Giants waive/injured David Wilson


In a move that clears the way for him to land on injured reserve, the Giants waived tailback David Wilson with an “injured” designation on Monday, according to the NFL’s official transactions.

Teams have until 4 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday to claim Wilson, but that seems rather unlikely, as the tailback’s career is, at best, in serious jeopardy after two doctors suggested he give up football because a spinal condition. Wilson seemed to indicate Monday that he would be stepping away from the game.

The Giants said Monday they would place Wilson on injured reserve. According to NFLPA data, Wilson is scheduled to make $997,682 in salary in 2014.

The Giants now have one open spot on their 90-player roster.

18 responses to “Giants waive/injured David Wilson

  1. If you had a gun to your head and were forced to wish this injury on another RB, Wilson would be at the bottom of that list.

  2. Don’t risk being the next Dennis Byrd/Eric LeGrand/Darryl Stingly.

    Be glad that you got there and can literally walk away.

  3. Career ended too short for a kid that had talent and work ethic. Wanted to be great. He will do well at something else and probably be good at it. Giants will forge ahead. Andre Williams looks like a nice RB.

  4. Yeah Patriots will pick him up. They strike me like that used card salesman that is hoarding 1976 Lincoln Continentals in hopes that they will become collector’s items. It was the largest production vehicle of all time. You could fit a Smart car in the trunk.

  5. Class move by Giants not to just cut him. I believe he will get paid if on IR instead of getting nothing if cut. Glad he could walk away.

  6. Wish him the best !! Sucks his career had to end before it really got started. He got to live his dream that most can only wish for. Good luck, Go Hokies ! #HTTRedskins

  7. Was thrilled when we drafted him – sick speed and talent. But the truth is, most of his fumbles we’re ripped out of his arms, not helmet on ball hits. He has been oft injured. I fear the kid just isn’t strong enough to play in the NFL. Size means nothing – Sproles is a beast. Wilson was superhuman fast but normal person strong, not NFL strong. I’m not NFL strong either – just is what it is. I wish him luck in the future in all his endeavors – a happy and successful life. The Giants are a class act for putting him on IR and paying him for his effort and sacrifice. He’ll always be a Giant. Regrettably, he didn’t get to play long enough.

  8. The Pats will grab him … then clear him to play … cause they’re like a great, classy team with a wonderful organization. Uh huh . . .

  9. You can’ cut a guy and not pay him because it was a football related injury. They could reach an injury settlement or pay him in full and that is yet to be determined.

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