Julio Jones on contract: I want to make Falcons want me for rest of my career


The Falcons and wide receiver Roddy White agreed on a contract extension this summer that will likely keep White in a Falcons uniform until he’s done playing.

Julio Jones would like to see his career end the same way. The Falcons exercised their fifth-year option on Jones’ rookie deal, so they’re not at risk of losing him before the end of the 2015 season. That means there’s not a tremendous amount of urgency to get an extension done right now and Jones says he’ll use the time to offer more arguments in favor of keeping him in Atlanta for the long term.

“That’s on them to decide. I just have to come here and show up and work every day. I’ve got to make them feel like they want me here for the remainder of my career. The only thing I can do is keep working and keep my nose clean and just do the right things,” Jones said, via ESPN.com. “When it comes, I’ll deserve it. I don’t like anybody giving me anything. I like to work hard for everything I get.”

If Jones makes a full return from last year’s foot injury, it is hard to imagine the Falcons letting him go at any point in the near future.

13 responses to “Julio Jones on contract: I want to make Falcons want me for rest of my career

  1. Here’s to hoping this kid makes a full comeback. He’s absolutely electrifying on the field. And I’d really like a winning season out of the Falcon’s this year…

  2. As a Panthers fan, I can’t stand the Falcons. That being said, Julio is a lot of fun to watch and I hope he comes back at full strength. Seems like a pretty classy guy.

  3. Julio is a top 5 WR (when healthy) and will be for several more years. I would love to see him and Roddy together for many more seasons. Even if you dislike/despise the Falcons, there’s no doubting that when Julio is on the field, any given play could result in 6 points.

  4. I’m not even a Falcons fan, but I wish this kid the best. With all the other crap going on with WR’s getting in trouble, this guy seems to be doing it right. Best of luck, except when you play the Jags!

  5. Electrifying (against the opponent’s #2 cornerback – since he’s not the #1 wide receiver of his team)!!!

  6. kid was puting up monster numbers before the injury last year. when healthy i think he makes a strong case for #2 in the league behind calvin, but the injuries seem to be a frequent occurence. hopefully he can remain healthy and have the monster career he’s capable of having. seems like a stand up kid

  7. Translation: I hope the Falcons pay me the most money so I can stay. If they don’t I’m gone.

  8. Julio is the man. I hope he’s a Falcon for life. He’s the anti-TO/Randy Moss type. Julio, AJ, and CJ are the new standard for WRs. No more of the Diva nonsense.

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