Ware out with bruised leg bone


Broncos defensive end DeMarcus Ware suffered a lower leg injury during practice on Sunday.  He was held out of practice on Monday, with coach John Fox calling it a bruised leg.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Ware actually has a bruised bone in his leg.  The source says that Ware nevertheless should be fine, and that the injury is not serious.

Ware has played through many injuries during his NFL career, which until this season had unfolded entirely with the Cowboys.  If healthy, Ware can make a big difference in the Denver defense.

21 responses to “Ware out with bruised leg bone

  1. Guy was a beast but at 31 yrs old he is struggling to stay healthy all the time. Giving up 40-60 lbs against OT’s, and most of the time a double team, for 9 years seems to be taking it’s toll.

  2. I love me some D-Ware, but 3 surgeries in one year and now a leg injury? Being virtually the only defender worth a darn in Big D took it’s toll while he wore the Star. Wrong side of 30, and injury prone. It’s a darn shame.

  3. This is why Dallas let him go. Amazing talent, but his body is falling apart.
    Actually no it isn’t. They let him go b/c he wouldn’t restructure his contract. The Cowboys wanted him back. Which means he didn’t want to be in Dallas anymore. He wanted a chance at a ring.

  4. Get ready Denver, this is the first of many injuries. Ware is a class act, but he can’t stay healthy anymore….

  5. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    You bunch of “experts” all act as if Ware’s out for the season. It’s a bone bruise people, not a broken leg! While Ware may yet succumb to a season ending injury – it’s waaaaay too early to go writing him off on the basis of this incident.

  6. First Hatcher…now Ware. Thanks Stephen for finally shaking your pops out of his stubborn ways. There was a point in time when Jerry would’ve broke the bank to keep aging vets on the wrong side of 30 w/the Boys! And as far as Denver goes…the Big 3 (Ware, Ward, & Talib) that they picked up this offseason…all 3 of those guys have injury history (Ware more recently) & it looks like dominoe #1 has fallen…uh oh!

  7. There’s a lot of talk about DeMarcus Ware’s injury for what it really is.

    Who doesn’t get injured during camp?

  8. Elway is committed to having a Super Bowl defense. He had a playoff quality defense and a Super Bowl offense, last year. The Seahawks had both. There’s almost a sense of urgent panic in the Bronco’s organization. Payton is aging, Bolen has retired with progressive Alzheimer’s. The window is closing for this version of the Broncos.

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