Saints say no awkwardness with Jimmy Graham


All offseason, the concern for the Saints was whether they could make the numbers work with *tight end Jimmy Graham.

But when he showed up for work, he posted another number that reminded them of his value.

Saints coach Sean Payton said Graham had the “low time” in the team’s pre-camp conditioning test.

“That was significant. I told him to stay in Miami every offseason,” Payton said, via Mike Triplett of “I mean, it was outstanding.”

Both Payton and General Manager Mickey Loomis said the difficult negotiation (which led to discussions of how far he lined up from the tackle) was simply part of the process, and the $10 million a year deal now has everyone happy.

“Look, it was a tough negotiation, obviously, but it ended well,” Loomis said. “Obviously going to an appeal hearing over the position argument was unique. But otherwise it was a negotiation. You know, all of these negotiations are tough. Obviously when it’s a high-profile guy, there’s more written about it. And those are personal issues for the players, in particular, and we understand that. But that’s behind us. We’re glad to have it done. I’m sure Jimmy’s glad to have it done.

“It’s just a process that we had to go through. And, look, I think both sides are pretty pleased with the outcome.”

Given that both Payton and Loomis testified in an arbitration hearing against Graham’s assertion that he should be a wide receiver for franchise tag purposes, there was the potential for awkwardness.

But now that business has been taken care of, they can get back to the business of football, and Graham is apparently ready.

13 responses to “Saints say no awkwardness with Jimmy Graham

  1. Cue the “in Loomis we trust” and “haters” comments from saint fans.

    This is standard. Even if he wasn’t happy, he wouldn’t say so. Why do these “negotiations” always last so long for Loomis?

    Is it because he’s a great GM? Of course.

  2. Wow – this is like, the third story I’ve seen like this. Just utter shock and amazement that there is “no awkwardness”, “no hard feelings” between the Saints and Graham.

    Kinda sad how people are so surprised when grown up professionals act like…grown up professionals.

  3. Those knowledgeable about the Saints knew this would be resolved amicably. The deal signed was pretty much the same offer from before the arbitration hearing. Jimmy and his agent took their shot at winning the “lottery” as we all would have. Jimmy is a big boy and always wanted to remain a Saint. Life is good for both sides.

  4. Wwitches immature. dimmature,.e. e awkwardness? Anyone who has been involved in business and negotiating a raise knows it’s purely business. The companies job is to save as much money while compensating you with what they feel is fair. It’s even less personal in football because of the fact there is a cap. If Jimmy takes that personally, hes immature

  5. “Given that both Payton and Loomis testified in an arbitration hearing against Graham’s assertion that he should be a wide receiver for franchise tag purposes, there was the potential for awkwardness.”

    Graham didn’t assert that he should be a wide reviver.

  6. Graham’s an awesome player, but in all honesty, doesn’t everything seem a little bit awkward with that guy?

  7. Think about this. Jimmy Graham is the best tight end in the NFL, in the prime of his career, and is probably the second-most important player on the team.

    And he’s getting the same yearly salary that the Packers gave to a 34-year-old has-been defensive end that they’re planning to move to linebacker.

  8. Vikes have zero Superbowls wins since the creation of time. Just to enlighten us, please name one, just one, injury Goodell proved was the result of BountyFarce. Anybody? Can you name any Saints player they showed with the 50,000 pages of evidence and video on 3000 defensive plays that was paid to hurt another player? Stop embarassing yourself.

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