Bengals reach six-year extension deal with Andy Dalton


The Bengals weren’t lying when they insisted all offseason that Andy Dalton was their guy.

According to Adam Schefter and Adam Caplan of ESPN, the Bengals have given Dalton a six-year, $115 million contract extension.

As with all such deals, the details will tell us more than the first wave of numbers.

But it does speak to their commitment to Dalton.

The former second-rounder has kept them consistently competitive, but hasn’t delivered a playoff win yet.

If his numbers are truly like what they’re reported to be, that will be expected to change, and soon.

164 responses to “Bengals reach six-year extension deal with Andy Dalton

  1. Not worth that kind of money. With the talent around him that team should be WINNING playoff games. Should have let him play out the contract first.

  2. Why?! I bet the AFC North is happy about this. I thought the Niners were crazy for giving Kap that contract, but this one takes the cake! Good luck, Seattle when Wilsons contract is up!

  3. That’s too much money for a qb who hasn’t prove anything yet. But that’s the Bengals way that’s why they haven’t won anything. Hope he can win them a Super Bowl.

  4. Just shows how difficult it is to find a Brady or a Brees or a Manning.

    Sometimes you just have to settle……

  5. Six more years of devastating playoff losses.

    Six more years of dissapointment.

    Six more years of wishing the Bengals kept Mike Zimmer.

    Six more years, of the Red Choker.

  6. Congrats Andy! That’s some big time money. Make sure to do some good things with it! Manning’s contract is starting to look like a hell of a deal.

  7. What percentage will Dalton be giving his WR who makes him look better than he is?
    AJ Green is the one who should be signing the 6-year extension.

  8. At least Flacco wins playoff games and has a ring. If I have to be a fan and watch my team overpay a QB I’d like to at least have the experience of watching my team win in those situations to go with it.

  9. I sure hope it’s comparable to the Kaep deal where it’s primarly based on incentives and such with a low amount of guaranteed. Doubtful though. Mike Brown has no problem paying Dalton (a noodle armed interception machine who chokes in prime time) but he’s at an “impasse” with Burfict. Unbelievable.

  10. Tom Brady continues to be a downright bargain compared to these massive QB deals for mid-level talent with low playoff wins (Romo, Cutler, Stafford, Dalton etc).

  11. Regardless of the true numbers, the kid did well for himself given the lack of post season success.

  12. What a joke!

    You have a horrible coach and now you commit yourself to — at best — an average quarterback. With Cincy’s talent everywhere else they would have gone to a SB with a competent coach and slightly above-average QB.

  13. Better value for the Bengals than the niners got for kap, better qb and the Bengals didn’t have to pay as much. Now Wilson Will be the highest paid game manager of all time.

    These qb contacts are getting ridiculous though, seriously.

  14. That’s some seriously funny stuff there. Yeah, a talent like that you have to lock in. Hahahahaha . . .

  15. It seems like a helluva lot of money for an average QB who has had zero success in the playoffs.
    I thought he was worth about $13M per season, not $19M. Congratulations Andy, you got your deal. Now earn it.

  16. I wonder who’s gonna be more sorry. The Ravens paying Flacco or the Bengals committing to Dalton.

  17. While we often lament a team keeping a quarterback that has issues (Romo comes to mind), we sometimes forget that there are SO many quarterbacks out there that are terrible. Dalton is not terrible and if he can get his decision making under control (i.e. stupid interceptions) he will keep the Bengals competitive. He’s no Rodgers, Brady, P. Manning, etc., but you could sure do a lot worse.

  18. According to Bengals fans Flacco was overpaid. But he’s won a Super Bowl and Dalton has a grand total of 0 playoff wins….funny how it always comes back around. Well wishes to Andy and the bengals for plenty more first round exits to come. Lololol

  19. Did I mention that my Vikes took Ponder in the same draft, a round a head of him? The same Ponder who is now the 3rd string and named his daughter after Bobby Bowden?

    Dude has a hot wife though.

  20. LOL wow…… Must not be cool being a Bengals fan right now. This guy may be good but he’s not great and thats evident in his play when things get tight.

