Goodell on suspensions for Dolphins harassers: It’s a broad issue


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to reporters in Canton, Ohio on Friday and much of the focus was on the league’s much-criticized two-game suspension for Ravens running back Ray Rice.

Goodell answered questions on other topics, however. The fallout from the Dolphins’ 2013 harassment of tackle Jonathan Martin and others was one such topic. Goodell was asked if there would be suspensions handed down to former Dolphins guard Richie Incognito, Giants guard John Jerry or current Dolphins center Mike Pouncey for the behavior outlined in the Ted Wells Report into the situation.

“There are different issues with different individuals. The bottom line is that everything is proceeding. They’re doing what they’ve been asked to do. We will make individual decisions, if necessary, with any one of those individuals,” Goodell said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “It’s a broad issue. I would say that the one person who has been very responsive in going through the program has been Richie Incognito. We’re working with his people and monitoring his progress on that front.”

Pouncey is expected to miss the first half of the season after hip surgery and Incognito is currently unemployed, leaving Jerry as the only member of the trio currently seeing the field. Jerry hasn’t discussed anything having to do with what the NFL has asked of him this summer while trying to earn a role on a Giants line with an opening at guard following Chris Snee’s retirement.

While Goodell didn’t rule anything out, it sounds like Jerry and the others will avoid suspension as long as they continue to satisfy the mandates the league laid down, which included psychological evaluations, after the release of the report.

15 responses to “Goodell on suspensions for Dolphins harassers: It’s a broad issue

  1. London. Bon Jovi. 18 game schedule. London. Expanded playoffs. London.

    Stay in your lane, Rog.

  2. Lip service, that’s all that required because everyone knows this was a lawyer perpetrated event to get a mediocre tackle off of a team that demoted him to RT.

  3. The same imaginary fans that are telling him to go with an 18 game season and expand to London told him the Dolphins shouldn’t be punished and Rice should get off easy.

  4. Don’t tell me they are now picking on women (“broads”) … will they never learn.

  5. Knock a woman out cold – 2 game suspension
    Try to “toughen up” a teammate – indefinite suspension. What a completely contrived story that was last year.

  6. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said during an email exchange that there has been “no change in [Pouncey’s] active status [and] we have no other information to offer on the subject.”

    When asked if he anticipated any punitive measures in the future, Aiello responded: “Never say never, but I don’t anticipate having to address the issue again.”

    Sorry haters, time to move on.

  7. I really hope no one is hanging on for the outcome of this one. It’s done.

    If you need closure, go talk to HR. Incognito ate Martin’s lunch out of the fridge… consistently.

    Move along. Nothing to see here.. including draft picks.

  8. Karma is catching up to those turds! Incognito-no takers, Jerry-trying to catch on with Giants & Pouncey-out with injury. Stupid fools!

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