Wednesday morning one-liners

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Patriots CB Darrelle Revis is reminiscent of Randy Moss in the way he sometimes seems to take it easy in practice.

Among the improvements at Ralph Wilson Stadium are more entrance points and wider walkways to reduce the time it takes to get into the stadium.

The Dolphins like the potential of G Dallas Thomas.

Stephen Hill dropped two passes on a rough day at Jets camp.

The zone-blocking scheme of new Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak may be good news for RBs Ray Rice, Bernard Pierce and Justin Forsett.

Bengals WR Brandon Tate is within striking distance of the franchise records for career punt and kickoff return yards.

The 26-year-old Browns fan who calls himself “Orange Man” is starting a “Honk for Hoyer” campaign.

Former Steelers LB Joey Porter is bringing intensity to his new job on the team’s coaching staff.

New Texans RB Ronnie Brown says he’s ready to have an impact in Houston.

Colts WR Reggie Wayne may have to fight coach Chuck Pagano to get more practice time, as Pagano continues to insist that Wayne rest his surgically repaired knee.

Jaguars DE Ryan Davis hopes his speed earns him a spot on the roster.

Titans LB Colin McCarthy appears headed for season-ending shoulder surgery.

Broncos GM John Elway and QB Peyton Manning have donated money to Republican politicians.

Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles wants to be a great blocker.

A Raiders fan known as Dr. Death has been named the Ultimate Raiders Fan.

The Chargers are preparing to face the Seahawks twice in a few weeks, this week in the preseason and then again in Week Two of the regular season.

Cowboys CB Brandon Carr is dispensing marriage advice.

Plaxico Burress made an appearance at Giants practice on Tuesday.

Eagles WR Josh Huff is showing he can make big plays.

Dan Snyder has financed a YouTube ad in defense of his team’s name.

One reporter who has watched Bears training camp says former first-round pick Shea McClellin is falling flat on his face as a linebacker.

Lions TE Joseph Fauria is working on his blocking technique.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy doesn’t want to over-work RB Eddie Lacy in the preseason.

Vikings QB Matt Cassel is confident he’ll remain the starter.

The Falcons are sick of talk that they’re a soft team.

The Panthers are closing camp with high hopes for the season ahead.

Saints RB Pierre Thomas challenged President Obama to the Ice Bucket Challenge to promote ALS awareness.

Former Bucs CB Ronde Barber says the nickel corner position has changed significantly, to the point where teams basically have three starting cornerbacks.

Cardinals G Jonathan Cooper missed practice with a toe injury.

The Rams like the energy that Kenny Britt has brought to their receiving corps.

The stat analysts at say the 49ers only have about a 50-50 chance of making the playoffs.

Seahawks backup QB Terrelle Pryor admits he was wrong to break NCAA rules at Ohio State, but he says he was just trying to make some money to help his mother.

6 responses to “Wednesday morning one-liners

  1. Yeah……..let’s all honk of a guy for a guy who has started 4 games in his 5 yr career. Who has a 59.4 completion percentage. He’s thrown 1 more TD than INT. Some of my fellow Browns fans want to make this guy out to be Joe Montana. It’s ridiculous.

  2. So the Skins just released a pro-name video with multiple NA’s praising the name and tradition. That gets swept under the rug because you disagree with them? If they were bashing we’d have four stories about it by now.

  3. Hey Pryor, college football isn’t semi pro. There are plenty of semi pro leagues to play in to make money instead of going to ohio state.

    If you were more interested in making money, (which obviously you were) you should have went the way of Eric Swann. Since he has proven you can make that jump.

    More players should do this if they truly are not interested in getting an education and giving up making money for a few years.

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