Seahawks fourth-rounder Kevin Norwood has foot surgery


Sidney Rice’s retirement opened up opportunities for other wide receivers in Seahawks camp, but it may be tough for fourth-round pick Kevin Norwood to get enough of them to make the team after he had foot surgery on Tuesday.

Norwood had been bothered by a bone spur in his foot since the first days of camp and coach Pete Carroll said that he could have continued trying to play through it, but the decision was made to take care of the issue now. Carroll added that the team hoped to have Norwood back before the end of the preseason.

“He could tough it out — he has in the past. We want to try and fix him and get him right. We think it will be a very quick recovery and he could make it back by the end of [preseason],” Carroll said, via the Seattle Times. “We’ll have to wait and see how it works out. We’re glad to fix him the guy has been playing with a lot of pain he just sucks it up and goes through, but we figured out how to help him.”

Getting back late in camp won’t do Norwood any favors in terms of making the 53-man roster. Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse and Ricardo Lockette return from last season and the Seahawks also drafted Paul Richardson in the second round, a group that could have left Norwood on the outside looking in even without the missed time.

27 responses to “Seahawks fourth-rounder Kevin Norwood has foot surgery

  1. Interesting, he’ll be back and contribute but whats up with us and Bama guys? Jesse Williams, James Carpenter, and now Norwood. Its like we draft a Bama guy and he’s always damaged goods.

    Go Hawks!

  2. yes, PED arguments are all-purpose, aren’t they? If a guy goes down with an injury, get him some PEDs. If a guy looks to be amazing, it’s because of the PEDs. Some other team have a player nailed for PEDs? Seahawks on line 1. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

  3. # of players on Seattle SB roster who served suspensions for PEDs: 1

    # of Super Bowls won by Minnesota Vikings: 0

    Final score of last year’s Seattle-Minnesota game: 41-20.

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it, pftpoet?

  4. I think this kid is going to be pretty special once he’s healthy. He’s one of those guys that has football smarts to go along with his physical talent.

  5. You people are idiots… Clearly if the team didn’t want him to tough it out through preseason, and made him get the surgery now, they have already seen enough that he’s guaranteed a roster spot. PFTPOET, still ranting about PED’s a year and a half after our last player tested positive for them, huh? LOL, talk about no life. THUMBSDOWN, yeah a 4th round # 5 WR out for a few weeks during preseason is the beginning of the end, HAHA. You nailed it with that one troll boy, LOL.

  6. Hope he gets better. I am interested in see what Paul Richardson can do, but never at the expense of a player getting injured.

  7. This has all the signs of a “redshirt” year for Norwood. He will be on IR, which is fine. Nice to see the Seahawks still in the heads of the SKOLLTROLLS.

  8. Someone above mentioned Jesse Williams, he’s had knee issues before. He sat out part of a season in college because of knee problems. He’s a warrior and will fight to get back to playing…

    Kevin is a great clutch receiver. Go view any of the BAMA games and see this guy make some excellent catches. He’ll get that roster spot because Percy Harvin has yet to play a full season in the NFL due to injuries and some issues with migraines.

    Get Well soon Kevin!

  9. It is so funny how little respect the Seahawks get!!
    Maybe because most fans hate ped taking cheaters!!
    Enjoy your little star next to your so called SB win
    Any other team in the league (besides the pats) would get more respect.
    Just sayin

  10. I can take some jokes, but Vikings fans? Your team has never won a SB, how do you try to talk smack on anyone? I mean, you have as many SB wins as the JAGUARS! Yep…..the JAGUARS

  11. What is it about Vikings fans? You’d think their biggest rivalry was the Seahawks. Not the Packers or the Bears. Here’s a clue, Minnesota, us Seahawks fans don’t care about your team. At all. Not even a little bit. We were over Hutch almost a decade ago.

  12. Ok true story: I live in Seattle. I was at buckley’s on second ave last year during the saints playoff game. I asked 25 people who the quarterback before Matt hasselbeck was. 23 didn’t know.

  13. Ok a other true story: when I was at the NFC championship game (I’m a niner fan so it was rough, I ) I heard two DIFFERENT people commenting about how it was hard to see the “yellow first down line” in person.

  14. OK,a true story: when I was at the NFC championship game(Im a hawks fan so it was awesome, I) I heard two DIFFERENT people dressed in niner gear , commenting that they thought ” the teams did each play twice so there was instant replay” in person………………………………See how that works?

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