Texans sticking with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starter


If Texans coach Bill O’Brien left the door open on his quarterback rotation yesterday, he closed it today.

According to Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle, O’Brien had a one-word answer when asked if Ryan Fitzpatrick would remain the starter.

Yes,” was the one, which represents half the number of interceptions Fitzpatrick threw in the preseason opener.

O’Brien said that rookie Tom Savage and holdover Case Keenum would continue to compete for the backup job.

That’s not necessarily good news for the Texans, as their depth chart at quarterback continues to resemble that one item on the grocery list you forgot to cross off, which wrecks an otherwise good recipe.

37 responses to “Texans sticking with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starter

  1. The Texans were fated for a lousy, rebuilding kind of season this year anyway. Next year O’Brien will draft a QB he wants.

  2. feel genuinely sorry for texans players and fans. it’s not like fitzpatrick was their last ditch option, either – they had the whole offseason and the #1 pick, and he was the best they could muster. o’brien is off to a terrible start.

  3. Isn’t the qb the most important player on a team. Why wouldn’t you make it a top priority to get a decent one during the off season. Trade if you half to. I guess it only proves again if you work for Belichick it doesn’t mean you’ll be a Belichick.

  4. They should have traded out of the first pick and drafted a QB. But, maybe the plane is they are going to pick one next year? The rebuilding process has started and it’s going to be 2 or 3 years before they are on the top again. So I guess the future looks pretty good after all!

  5. The Texans should never complain about not having a decent QB this season. They had the first pick in the Draft and elected to go for a DE. And with their 2nd round pick they preferred a Guard.
    Conscious decisions were made to address other needs. Even Matt Schaub was jettisoned and has ended up starting in Oakland.
    No whining and moaning if Fitzpatrick fails, there were many other opportunities to upgrade. Bill O’Brien lives with the consequences.

  6. They should be calling the Redskins about Kirk Cousins though I wouldn’t give up more than a 3rd round pick and I doubt the Redskins are going to let their best QB go for less than a 2nd.

  7. I was/am kind of rooting for Fitzpatrick after he fell so far off the map since the Bills were doing well. But that performance was awful. Why not pick up Josh Freeman or someone and just let them give it a try?

  8. The burning question remains: Will Buffalo’s starting quarterback EJ Manuel gift wrap the number one pick in next years draft to the Browns or will Buffalo’s former starting QB steal it away from them?

  9. O’Brien is going to be so fired once people realize that the Texans never actually signed Fitzpatrick and instead just chose to dress up that homeless man that told Jimmy Haslam to draft Manziel as a QB.

  10. The sad element for this team is can they ever pull themselves out of despair or is an NFL team in Houston cursed. The Oilers tried and failed. You wouldn’t understand unless you were living there at that time.

    I saw absolutely zero emotion Saturday from the Texan players, even JJ. The dude that O’Brien hired as defensive coordinator is puzzling, they say he is a great coach, I didn’t see it in Cleveland and it was missing in action Saturday. Bad mistake to release Wade Phillips.

    Come on NBA and the Spurs.

  11. Why did we get one of the the inbreeds from Duck Dynasty and think he could play quarterback? In my 46 years of existence on this earth have I never seen a coach call such bad offensive plays for an entire game on any level of football.

  12. Bill O’Brien had better hope there’s an open Coordinator position available, as of January 2015, because he is surely going to need one (evil laugh)

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