T.Y. Hilton: We have three No. 1 wideouts


The question of how much Hakeem Nicks is going to help the Colts after a rough 2013 season and the reasons for that rough season have been the subjects of some debate, but he doesn’t need to convince teammate T.Y. Hilton of his bona fides.

Reggie Wayne doesn’t need to convince Hilton that he’s fully recovered from a torn ACL either and Hilton doesn’t need any convincing about his own ability after 132 catches and 12 touchdowns during his first two seasons.

“We have three No. 1 wideouts,” Hilton said, via the team’s website.

While Nicks and Wayne are coming off disappointing seasons, Hilton is on the way up. Way, way up, if Colts coach Chuck Pagano is to be believed.

“He never ceases to amaze us. The guy is just a spectacular athlete,” Pagano said. “The game has obviously slowed down tremendously for T.Y. He knows this thing inside and out now. There’s not one play call that we have [that he doesn’t know], and we have a pretty big play list. So, there’s not one play call that we have where he’s out there thinking.”

There will be opposing views of the three receivers, although it adds up to an imposing group of receivers any way you add things up as long as Nicks and Wayne bounce back from last year. And that should add up to an even better year for Andrew Luck and, possibly, a second straight division title for the Colts.

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  1. The Colts need to keep Luck upright and not shackle him with calling too many running plays when it clearly isn’t working.

    Establishing the run and keeping the defense honest is great in theory, but it led to a lot of stalled drives and close games over the last two years.

    Pep Hamilton should turn Luck loose with this group of receivers.

  2. IF you truly have the #1s, then soon you’ll have 3 divas whining that they don’t get the ball enough

  3. That’s cool.

    The Minnesota Vikings have four #1 WR’s.

    1. Cordarrelle Patterson.
    2. Greg Jennings.
    3. Jerome Simpson.
    4. Jarius Wright.

    Looks like a Super Bowl winning offense to me.


    And we also have the best RB in the NFL.

    14-2 this year would be a dissapointment.


  4. I’ll still draft TY before Nicks or Wayne on my fantasy team. There’s no doubt that after his work last season and his flashes of quick play-making abilities, that the coaches haven’t done all they can to continue to build his relationship with Luck and improve upon what they’ve seen.

  5. Great, no reason for Andrew to not follow up his Heisman and ROY with a championship. Numbers Don’t lie, just said this year he will prove to be the best QB in the league. I REPEAT – THIS YEAR.

    All this, based on his 2 year, 46 TDs and 8100 yards. No word on the 41 turnovers, low 6.7 ypa and 57% completion mark.

    This just in: Luck was edged out for the Heisman and ROY. My bad.

  6. They’ll have 4 once Moncrief develops. Keep hating people! Can’t wait to see this team put on a show every Sunday and (hopefully) shut you all up

  7. That’s cool.

    The Minnesota Vikings have four #1 WR’s.

    1. Cordarrelle Patterson.
    2. Greg Jennings.
    3. Jerome Simpson.
    4. Jarius Wright.

    Looks like a Super Bowl winning offense to me.


    And we also have the best RB in the NFL.

    14-2 this year would be a dissapointment.

    Prepare for a disappointment of gigantic proportion then because 2-14 is more like it.

  8. people complain about the colts “conservative” playbook the last couple years seem to forget that they lost their top three targets from ’12, went through three starting RBs before the t-rich trade, and were pulling in guys like griff whalen off the street. of course they had a conservative, boring playbook. hopefully everyone stays healthy this year, this passing game could be a real monster.

    Having Dwayne Allen AND Fleener after a solid year together is a difference maker.

  9. Oh T.Y. Maybe your true destiny lies with Jets instead of the Colts. Regardless, you had better hope Richardson remembers he is supposed to be a #1 tail back.

  10. TY don’t lie !!

    Add in rookie Moncrief who looks to have Reggie’s hands and TY’s speed) and ya got 4 !

  11. Don’t doubt T.Y. Another classic whiff by the Dolphins, this guy in their own backyard was staring them in the face and they drafted…Michael Egnew.

    Playmakers make plays. The kid’s first ever play from scrimmage at the college level was a punt return for a touchdown against Alabama. I said it when the Dolphins blew it and I’ll say it now: this guy is another DeSean Jackson. 12 touchdowns his first two years in the league? That’s a pretty good start.

  12. I think the definition of #1 WR is being stretched. A true #1 is the guy who will produce regardless of who else you put out there with him, and produce even if double teamed.

    I will also say that the concept of a #1 is fading and being replaced by depth. For many teams the question is can your #3,4,5 guys expose the nickle and dime backs of the opposition. Basically, find the worst guy on the field and pick on him.

  13. They have one No. 3 (Hilton), an old guy who’s hurt physically and a young guy who’s hurt mentally.

  14. This is why so many teams struggle.

    It’s not great WRs who win.

    It’s not even great offenses that win.

    It’s great lines on both sides of the ball and great defenses that win.

    NFL is trying to create as many Dallas vs Denver type games as possible and Ind will fit right in.

  15. The Steelers have four #1 wide recievers:

    1) Antonio Brown
    2) Lance Moore
    3) Marcus Wheaton
    4) Justin Brown/ Darius Hayward Bey

    Sounds like a 16-0 season to me. Lol

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