Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer will split starter reps Monday


You want more Johnny Manziel? We’ve got more Johnny Manziel for you.

Browns coach Mike Pettine said he wouldn’t decide who was starting Monday’s game against Washington until Thursday, but that his celebrity rookie and Brian Hoyer would split reps with the first team.

“The bottom line coming out of the game is that they both should get close to equal reps with the ones no matter who starts,” Pettine said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Johnny’s going to get reps with the ones, Just to me, the factor of starting the game I think is a little bit overblown in this situation because we’re going to try to balance the reps with the ones in the game, so I don’t think it was anything that, Brian came in ahead. It’s a little overrated who trots out there for the first time.”

Sure it is. That’s why it’s a topic every day in Browns camp, with Manziel and Hoyer alternating days with the starters.

So Pettine isn’t naive, and understands why Manziel helped the NFL Network set a ratings record.

“I think the phenomenon still surprises all of us, but we want attention on this team because we’re a good football team and we’re winning games,” Pettine said. “It’s nice to have the media attention here, but we want to get to the point where it’s for the right reasons.”

It certainly appears that no matter how much Pettine seems to be fighting it, the arrow is pointing straight toward Johnny Football. Making him compete for a job isn’t a bad thing, but the scales seem to keep tipping his way.

25 responses to “Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer will split starter reps Monday

  1. It must suck to be Hoyer. Now not only does he have to put up with Johnny Vegas … but he gets RGDiva too. Talk about a bad day at the office.

  2. I pine for the day of multiple Brett Favre stories. Johnny Football is a tool and doesn’t deserve the media coverage.

  3. I like to think back to all those other times that a drafted player made dollar sign motions with his hand while walking to the podium, and how well they all worked out.

  4. I love all these national guys who keep thinking it’s inevitable that Johnny is our starter.

    Someone on local radio this morning phrased it perfectly – Hoyer hasn’t exactly pulled away from Johnny, but Johnny hasn’t outright won it, either. And in a close competition like that, the veteran is going to get the nod.

  5. I’m more interested in the 3rd stringer.
    After Manziel gets freight trained and broken into a million pieces, and Hoyer sprains a finger nail, who’s really gonna QB this team for the 14′ season??

  6. Just quit talking about it , start him at QB , and
    keep in for the whole game at skins .If he survives that , repeat until he gets carted off . Simple !

  7. Brian Hoyer has started 4 total games in the NFL… One of which he ended his season with the most un-athletic slide in the history of pro sports… He has thrown only one more touchdown than interceptions and in 4 starts he is 87 for 149 on completions…

    oh… and he has been cut by 3 other teams…

    I’m still missing how he is “the experienced veteran quarterback” that all the Hoyer supporters keep tauting…

  8. Johnny will soon “wreck the league” starting with the Stealers on opening day! Money$$$$

  9. Oh… and for all you folks talking about Johnny getting crushed and injured… Obviously you don’t watch much college football… Manziel never missed a start at A&M in two years… He is tough and plays banged up and wins… If A&M had some semblance of a defense the last two years they would have dominated the SEC…

    Sorry to break the news to you all but Johnny will be like a young Brett Farve… Never quit and do whatever it takes to win

  10. I can’t believe all browns fans that want Johnny to start. Especially, first 3 games can you say 0-3. Hoyer gives them a chance to win a couple of those games. He’s not second coming of Otto Graham but he’s a lot wiser than Johnny Sideshow!

  11. Who cares about Manziel and Hoyer. The real story of Mondays’ game is Rex Grossman vs Colt McCoy in the “It’s not you, it’s me” bowl of dumped QB’s vs their old team.

  12. I would sit both Hoyer and Manziel and make Rex Grossman starter. Grossman is ONE OF THE FEW of the current crop of QBs in the NFL who has a Super Bowl (win or loss) on his resume.

  13. Splitting reps is a sure way to have 2 guys not ready for the opener. Grossman may be the best option now. The old saying “If you have 2 you really have none”, what if you have 3?

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