saying Blackmon and Gordon deserve to play this season. That is so ignorant it’s not even funny.

  47. Roger Goodell decided Ray Rice’s actions towards his wife only costed him 2 games

    The NJ justice system decided the incident wasn’t serious enough to get jail time.

    His wife and her family decided to let their daughter marry Rice Rice after the respective incident.

    But all these fools on here, with the lack of information that they got, think they know better than the Commissioner of the NFL, a NJ judge, and Rice’s wife’s father.

    Ignorance is a disease.

  48. And for the NoNutsStud… He has been charged you simpleton. He already plead not guilty and then married the witness the next day so she couldn’t testify against him.

    CLASS ACT… loser that exemplifies the whole organization. Prob got his legal advice from #52

  49. Why do most of y’all sound the same … Plus have any of you seen the video? I’m pretty sure Roger saw it should give you an idea of what happen it’s too many people trying predict what happen if there was any video of Rice with his fist knocking her out it would have been a long suspension .

  50. Rice knocked a woman unconscious and dragged her body out of an elevator. I don’t care what his excuse was.

    Gooddell is a joke. Time to get a new commish.

  51. 6allsohard6more says:
    Jul 24, 2014 1:46 PM
    Why do most of y’all sound the same … Plus have any of you seen the video? I’m pretty sure Roger saw it should give you an idea of what happen it’s too many people trying predict what happen if there was any video of Rice with his fist knocking her out it would have been a long suspension .

    Youtube it. I did see it. It was bad enough, the first time.

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