Jadeveon Clowney’s not 100 percent, but he’s on the field


No. 1 overall pick Jadeveon Clowney has met his first goal in Texans training camp, getting back on the field.

He was out there for Saturday morning’s workout, after coming back from offseason sports hernia surgery.

I feel good,” Clowney said, via Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle. “Get everybody back out here, back learning (the) playbook. Just look forward to getting back into and mixing. Looking forward to the season.”

Of course, there are varying degrees of “good,” as Clowney hedged when asked if he’d be ready for the full-contact portion of practice Monday. Coach Bill O’Brien said he was working with restrictions.

“I don’t know the percentage but I know I ain’t 100 percent,” Clowney said.

Getting him closer to that point will be important for the Texans, as they’re going to have to be dominant on defense this year to make up for an offense full of question marks.

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  1. Another member of the brain trust that represents most nfl players heard from. Wonder how Houston feels about their #1 pick not disclosing his injury. Very pleased we got the real #1 pick in the latest draft.

  2. Jadeveon Clowney’s not 100 percent
    hmm, pretty much the same way he was when they drafted him.

  3. I am really interested in the pass rushers of this draft

    Clowney went really high folks, #1, then you have guys like Dee Ford who is looking very good up in KC right now getting comparisons to DT, San Diego is estatic with attachou(spelling), raiders with Khalil Mack, Eagles with Smith

    who got the best pass rusher?

  4. I had same surgery by same dr when I was 50. Played ice hockey after 6 weeks and ran a marathon 4 months after. He is 1000x athletically superior to me so he should be good enough to play a couple of preseason games at close to 100% and be 100% by Labor Day. This condition probably impacted his sub par last year at sc. If he does not make it as a star, this condition is not responsible…it would be the muscle between his ears that was the reason. Not a huge jv fan but hope he becomes an impact player.

  5. #hatersgonnahate

    Of course he isn’t 100%, he just a had a surgery for an injury that he played a whole season through….

    If the guy only plays to 90% of his potential, he’s probably still the best player in the draft.

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