ProFootballTalk: Roger Goodell defends Ray Rice’s punishment

Roger Goodell spoke to the media and discussed the two game suspension he handed down to Ray Rice. Goodell believes the punishment that was handed to Rice was sufficient.

5 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Roger Goodell defends Ray Rice’s punishment

  1. An NFL player with all their physical gifts should be able to control an angry woman without getting violent.

    Goodell’s position on punishment is simply unjustified.

  2. It’s good to finally hear some common sense. The punishment was consistent with other domestic violence cases. Thank you Mr. Goodell.

  3. Please don’t bring up Big Ben’s punishment. They looked at other past problems. Listen to Mr. Goodell’s statement.

  4. Why is everyone so concerned with what the NFL did to Rice instead of what the judicial system did? Isn’t that more important? The 2 entities seem to be fairly consistent in their punishment with the NFL’s being more severe.

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