Dolphins announce Brady Quinn signing, waive-injured Pat Devlin


There’s officially a new horse in the race to backup Ryan Tannehill.

The Dolphins announced the signing of Brady Quinn on Tuesday morning, confirming reports that the former Browns first-round pick will be attempting to continue his playing career shortly after being hired to call games for FOX this season. Quinn will join Matt Moore and Seth Lobato on the reserve rungs of the depth chart on the same day that coach Joe Philbin was unwilling to call Moore Tannehill’s backup.

“We’re not really at that stage,” Philbin said, via the Miami Herald. “We’re still in a competitive mode.”

Philbin said that before Quinn’s arrival was known and the veteran will likely be a big part of keeping things competitive since Lobato profiles as a developmental prospect.

The Dolphins also announced that they waived quarterback Pat Devlin with an injury. Devlin has been battling a hamstring injury and could revert to injured reserve if he goes unclaimed or fails to reach an injury settlement after spending the last two seasons as the third quarterback in Miami.

21 responses to “Dolphins announce Brady Quinn signing, waive-injured Pat Devlin

  1. Brady Quinn…really?

    Not even going to invoke the name of you know who but we all know he’s better than Quinn.

  2. the headline should read Dolphins admit season is over if they lose starting QB with the signing of overrated and over hyped former dame qb brady quinn.

  3. Someday Brady Quinn will write a autobiography… I.Played.For.Every.NFL.Team. But never really had a job.

  4. The Dolphins moving Devlin down on their depth charts is actually a good sign for him; since their history is to do nothing but make horrible personnel decisions, the worse they think he is, the better he must actually be.

  5. Devlin… So much for being Philbin’s Pet. Hey, maybe the Coaching Staff is improving. It is a bad sign when losing and then continue in the same direction. Nothing wrong with competition for Moore. He is paid near the top of 2nd’s and doesn’t have any worries. Pushing him makes for a better Tannehill bachup. Best 31st ranked team ever.

  6. You know, every once in a while a “journeyman backup” finds a team and sticks with it for more than a year… Drew Stanton for example… Kyle Orton… Matt Hasselback… names like that come to mind. They find a team to hold a clipboard for, they impress the coaches, and they stick together for more than one year.

    Quinn, on the other hand, seems to bounce from team to team to team to team. Every year, a new team for Quinn. Maybe Miami is that final stop for him, but you kind of wonder if Brady is coasting through his backup QB gigs as lazily and unimpressively as he did his starting QB gig in Cleveland…

  7. Perhaps Brady needs the right coach to be better, or Moore shoulder is worst then they are saying. Remember the QB that Tampa traded to San Francisco because he wasn’t good enough, new coach and super bowl came very fast. Bill

  8. It sure seems like they want to cut Moore. On a positive note, it must mean the coaches have a lot of confidence in Tannehill. Fins paid Moore so much to stay in part b/c of his 2011 season, but mainly in case Tannehill did not work out. Tannehill looks the part. Let’s go fins.

  9. He’s a cheap 3rd or 4th stringer. Can’t complain about this signing. All Miami needs now is a D-coordinator that’s not afraid to blitz and can utilize the talent on the d-line. Make it happen Hickey!

  10. Miami has a great track record of signing free agent quarterbacks. Like, Drew Brees…..never mind.

  11. Why don’t you give Vince Young a chance…. Brady Quinn is not better than Vince Young on VY’s worse day…

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