Gruden’s in midseason “everything is great” form

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By now, Jon Gruden’s shtick has become so obvious that it’s easy to be numb to it.  Everything about every team is positive and great and wonderful, because to actually behave while in the booth like a scowling (and thoroughly entertaining) malcontent could eventually limit his options or leverage when the time comes to make his inevitable return to coaching.

Since Gruden’s in-game routine goes against his scowling (and thoroughly entertaining) malcontented nature, Gruden needs the preseason reps, like players and coaches do.  And it looks like Gruden already is in midseason form.

Here’s Gruden’s quote, regarding Jacksonville punter Bryan Anger, a third-round pick in 2012.  (Yes, the Jaguars under former G.M. Gene Smith devoted a third-round pick to a punter.)

“They drafted him high a couple years ago,” Gruden said.  “People questioned that, but when you look at the amount of punts and how good he’s punted, he was worth the pick.”

Unless Anger is destined to become Ray Guy, Anger didn’t merit selection ahead of the other players available, especially since only 69 others had been taken before the Jags burned a third-round pick on a position that with good scouting could have been filled in the late rounds of the draft or after it ended.  In round three of the 2012 draft alone, other players still on the board included Dolphins defensive end Olivier Vernon, Bengals receiver Mohamed Sanu, Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton, and a pair of the best young quarterback in the NFL:  Nick Foles of the Eagles and Russell Wilson of the Seahawks.

Yeah, Anger was worth the pick.

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  1. Maybe I’m alone, but I’ve actually come to find his positive attitude refreshing in contrast to today’s media where so much of what passes for analysis is snark, mockery, and criticism.

  2. The better observation would have been to point out that Jon Gruden caught a lot of grief at first in the 2000 draft when he took K Sebastin Janikowski in the first round and P Shane Lechler in the 5th.

    In the end both picks played a roll in trips to the Super Bowl and are still playing today. Well worth the pick.

  3. This was by far the dumbest pick I have ever seen. There is a reason they have been so terrible recently…I mean did they really think in the next 5 years they were going to be “just a punter” away from a superbowl? I remember seeing Russell Wilson play at NC State and I thought then he could play in the NFL. Even if you think he is only a 25% chance to work out the odds of football tell me I would much rather take a 1/4 chance on a great QB than a 100% chance on a great punter.

  4. I dunno Mike. The dude seems like he can be a great punter. A third isn’t bad for a punter of his caliber. If other teams had known how good boomstick was gonna be he would have been a third round pick too

  5. (Yes, the Jaguars under former G.M. Gene Smith devoted a third-round pick to a punter.)

    You make fun of this choice…yet he’s better than Ray Guy. Like, much, much better than Ray Guy. If he had enough punts to be eligible, he’d be fourth all time. He’s one of many punters who are better than Guy and will never get in because so many people felt sorry for Guy.

  6. They need to bring back Jaws or another former player on MNF. I like Gruden but the broadcast was more entertaining when Jaws would call out Gruden for one of his comments, or vice versa. Jaws would start to argue, Gruden would make some half-assed argument, and Jaws would give up and go silent eventually.

    You could almost hear him shaking his head in disbelief or feel the stream coming out of his ears.

    Now it’s Tirico lobbing up some softballs and letting Gruden tee off on them.

  7. Who are you to question his assessment of another teams pick? He’s a Super Bowl champ and a pretty decent football mind. You’re a hack journalist trolling for page clicks with sensational headlines and misleading tags.

    He doesn’t work for you nor does he answer to you. If his shtick is bothersome mute the telly and listen to the local radio broadcast.

  8. Gruden is insufferable. I always mute the volume on Monday Night games. “Well… He’s dropped 40 passes this year, ran the wrong route 62 times, and beat up 6 strippers but he’s a good kid who can really play football. He just needs to focus a bit.”

  9. He tries to be up front but you can tell he has his orders. Love how he undermines the officials in his own way. You know all these flags kill him, all the rules that want to be the main focus of pre season then become a joke in the season. Why throw all the flags now and continue to allow many teams to get away with the penalties is consistent God-els NFL.

  10. He is terrible……..and this notion about returning to coaching is simply a year to year publicity stunt to leverage his TV contract…..boring

  11. Everybody can play that game. The Bills took TJ Graham with Wilson there.

    But the fact the Jags have punted so dang much, yeah it was worth the investment.

    Now they have a solid punter for a decade…and clearly they are worth something since one is now in the HOF.

  12. I can’t stand him, especially his constant downing of officiating. He inherited a Super Bowl roster and is one lucky doofus.

  13. I have been watching MNF since its inception, an outstanding game between the Browns and Broadway Joe’s Jets, and this easily the WORST announcing team they’ve ever had for MNF.

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