Jaguars exploting Buccaneers’ offensive line early


Sometimes it’s easy to be deceived by what you see in the preseason.

And sometimes it means exactly what you thought it was going to mean.

The early optimism about the Buccaneers has been dampened by a shaky offensive line performance, which could be a problem all season.

The Bucs have already allowed a pair of sacks to the Jaguars, one of which led to a quarterback Josh McCown fumble.

Mix in a few penalties (including one which eliminated a third-down conversion), and it’s a rough start for a rebuilt line.

Sure, they were hoping Carl Nicks would have been well enough to play this year, but when that didn’t happen, it exposed several flaws. They’re hopeful that Anthony Collins and Demar Dotson are a good pair of tackles, but that’s where the certainty ends.

Granted, Jacksonville’s defense had a hand in this, as the Jaguars have shown good pressure early on, with defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks in particular looking good.

19 responses to “Jaguars exploting Buccaneers’ offensive line early

  1. Strange. A Love Smith-coached team with a poor offensive line??? That almost NEVER happens….

  2. Nicks was fools gold, and it was unbelievably short sighted of Smith and Licht to put all their eggs in that basket with no back-up plan. They better figure something out quickly….

  3. Sorry billswillnevermove, but Blake Bortles looked pretty good in his first NFL game of any kind. Much better than the second-year starter in Buffalo Gabbert 2.0 (EJ Manuel) did last week.

  4. I swear its like watching a typical Bucs season. A defense that looks really really good…and an offense that can’t get past the 50!! this is brutal to watch, making me scared for the season

  5. shaky is not the word for it. sieve is more like it. McCown never had a chance on any play. don’t know if mike evans was even in the game; there wasn’t time for a downfield play to develop enough to find him. painful. get incognito tonight!

  6. Does anyone else realize that Lovie literally transformed the Buccaneers into a southern Chicago Bears team. A good defense with guys who can force turnovers, an offense with good skill position players (Martin = Forte, Jackson and Evans = Marshall and Jefferey,) a mediocre qb ( Cutler = Mccown) and a terrible offensive line.

  7. Sometimes it’s easy to be deceived by what you see in the preseason.

    And sometimes it means exactly what you thought it was going to mean.

    I love Lovie Smith. He’s a +1 in any of my books. Great man GREAT man.

    That said. Lovie’s a defensive guru. GREAT defensive mind.

    Tampa fans: Get used to this. Hell, Josh McCown you should’ve known better.

    Min-i-mal offense. Ever. No focus on offense, except to bring in a “guru”.

    Terry Shea. Go google that.

  8. In his debut as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ starting quarterback, Josh McCown was 2-for-4 for 20 yards with two sacks, an interception, a lost fumble and a 25.0 passer rating in limited work against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday.

    How many starting QBs, Josh, in Lovie’s tenure with the Bears?

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