  21. Get Andy Dalton a center, a right guard, and a #2 wide receiver (like Alshon Jeffery/Julio Jones/Wes Welker/etc.) and NFL defenses will cry for mercy.

  22. I’m going to be surprised if this isn’t really a series of one year deals (a la Kaepernick).

  23. Now All the Hate Name Calling the whole 9 yards that PFT Bloggers could give To Flacco about his CONTRACT. How is it that Kaper. Dalton, Matt Ryan all Deserve +110 million $ Contracts and they Haven’t won anything Major to Date. Flacco Wins Superbowl. He Has same amount of Rings As AAron, Drew and Peyton But he Doesn’t Deserve same amount of money according to you Clowns

  24. This is way too much money for this average QB. This makes me worried on how much my Hawks are going to have to pay Wilson now.

  25. Stupid. Upper tier money for a middle tier guy. This makes guys like Luck worth way more than they really are. Teams with top flights qbs will end up with 3 star players and 50 third and fourth stringers. Bit at least that way no one on the D will be able to hit or tackle, right Goodell?

  26. I’m not sure why this should surprise anyone. For all of Dalton’s shortcomings, there is no reasonable replacement for him on the horizon; it’s very unlikely that the Bengals will be drafting high enough to get a difference -maker through the draft and their aspirations (of making the playoffs and a championship) are really only served through Dalton, for better or worse. I was screaming as much as anyone at his play in those 3 playoff games, but he’s also won 10 games or more each of his first 3 years and has actually made the playoffs each year (something that no other Bengal quarterback has ever done). If there was an Andrew Luck or Drew Brees ready to sign with them, that’s one thing, but that simply isn’t the case. This was a signing that had to happen, with the hope that he and the team continue to develop.

  27. Good QB, but this is not money well spent.

    He really needs to win a playoff game or two now to justify that deal.

    The Bengals have talent up and down the Roster. They have to get a Post-Season win now, and Dalton has to play like a good veteran QB in the Post-Season.

  28. Sounds like the Bengals overpaid Dalton, but, he gets to the playoffs every year. So that must be the going rate.

  29. Seriously? This guy is NOT the answer.

    With Zimmer gone, I see the Bengals taking a pretty big step back this year.

  30. Wait, that was a typo right? They meant 6 years at $11.5M per season, right? Surely Mike Brown just forgot the decimal point or the reporters didn’t see it.

  31. Where are the fans that shred into Eli Manning on a consistent basis to bash this extension?

    At least E. Manning has performed under the brightest lights, Andy Dalton hasn’t done much to warrant such a lucrative contract.

  32. Is he worth 115 mill??!’ Heck to the no!! But is it his fault for playoff
    Failures? Nope. Lewis gotta go. Dalton and Green picked up the bengals when everyone thought they would fail.

  33. These QB contracts are getting insane – I think we’re entering a new era where the teams winning Super Bowls are going to be teams with quarterbacks on their rookie contracts. By the time you pay a quarterback this kind of money, you start really limiting the quality of team you can put around him.

    Not to mention, I view Dalton as a pretty average quarterback who has a stellar wide receiver propping his career up.

  34. I can assure you that the afc north is only happy about this contract because of the salary cap complications. They don’t typically face dalton in the playoffs, and his regular season play has kept some of the AFCN teams out of the playoffs. He’ll continue to be a steady qb and the bengals will win a lot of games in the regular season

  35. You guys haven’t seen Andy at training camp. He looks like a top 5 qb. Keep on hating but like niners816 said were taking the cake and the Lombardi. Whodey

  36. And save the Flacco comparisons – Flacco has won 9 playoff games and the Super Bowl – I’d take Dalton in fantasy , Flacco in the Rwanda, world

  37. I think I would have let Dalton play this year out before giving him that kind of money. Good QB but don’t think he’ll ever win you a Super Bowl outside of having an all-time defense.

