Griffin wants to pick Tom Brady’s brain


Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III will encounter Patriots quarterback Tom Brady next week, when the two teams conduct joint practices in Richmond, Virginia.  The younger quarterback hopes to catch a few pointers from the old man, but Griffin is mature enough to realize it may not be realistic.

“[W]hen they get here, everyone will be focused on what they are focused on,” Grifin said, via  “It’s not buddy-up time.”

Griffin remains hopeful for an opportunity to learn from Brady.

“If I get a chance to sit down and talk to him, I’d love to, just to pick his brain,” Griffin said. “But he’s also still playing quarterback in the NFL.  It’s a competitive position, a competitive sport.  So I don’t expect him to give me any groundbreaking secrets.”

In theory, no NFL player should tell any other non-teammate anything that could help that player, because it possibly could hurt the player who is providing the help.  But as players get older they start thinking about the help they got and thinking of ways to pay it forward.

So maybe Griffin will get lucky if he tries to get some advice from Brady.  If Brady tells him to get lost, Griffin will be in no worse position than he already is.

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  1. Tom: “The best advice I can give you, Robert, is how to duck and carry when you run…the paparazzi wants pictures of your face; if you duck, they can’t get them. And, if someone like Gisele makes you haul groceries, ALWAYS support the bottom of the bags when you carry…”

  2. “So Tommy, how does a brother get hooked up with one of them white women that make that bank? “

  3. Something, something something, tips on cheating, something.

    -70% of people who will comment on this post.

  4. Interesting why doesn’t he want to pick Peyton manning a brain probably because RG3 doesn’t have a big enough head to fit five heads knowledge

    pS I know they have joint practices

  5. Shouldn’t be a problem, besides this practice they’ll play each other every 4 years. And being realistic with Brady’s age him & RG3 will probably play once against each other in the regular season before Brady retires, MAYBE twice but no more than that. Don’t be a Belichick … Give him something to go on from Tom.

  6. I remember during his brief time in NE Doug Flutie saying how wild it was that as he left the huddle the coaches would radio him the exact defensive setup.

  7. “No, no, I mean I want to hit him in the head with a pickaxe a few times and see what’s in there… Er… wait, your version sounds better, let’s go with that.”

  8. Tom will tell him everything because he knows RGIII will be out of the league within a year or two anyway with those balky knees

  9. If anybody desperately needs to pick Brady’s brain its RG3-13. This is going to be a no excuses year for him. Snyder has given him all the tools he needs and then some. If he doesnt win some games, the press and the fans are going to tear him a new one. They’ll start bringing up that ridiculous trade for him again.

  10. I doubt Tom will tell him to get lost, but what he will probably tell him is that there aren’t really any secrets or tricks or techniques that he can share.

    Being the best takes hard work and focus, every single day, every single practice and every single game.

  11. The Pats had joint practices with the Eagles last year. The Eagles players, coaches and beat writers couldn’t believe how good Brady was.

  12. RG – What’s your secret?

    TB – The trick is to look off your primary WR and … …. ….. [RG cuts off TB, gets up and leaves]

    TB – [to himself] Oh well. I tried. What do I know about quarterbacking? Not like my HOF bust isn’t finished and bronzed already.

  13. Brady: “The first thing is to be a leader, Robert. Always accept blame for losses – even if you may truly believe it wasn’t your fault. Also, never publicly throw a fellow team member, or even a coach, under the bus. Even if they deserve it.”

  14. RG – Sorry TB. I’m back. Coach said I should listen.

    TB – No problem. I was young once. Where were we? Yeah…so…..stand tall in the pocket, keep your eyes downfield and …. …. [RG leaves again]

    RB – Nevermind. I’m all good.

  15. LOL WOW just look at the haters posts so bitter and jealous wonder what that troll logicalvoice has to say ..I guess not everyone thinks the pats stink ur quarterback certainly doesn’t

  16. “In theory, no NFL player should tell any other non-teammate anything that could help that player, because it possibly could hurt the player who is providing the help.”

    …so if you’re the non-teammate, make sure to find yourself an amenable third-party media intermediary to, you know, sorta float the idea out there for you…in theory.

