Bon Jovi plays at Strahan’s HOF party


One new Hall of Famer recently insulted prospective Bills owner Jon Bon Jovi. Another new Hall of Famer invited Bon Jovi to the post-ceremony party.

According to a press release prepared and circulated by a specific brand of liquor that won’t get free advertising on PFT without buying ads (or at least without sending free booze), Bon Jovi performed a one-hour set at the party.

Bon Jovi has plenty of friends in NFL circles beyond Strahan. Until recently, plenty of league insiders believed he had the inside track to buy the Bills. But with strong resistance against Bon Jovi not apparently subsiding in the wake of a letter to Bills fans expressing a commitment to stay put that most of PFT Planet doesn’t regard as credible, Bon Jovi may have to wait to buy the next NFL team that ends up being for sale.