  38. Good QB but should’ve let him play it out. Franchise tag next year would’ve probably been cheaper if no long term deal was reached

  39. Everyone is whining about the numbers. The truth is that QB’s are rated as 15-20% of the cap. With the cap jumping 10M per year for the forseeable future 140-190 the average cap over the deal 165M. In 2020, the going rate for an upper half QB will be 30M. That 20M will look awful good.

  40. For everyone saying this is good for the teams of the AFC North:

    SEE: 2013 AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals (w/ Andy Dalton)

    SEE: pittsburgh and baltimore knocked out of playoff contention by Andy Dalton and the 2013 Cincinnati Bengals

  41. Wait what? How in the world does Dalton get this contract? I was sure they were going to handle his contract situation the way the Ravens did with Flacco and let him play out his last year and earn the contract. The guy has been solid in the regular season, but he has been abysmal in the playoffs. 1 TD 6 ints, can’t win with that.

  42. Hmm, How many years in the playoffs? No first round victories? I bet there are 24 teams in the NFL who would love to have that record, and pay dearly for it. Let’s see, Pittsburg, Arizona, Oakland, Buffalo, Kansas City, Giants, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, etc. LMAO at the detractors. When you criticize, name your team first and we can all see how yours stacks up to the Bengals record. BTW, I am a Denver/Chicago fan.

  43. Good contract? Bad contract? Without knowing how much is guaranteed, and what the cap impact is if they decide to move after a couple of years, it is hard to say. If it is structured like the Kapernick extension it might be a good contract for the Bengals.

  44. He’s on a team that had a defense that ruffled Rodgers and Brady, yet this doofus fumbles away playoff games (at home) against a Charger team that couldn’t beat the chief’s 2nd stringers in a must win game.

  45. All of these QBs cannot be worth $100M+. Kaepernick? Dalton? Flacco?

    What happened to the 5-yr, $60-$70M deals for a solid, possible-franchise QB? Honestly, why are they shelling out $20M/yr on “decent” starting QBs.

    I really wonder what RGIII and Russell Wilson’s contracts will look like. Luck may get $150M being as he has actually won a playoff game, and Wilson could get more than that.

  46. In all fairness it’s not just the QB’s fault they haven’t won a playoff game since the early 90’s. It was a TEAM effort.

  47. I don’t know what’s funnier, the Bengals overpaying or the Steeler fans who have gone 8-8 the past two seasons that are talking smack.

    8-8 for two consecutive seasons puts you in the Cowboys and Jets league.. just sayin.

  48. In the next 5 years the list goes like this:
    1. Teddy Bridgewater
    2. Andrew Luck
    3. Kaepernick
    4. Russel Wilson
    5. Nick Fole

    Bet on it home boy!!!!!!!!!!SKOL

  49. Gotta love all the hatred for Dalton. Especially form the niner fans and NFC north rivals. Andy Daltin is better than any Steeler QB that hasnt had multiple rape allegationsand is not named Bradshaw. Signing Dalton means that the bengals won’t have to endure the likes if Tomzack, Maddox, Brister and Gerbac.
    The alternative to Dalton is not the fifteen guys who are better than him, it’s the hundred other guys that aren’t.

  50. If Dalton played poorly when he was playing for a contract, just wait until you see him when he has a contract.

    The only thing Bengals can hope is that some team is dumb enough like the Raiders and give a 1st round draft pick to them for nothing.

  51. So the new League mandate is to WAY overpay slightly above average QB’s and pretty much underpay every other position (especially the RB’s)!!

    What sense does it make to tie up 15% of your salary cap with NOT THE BEST player on your team? AJ Green makes this QB, not the other way around.

    I can realistically see Peyton, Brady, Rodgers earning the 15% salary cap. They are super elite and deserve every penny. BUT, the Dalton’s, Stafford’s, Romo’s, Cutler’s and Ryan’s of the League ( 3 playoff wins combined!!!) who have not accomplished anything beyond acquiring regular season stats are robbing their team’s blind and presumable laughing (hard) all the way to the bank.

    PS But as a man and a bread-winner – I am happy for him. Nice to see dude’s hit it big!!