  17. RG3: Mr. Brady, what should i do to be a better QB and better team mate?

    TB: Listen Bob, You have to devote yourself to the team consept every day..and especially in the off-season. Slow your roll with all the TV time.

    RG3: But Tom, I’m a Super Star, I don’t need to do that..Its my damn coaches. They don’t know how to use a Super Star. They are holding me back. look at my last coach. He was an idiot, what did he know, what has he ever done?

    TB, Listen Bob, he won 2 Super Bowls with one of the biggest ego QB’s of all time..He believed in the running game. He made it normal to draft any tom, dick or harry and make them a 1,000 rusher..You should have listened to him. Matter of fact, You had a great QB on staff with you and you refused to listen to him. Mcnabb even after he left the team tried to help you. All you did was make fun of the rest of the NFL did..turns out..he was right.

    RG3 : You’re crazy Tom. What do you know? I’m a super star..I don’t need advice from you..What was I thinking..Watch me this year..I have the WR’s this yr to bring me to the pro bowl’ll see

    TB: thats your problem kid..You aim for Pro Bowls..The great ones aim for Super Bowls….and oh BTW..Good Luck with DeSean Jackson kid..he has more ego then you..

  18. Tom Brady: Excuse me, son.

    RGIII: Wow, you’re Tom Brady!

    Tom Brady: That’s right. My car broke down in front of your house.

    RGIII: I cannot believe you are here! Do you think you could give me a few pointers?

    Tom Brady: Sure. There’s only one thing you need to know to be a great quarterback.

    Giselle: Tom, honey, I fixed it. It was just vapor lock.

    Tom Brady: Okay, look, I gotta run. [heading back to his car] Remember what I told you.

    RGIII: [returns to practicing throwing the football] Okay Bob, concentrate.

    RGIIIs thoughts: Remember what I told you… Just one thing… My car broke down… I’m Tom Brady… My car broke down… It was just vapor lock… vapor lock… vapor lock…

    RGIII: I’m dead

  19. dalcow4 says:
    Aug 1, 2014 1:39 PM
    I remember during his brief time in NE Doug Flutie saying how wild it was that as he left the huddle the coaches would radio him the exact defensive setup.

    You mean he couldn’t see “the exact defensive setup” with his own 2 eyes? Moron!

    No, this never happened!
    Patriot haters/jealous fans of other teams (and yes that’s what you a are) make up all kinds of stuff.

  20. i dont know about all you saints. but if i were 24 and loaded, id be dead in 3 years. i dont think you give these kids enough credit. just blasting on them. shame on you

  21. Somehow, the media will catch the two QBs together and describe the meeting as if Brady had sought out Griffin for some advice.

  22. RG3 must have some low expectations. He should pick the brain of someone who’s won something in the last decade. Or at least someone who’s won something legitimately.

  23. @dalcow4

    It’s funny because you don’t know that spygate was just an overblown story about a camera that was in the wrong location. Had it been anywhere else it would have been legal. That’s spygate for ya. Now explain to me how that would win them 3 Super Bowls. It didn’t. Also, they have a better record post-spygate than pre-spygate. Also they’ve been to 2 Super Bowls and been to 3 straight AFC Championship Games.

  24. this year, RGme will:

    – take some more contact trying to be a hero again

    – lose more of his mechanics as he’s trying to play like a college guy and refuses to learn the franchise NFL QB job

    – now that he’s had both knees wracked… he’ll take one more hit and be out 4 plus games and possibly end his career

    remember back when he was telling the world he was a better choice at #1 than Luck? lol

  25. After you had the best year in NFL history as a rookie. You didn’t like the way you were used. Throw more run less was used by you and your dad after the season.You will never have a year like your rookie year. How come you have never learned to slide running the option so you wouldn’t take those hits. Just study Wilson, he slides before contact. Your current head coach said it would be silly to turn you in to a drop back QB when he took the job.It took two full days after being hired for you to let him know who’s running the show. You had him backpedaling full speed.Now he’s saying it will take some time. Too bad you won’t let people coach you who know what their doing.Your too worried about perception. You will never win a Super Bowl because your to insecure. Just look at all your quotes,it’s everyone’s fault except yours. WOW!

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