Julio Jones OK with not playing in the preseason


The Falcons haven’t outlined their plans for playing wide receiver Julio Jones in the preseason, but they won’t get any argument from the wideout if they decide to keep him under wraps until the regular season.

Jones has had not problems with his surgically repaired foot during training camp and says that “everything feels great.” That includes his comfort level with quarterback Matt Ryan and the offense, which makes him feel comfortable handling things any way the team decides to handle them over the next few weeks.

“That’s the coaches’ decision. I’m just here doing whatever they want me to do. I miss football, but just being able to be back out there and run around, feels good,” Jones said, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Possibly, the third game. We’ve been doing a lot of timing and everything. I’ve been with Matt, this will be my fourth year. We got the timing and everything down.”

The Falcons plan to look at Jones’ practice data on Friday, which marks two weeks of training camp, and they’ll decide what adjustments to make to his workload at that point. As long as he’s healthy, though, Jones will have a big role come September regardless of what he does in August.

12 responses to “Julio Jones OK with not playing in the preseason

  1. This guys is fantastic! How many premier widereceivers show up with the work ethic of a fullback?

    I cannot wait to see what Julio will do this year!

  2. Julio Jones and Alshon Jeffery are the NFL’s best #2 wide receivers.

    Alshon Jeffery >>> Marvin Jones
    Julio Jones >>> Marvin Jones

  3. Julio Jones has never caught 80 passes or even eclipsed 1200 yards in a season. 15 players did that last year alone. Anyone who says he is a top 5 WR is delusional!

  4. Top 5 WR’s- In my opinion
    1) Calvin Johnson
    2) AJ Green
    3) Josh Gordon (When he’s not high)
    4) Julio Jones (When healthy)
    5) Insert you favorite teams best WR if not listed above……unless you’re a Pats fan, then insert Tom Brady.

  5. What in the world are you people using as criteria to rank him in the top 5. Oh, and now he is better than Fitz and Andre Johnson and Brandon marshall and V-Jax. HOW? while he chills in the training room, real WR have been getting it done. Explain yourselves in these wack rankings. “when Healthy” he only caught 79 passes for less than 1200. Average is what I’d call that. #PROVEIT

  6. Sad but most people think he isn’t a true WR that picks up big numbers ,put him 1 on 1 with your top corner no help then let him know at the end of the game how it went ,don’t bank on the safety neither just go 1 on 1 the whole game vs your best CB THE WHOLE GAME ,no help …please do that then respond with your BS comments ..I’ll watch and so will you we don’t have to speak just watch ,that way we can solve the problem of him not being good ,we don’t even to use stats throw it out the window

  7. I agree. He will put up big numbers this year and just try to cover him one on one. Him and Roddy are going to terrorize defenses this year if we can protect Ryan and give him time to pass.

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