  52. Dalton should be giving A.J Green atleast 50-60 million of that because if it wasn’t for Green, than Dalton would be another run-of-the-mill quarterback.

  53. Barring injuries this season to key Bengal players, Andy will win a playoff game this year. Great signing because when he takes this team to the AFC Championship this year, his price tag would of gone out of the roof. M. Brown is proving to be one of the best owners in the NFL right now despite the haters out there.

  54. “Good afternoon, thank you for calling the Kansas City Chiefs”

    “Hi this is Alex Smith’s agent. I need to speak with Mr. Dorsey immediately”

  55. Bengals beat Green Bay, then lost to the Browns the following week. Is that worth $100M+ tee-hee-hee

  56. clipper522 says:
    Aug 4, 2014 10:17 AM
    The rest of the AFC N just took a sigh of relief for the next 6 years.

    The Bengals won the division last year and knocked the Ravens out of the playoffs. They’ve knocked the Steelers out 2 straight years. So why are they breathing sighs of relief again??

  57. Dalton does NOT have a winning record against the AFCN.

    8-10 career vs AFCN
    56% completion
    24TD 23 INT
    73 QB Rating

    2-4 vs Baltimore
    2-4 vs Pittsburgh
    4-2 Vs Cleveland.

  58. I liked the dude since he was at TCU. Hell he won me a few fantasy match ups. Dont mind him gettin paid, but inflation has to step in at some point with these large, getting larger every year contracts

  59. In the last two years, CIN is 1-5 away vs the AFC North and 5-1 at home vs the AFC North. I put together my own top 16 QB rating for the 2012/2013 seasons by feel and had Dalton ranked 17th. I then looked at each QB vs top QB teams, 9-16 QB teams, and the rest. CIN in 2013/2014 was 1-1 away vs 1-8 QB teams and 4-2 at home. CIN was 4-3 away vs 9-16 QB teams and 3-0 at home. CIN was 4-3 vs the rest away and 5-2 at home. Total: 9-7 away and 12-4 at home. Especially for a third year QB, those numbers would put Dalton in my revised top 16 QBs, around the 10th spot. He needs to win in the postseason. The last two years, he has been better than Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, RG III, Matt Ryan, and Jay Cutler in terms of wins, all of whom were in my top 16. His production is much better than Tony Romo. DALL in 2012/2013, was 5-0 at home vs non-top 16 QBs and 11-16 otherwise. Matthew Stafford is 11-21 total in 2013/2014. Keep in mind that Andrew Luck has one more playoff win than Andy Dalton at this point in their careers (Dalton, 0-3, Luck 1-2).

  60. Report comment

    sbchampsagain says:Aug 4, 2014 1:24 PM

    Dalton does NOT have a winning record against the AFCN.

    8-10 career vs AFCN
    56% completion
    24TD 23 INT
    73 QB Rating

    2-4 vs Baltimore
    2-4 vs Pittsburgh
    4-2 Vs Cleveland.


    One of those wins vs. Baltimore was in week 17 when starters were resting for the playoffs and Tyrod Taylor was under center. And they still almost lost.

  61. Awesome! Can’t wait to see him put a beating on the Ravens, Week 1.
    The Steelers aren’t that great like they were 3 years ago so that game will be boring to watch.
    The Browns games, nah, they are boring.
    Love the Ravens games and can’t to see them quit on the season at the end of week 1

  62. Looks like the Bengals are destined for 6 years of 9-7 seasons and a 1st round exit in the playoffs. Seriously, this is the dumbest decision I’ve ever seen. Did the Bengals management not watch the playoff games where Dalton repeatedly choked against the Texans and the Chargers and the Jets??

  63. metitometin says:
    Aug 4, 2014 2:35 PM

    Looks like the Bengals are destined for 6 years of 9-7 seasons and a 1st round exit in the playoffs. Seriously, this is the dumbest decision I’ve ever seen. Did the Bengals management not watch the playoff games where Dalton repeatedly choked against the Texans and the Chargers and the Jets??
    You sound so ticked. Are you a Bengals fan?

  64. mason527 says:
    Aug 4, 2014 12:59 PM

    HAHA. as a Browns fan this is very good news.

