Gus Bradley: Marqise Lee “wasn’t exactly where we need him to be”

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With injuries and suspensions leaving the Jaguars short at wide receiver, they really don’t need one of the guys who is actually playing to be only intermittently engaged in the proceedings.

That’s what Jaguars coach Gus Bradley thought of rookie Marqise Lee’s performance in the team’s first preseason game on Friday night, though. Lee played 16 snaps without a catch or a target and Bradley said after the contest that Lee’s effort wasn’t up to snuff.

“I think that’s one of those things we’re looking at — it’s the consistency. Run your routes [like the football] is coming to you. You can’t change speeds. You can’t choose when and when not to. I’ve told you before that I’ve seen him switch to where he’s more focused,” Bradley said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I’d like to visit with him about what happened [Friday]. He did play good, but he could have done some things even more precise. It wasn’t exactly where we need him to be.”

Cecil Shorts has started running in his return from a hamstring injury and his return to action would take some of the pressure off of Lee to lead the passing attack. Given the overall state of the receiving corps, however, the rookie is going to have to contribute a lot early and he’ll need to be more engaged if those contributions are going to be positive ones.

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  1. Another overhyped USC product who will disappoint in the pros. The Jags are just jinxed when it comes to WRs it seems.

  2. The kid would be wise to listen to Gus or he will be off the team just like Harper was last year for the Seahawks. We all know Gus is working this thing like Pete in Seattle and thus won’t put up with any bs. GO HAWKS !!! Go Jags too , as a 12 i’m a big Gus fan and wish you all the best.

  3. What a joke this Gus Bradley is. Do you really need to say that in the media. I just lost all respect for this guy. Be a man call him into your office and tell him what you expect out of him. How would you like
    It if your owner of your team called you out in the media like that
    After you did something you did not like. If you want to lead men
    Then lead them, so start acting like one.

    No wonder the jags are not any good.

  4. I had this guy in my college fantasy league last year, and he was awful. He will be awful in the pros, too.

  5. Hurns looked great out there. .Good size..speed. Looked like he belonged on an Nfl field. On a side note, those dual HD Video boards were AMAZING! The in-stadium experience is much improved from years past..Low food prices, letting fans Hi-Five the players as they walked from locker room to the field, and the lazer/extreme fireworks show at halftime was great. Love the culture this organization is building!

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