Ahmad Bradshaw wants to test his neck


With Vick Ballard lost for the season, the Colts’ running game relies heavily on Trent Richardson putting it together after a rough debut in Indianapolis last year and Ahmad Bradshaw’s surgically repaired neck holding up.

Bradshaw didn’t play in the team’s preseason opener against the Jets because of the neck and still wears a no-contact red jersey in practice, but says he’s feeling confident that his neck can hold up to the workload required of an NFL running back. He hopes to get a chance to prove that this weekend against his former Giants teammates.

“I plan on going this game or the next,” Bradshaw said, via the Anderson Herald-Bulletin. “Just to get the feel. I think I have played long enough to understand the game. It’s just getting out there and getting the feel of the motions and the game-time speed. I also want to get out and test, if possible, my neck. But, like I said, I think I have tested it enough in practice. I’ve hit guys, I’ve stood in there and blocked and I just want it to heal as much as possible and not take the unnecessary stuff.”

While no team wants to lose a player to injury in the preseason, it’s fairly important for the Colts to know whether or not Bradshaw is up to the task as soon as possible. If he isn’t, they’ll need to look for backfield help because going into the year with Richardson, Dan Herron and Zurlon Tipton isn’t the ideal way to pursue another division title.

10 responses to “Ahmad Bradshaw wants to test his neck

  1. Boy, I hope the old “Watch out for what you ask for — you might just get it” adage does not later come into play here.

  2. Ahmad has nearly had an extra year of rest for his injury prone foot. Praying that his neck doesn’t suffer anymore damage and he stays safe. I would think he will be more of a heads up runner instead of a battering ram.

  3. Maybe it’s time for a study on NY Giants training methods for RBs. Do we need a third RB with a neck issue for someone to connect the dots?

    It’s very odd that most teams have no neck problems, but that the Giants have had two and that’s at one position.

    Maybe it’s coincidental, but maybe not.

  4. You gotta really love a guy like Bradshaw. He’s willing to take the chance of spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair to play the game that he loves. All for our entertainment.

  5. Anything we get from Bradshaw this year is a bonus. Obviously hes a beast and a tough runner, but injuries always come into play. Lets hope the neck holds up because another injury there could affect his life!

  6. The junk i hear on here is the same junk from all the know it alls i heard about Manning and his neck injury….Bradshaw is the one man that should know if he is ready, not you arm chair know it alls that got everything all figured out except for the fact that realizing your clueless……

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