ProFootballTalk:How will the Packers fill the giant hole at tight end?

There aren’t many holes to fill in the Packers offense, but the deepest one that remains is the tight end position. Jermichael Finley’s status is up in the air and the other names on Green Bay’s roster have to show that they’re ready to take over the job.

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  1. As a die-hard Packers fan, I rooted for J-Mike just as much as any other Packers fan. But let’s be honest, he was more potential than production. If he lived up to his potential, his numbers would make him a top 5 TE, especially with Rodgers throwing him the rock. But due to injuries and dropsies, he never came close to it.

    Just maybe a sure-handed, un-heralded TE might be just what the Pack needs. He won’t draw nearly as much coverage so it might be easier to get him the ball.

  2. Rodgers and Bostic are both looking good, Quarless looked good with Flynn throwing him the ball.

    We won a superbowl with Donald Lee and Crabtree as the starting Tight Ends.

    It’d be awesome to have Finley in the offense, but …meh.

  3. Really getting sick of all these analysts acting as if Finley was Jimmy Graham or something, he was full of potential, but I can count on my hand how many games he actually played that way.

    The Packers will be fine, a tight end or two of that group will emerge and do a fine job, its more about the receivers anyway.

  4. I was pretty impressed with Quarless, last season. Hell, A Rod. can make an average TE become a Pro-Bowler! Green Bay’s offense isn’t my concern. They will score points. They need to stop their opponents from scoring more points. With the Bears looking like they will have a damn good offense, along with the Lions, the Pack needs to be allot more consistent on defense and have more depth. As long as Rodgers is the QB, they are always a Superbowl threat, but they won’t go all of the way without a major improvement on the other side of the ball. Allot of that will be keeping guys healthy and having the depth, when guys do go down.

  5. Like others have said, Offense isn’t the problem. Defense is where all the concern should be focused at. I’d like to thank this unit can be a top 10 defense but it maybe overly optimistic. They have the talent, a lot of problem has been injuries in recent year.

    With the way the Safety position has played this offseason, I truly believe they have one of the best secondaries in the NFL and quite possibly the best group of CB’s. Not many teams can compete with Shields, Hayward, and Williams and the depth after them is very good also with Hyde possibly filling in the slot in Dime or House an option on the outside with Williams moving inside in Dime.

    The problem hasn’t been the CB’s in recent years no matter what most think. The pass rush has been atrocious, when a QB has all day to throw any CB is going to get burned once in awhile. They can only stick to their WR for so long. If the pass rush is able to be more consistent and get home more often, this team will be drastically better.

    The depth at OLB and the DL should be exactly what the doctor ordered. It should result in the improved pressure I was referring to and a much better run defense. If this happens, in a perfect world, this defense will end up in the top 10.

    I know this is long but another thing to note is the added pressure will result in the Capers defense thriving by getting the INT’s this defense is built to do. Giving Rodgers extra possessions will almost always result in a win.

  6. A big part of Finley’s value has been that opposing defenses have had to account for him as if he were an extra, and talented, wide receiver. I would have to think that a lot of catches made by other guys were due, at least in part, to the attention paid to Finley.

  7. You have to do it by committee. The rookie TE Rodgers will have to accelerate his learning curve, Quarless will have to take his game up a notch. They can use scheme to fix a lot of it. Finley was a freakish, but very inconsistent talent. He never quite lived up to his incredible potential.

  8. finley just started to “get it” when he got injured….and now…he may not even get his disability insurance….it’s too bad…..

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