Drew Brees sits out scrimmage with strained oblique


Saints quarterback Drew Brees might be able to play until he’s 45, but he wasn’t able to scrimmage Saturday.

According to Evan Woodbery of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Brees was held out of the scrimmage because of a strained left oblique.

Saints coach Sean Payton doesn’t normally say much if at all about injuries, but acknowledged that Brees was “day to day” as the team continued to “monitor” the situation.

The Saints have a day off, so Brees will have some time to rest and recover.

In his absence, they used both Luke McCown and Ryan Griffin with the first team.

Obviously, Brees’ condition is worth watching, to see if it lingers.

16 responses to “Drew Brees sits out scrimmage with strained oblique

  1. Stick a fork in him, he’s done. System QB. How well did he do after the Saints bountied their way to a super bowl and his coach was suspended? Sean Peyton could make Ryan Leaf look like a superstar. Nothing relevant since bountygate.

  2. This injury typically keeps baseball players on the disabled list for 15 days when they are very minor. The problem is if you come back too soon, you can make the strain much worse without much effort. This type of strain is like pulling a piece of sliced cheese at the corners…you can stretch it ever so slightly but it’s got to snap back fully. If you don’t let do that, a tear follows without warning. Then coming back from a tear means a worse tear, which is a season ending injury. This is a big deal–in baseball, a common “old guy” injury. It’s a bad injury for a QB as it is a pitcher because of the twisting moment required. There’s a good chance Luke McCown heads this team for the first couple of weeks in the regular season.

  3. Very minor thing prob just always better to be safe then sorry when it comes to your franchise QB.

  4. Its very seldom if ever; and its more like a day off…all great qbs devserve one…besides Ryan Griffin is getting better everyday…nothing to see here

  5. Some Padres pitcher just came back from a type 1 oblique strain after 5 days and this is supposed to be very minor.

    As far as I am concerned Brees can sit until the 3rd preseason game. We all want to see Griffin anyway who is looking like the heir apparent.

  6. Gentlemen- I must apologise, while liking a couple of posts I reported them. Because fat fingers + damn buttons too close together.

    My apologies, and Two Dat!…

  7. I noticed a drop off by Drew on velocity and distance the last part of of the 2013. The way he was floating balls out there teams might game plan by taking away his short routes as well as the middle of the field and force him to throw more deep outs and long balls. I would also blitz him more on obvious throwing downs. His arm just might be fading away.

  8. The Football Gods heard that “I’ll play til I’m 70” talk… they’ve got ways to humble self-congratulating jerks like mole boy.

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