    Sure! basement owners of the AFC North. Looks like you guys are going to get more of it.
    The most oddest fans in the NFL are the Cleveland Clown Fans. They cheer for their team to win the AFCN basement..LOL! Yes, they do. I mean they sellout every season.
    Its ok. Nothing wrong with

  65. Bengals fans are hilarious. The only thing they have to brag about is their “rivals” (I don’t consider the Bengals to be rivals with the Ravens and Steelers) not making the playoffs, opposed to their own accomplishments.

  66. Ok, here’s the deal. Did the Bengals overpay? Yes, of course they did. The fact is, you must overpay for any quarterback worth a damn in the NFL. You don’t think there’s a bunch of teams that’d give Dalton that deal in a heartbeat in free agency in 2015? I’d bet my last dollar the Jets, with all their cap room and a desperate need at QB, would be all over Dalton. If I did a little research I’m sure I could find several more teams where need and cap space aligned to sign Dalton as a UFA. Where would the Bengals be if in March ’15 they suddenly had no starting quarterback?

    What if Dalton lit it up in 2014, and won a playoff game or two, or the whole damn thing? The NFL is crazy, don’t act like it couldn’t happen. Then the Bengals would have to overpay even more. You think the Ravens wish Flacco took their offer before they had to dismantle their Super Bowl winning team to keep him?

    The Bengals had pretty much no choice but to do this.

  67. “The Bengals had pretty much no choice but to do this.”

    True. Unfortunately the market has been set for QBs that have done very little in the post season (Matt Ryan 1 playoff win and Matthew Stafford 0 playoff wins comes to mind). Whereas a fairer amount would be the 12-15 million range IMHO.

    Can’t fault Andy for asking for what the market has already given and can’t fault Cincinnati for paying it. The alternative is they let him walk and to draft a new QB which is going to set your franchise back at least 3 years.

  68. Wow you all forget how good Dalton is in his first three years he is running in Dan Marino and Peyton manning company
    There are a lot of rarified numbers he can cite:

    – Dalton, Dan Marino and Peyton Manning are the only ones to throw 20 or more touchdown passes in each of their first two seasons.

    – Dalton is one of only five starting quarterbacks to lead their teams to the playoffs in each of their first three seasons, along with the Rams’ Pat Haden, the Dolphins’ Marino, the Browns’ Bernie Kosar and the Ravens’ Joe Flacco.

    – If the Bengals reach the playoffs again this season, he’ll join Flacco as the only starting quarterbacks in the Super Bowl era to reach the playoffs in each of their first four seasons

  69. You guys are sad for tearing a guy down who is only one of three ever to throw 20 or more touchdowns for three straight years. And only one of five to make the playoffs in his first three years. Those numbers are in elite company of all the starting quarterbacks since the super bowl era to be in company with 2 hall of famers. And to do something greats as Montana, Marino, Manning , Young, Bradshaw , Esasion, Fours, Brees, Tarkenton, Staubach and many more have ever done. Wow vet a clue people can’t argue stone cold hard facts and stats. Look em up ting bats.

  70. Plenty of guys have thrown more than 20 TDs their 1rst 2 yrs. Luck and RWilson to name two in the last 2 yrs alone. It’s a bogus stat anyway, since many QBs sit a yr or more befoere they get to start. You gonna put Dalton in ARodger’s class? It’s not just the fact that Dalton is 0-3 in the playoffs. His stats in those playoff gms are ABYSMAL. His ineptitude sets the standard. That’s a top 5 roster in Cincy, and the coach and Dalton are what’s holding them back. There are about 18 QBs in the NFL I’d rather have.

  71. Dalton has good numbers during the season its the post season that gets him all hung up. I mean he was 3rd in touchdown by qbs last year with 33 I believe. His yards were pretty good too. He has room to grow into a good qb.
    If you read all the details of this contract the Bengals gave themselves a lot room to cut him loose in 2 years if it doesn’t work out. So not a bad deal he gets more money then he would have & Bengals didn’t screw themselves if he tanks.

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