Dr. Jerry Jones declares Tony Romo “100 percent”


If you had any lingering concerns about Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo taking the day off yesterday rather than install the two-minute offense, let Dr. Jerry Jones set your mind at ease.

He is 100 percent. He’s 100 percent,” Jones said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “He’s just being real smart and sensitive about having come off the back surgery. He’s certainly not losing any ground from the standpoint of opening up against San Francisco [in the regular-season opener].”

The good doctor’s son Stephen had said earlier Tuesday that Romo was practicing, but then coach Jason Garrett said he was giving Romo the day off since they were working on the faster-paced part of the program.

“I just had a brief visit with him on the way out to practice,” Doctor Jerry said. “We feel real good. We’re really pleased with the way he’s practicing and the work he’s getting done and what he’s doing both on and off the field, but nothing in any way would concern you certainly about his back.”

A healthy Romo is a key for the Cowboys trying to get off their perpetual 8-8 slide, so giving him days off in July is probably a prudent use of Owner Jerry’s money.

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  1. “Dr. Jerry” can not entertain the idea of Romo not being able to play and then turning to Weeden as the backup. It is a nightmare for him because it will show how poorly the GM (Jerry) has prepared the team for when Romo can’t play.

    I’m no doctor but I doubt Romo is actually 100% yet.

  2. Well, aren’t the Cowboys lucky.

    Their owner wears a lot of hats.



    Team Physician

    Future starting QB

    I think Jerrah passed on Johnny (good decision for once there Jerrah) because old Jerrah is gonna take over the Cowboys QB duties once Romo retires.

  3. Yall sat there and blamed Mike Shannahan for the mismanagement of RG3 but don’t give credit to the Cowboys for collaboratively having a plan for Romo. I think it’s smart that everybody out of Cowboys camp is on the same page about how to handle room’s pitch count, and the fact they give Romo the opportunity to say if his back needs rest to give him some practices off.

    But of course…. Nobody wants to give the Cowboys credit for doing anything right.

  4. Dr. Jones has done a fine job in caring for his patient, the Dallas Cowboys. He should have turned it over to the Residents and Interns long ago.

  5. Watching the robot Garrett coach-up the players while the NFL Network cameras are rolling is comical.There is no other team in the league that gets and doesn’t deserves the media attention as this collection of ‘talent’.

  6. But of course…. Nobody wants to give the Cowboys credit for doing anything right.


    When was the last time they did something right to deserve credit for it? I mean it. I’m not even trying to pick a fight with a delusional, loser Cowboys fan–okay, maybe I am, but back on topic–I’m just really trying to understand this last statement. If you could pull some examples out of your rear-end, it might help the credibility of that closing argument. Until then, the Cowboys haven’t gotten anything right since 1995. That’s basically 20 years ago, chief.

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