Mike Wallace says he’s playing on Saturday


The Dolphins’ starting offense looked good in their preseason debut as Ryan Tannehill completed all six passes he threw against the Falcons.

That would have been encouraging under any circumstances, but it was especially nice to see since the Dolphins were playing without Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline and Charles Clay. All three are expected to be big contributors this season and two of them should be making their preseason debuts this weekend.

Wallace said that he’s “definitely” playing Saturday after practicing for several days after his return from a hamstring injury. Wallace and Tannehill should benefit from the work together and Wallace said he feels he needs some preseason run to get his endurance up to where it needs to be to play a part in offensive coordinator Bill Lazor’s “rapid fire” scheme.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Hartline is expected to play as well. Clay is going to miss a bit more time with his knee injury, but the Dolphins are slowly putting together the pieces for an offense that needs to be more effective this year.

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  1. Go Dolphins ! The national media’s most disliked team (but which is in the top five of fan favorites) is on its way back to prominence.

  2. Doesnt matter if Wallace plays or not – Tannehill cant throw a ball with any accuracy. As long as Tannehill is the QB, that organization will continue to blame every other facet and everybody will continue to lose their jobs. Phins should have drafted a QB who has played the position for more than 2 years and knows how to win football games. Its sad.

  3. Right marklar, he looked inaccurate last week going 6 for 6. Lazor has been working with his footwork and throwing motion, which Tannehill says has improved his accuracy. You are now informed.

    Looking forward to seeing what Wallace does in the new offensive scheme. Could be exciting.

  4. For those people who doubt Wallace you will be proven wrong this season. Do I think he got over paid 100% yes. But with the horrible line we had last year, which barely gave tannehill time or Wallace time to get down field, Wallace still produced 5 touchdowns. N granted he def dropped way to many catches n tannehill def under through him way to much too. But if the dolphins line is solid everyone will see that tannehill is the second best qb choice of that draft with luck only being better. The dolphins will be in the playoffs this year. They beat every single team in the afc that went to the playoffs besides chiefs n broncos bc they didn’t play them. The dolphins r back.

  5. 2013 stats –

    Wallace was targeted 142 times with 73 receptions and 2 drops. 2 drops all year! roughly 50% of the time the ball does not find Wallace. I get it, Tannehill is nice, has a hot wife. But hes not a good QB and the team continues to make excuses for him and blame everybody else.

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