Romo won’t play in Cowboys’ preseason opener


If Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo really is 100 percent, as owner Jerry Jones has declared, the team seems to be intent on keeping it that way, at least for now.

Romo said Sunday he won’t play in Thursday night’s preseason opener against the Chargers.

“We’ve talked about it a little bit, and we’re going to be smart,” Romo said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  “Most likely I’ll probably sit out the San Diego game and play in Game Two and go from there.”

While it’s entirely most likely that Romo probably has fully and completely recovered from his second back surgery in two years, he’s one hit or twist or turn or jerk away from having another back problem.  Which explains the very strong belief of Troy Aikman, who retired at age 34 due to back problems not concussions, that the end of the road could be coming for Romo.

Which also means that the team’s quarterback this year eventually could be Brandon Weeden, a first-round pick in Cleveland two years ago who was dumped after the 2013 season.

Which if that happens will only make Dr. Jones regret not taking Johnny Football even more.

16 responses to “Romo won’t play in Cowboys’ preseason opener

  1. Aikman had back surgery for his herniated disk in 1993, he retired in 2001. Not sure why people are ignoring that little factoid. He played in and won a SB two years AFTER his surgery.

    so, I guess that means Romo will retire when he’s in his 40’s “driven from the game by his back”.

  2. Eventually the bubble wrap will have to come off Romo and when it does teams will be going after him hard because they smell blood. If he is 100% like Dr Jones said it won’t matter but if he isn’t….

  3. Let the Weeden era begin. As for Johnny Vegas … don’t worry … they can pick him up for a 7th rounder by season’s end.

  4. Why does he have to be one turn or twist away from the end of his career? When 38 year old Manning had his second neck surgery nobody thought his old butt was on his way out. It as if this writer doesn’t want Romo to return to the field. Its just a precaution. Romo will make you eat those words.

  5. Aikman’s career ended after a brutal hit by Lavar Arrington of the Redskins.. it was concussions, not his back.

  6. Wow not that many idiots just here to pointlessly insult romo. I’m really proud of everyone haha. Back to the article…as a cowboys fan I agree do not play him. Wait 2-4 preseason games!

  7. Why roll the dice ? Let his backups get some play time and give him just enough play time to make sure he is ready. Romo has only so many games left at this stage of his career and I would like to see them all count as much as possible towards games that count.

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