Vikings won’t play Adrian Peterson this week, if at all


Well, here’s one way to showcase Christian Ponder for a possible trade.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer told reporters today that running back Adrian Peterson would not play in Saturday’s game against the Cardinals.

The likelihood is he may not play at all in the preseason, which is fine for the Vikings, as they plan to protect their most precious asset.

Of course, they’ll still happily accept full fare from their paying customers for those games, as they watch Matt Cassel and Teddy Bridgewater duke it out for the starting job.

40 responses to “Vikings won’t play Adrian Peterson this week, if at all

  1. Top 5 Greatest Vikings:

    1. Fran Tarkenton
    2. Randy Moss
    3. Alan Page
    4. Mick Tinglehoff
    5. DJ Dozier

  2. Charging full fare for the preseason will balance out trying to sell 40,000 tickets to watch a 4 win team in December in the freezing cold.

  3. Actually, it the Vikings want to move Ponder, the LAST thing they want is him throwing the ball a lot. I watched him in that Raiders game last week… playing against 3rd string defenders… and he was awful. He was struggling with throws a decent high school QB can make.

  4. Running outside at The Bank under Norv Turner, AP might have 3000 all purpose yards this year! SKOL!!
    13 games outdoors this season. A team built for running and defense = winning

  5. I think holding him out of pre-season kinda’ worked out last year.

    The first time he touched the ball in regular season he took it 78 yards to the house.

    That rug really tied the room together!

  6. Peterson the diva thinking of himself. What team player opts to sit out when installing a new offense when timing and continuity are everything? These things cant be replicated in practice. I guess when you announce in the offseason that you will be avoiding contact he meant more than running for the sideline.

  7. Top five greatest Vikings:
    1. Percy Harvin
    2. Sidney Rice
    3. Heath Farwell
    4. Kevin Williams
    5. John Randle

  8. Absolute dominate player.
    No sign of decline and gets to run in Norv’s Scheme.
    No one like ALL DAY………no one!

  9. It worked for the Vikings last year.

    Actually, it was about the only thing that worked for the Vikings.

  10. Looks like AP isn’t willing to put in the work necessary to improve his receiving and blocking skills.

    That’s a shame. He could be considered one of the greats if he wasn’t entirely one dimensional.

  11. Much like Stephen Jackson, Adrian Peterson’s productive years have been wasted by being a member of an inferior team.

    If AP had been a member of the Patriots, Packers, Saints or any other team with a good QB, he would have likely had a ring or two by now.

  12. Seahawks GM John Schneider felt it best to limit the number of reps AD takes during the preseason. You can say all the bad stuff you want about the Seahawks, but they do well in the management of their farm system.

  13. He doesn’t play defense. He rarely plays on passing downs. He is involved at most, 25% of all plays.

    It is good that the vikings are getting accustomed to operating without him but 75% of the time he doesn’t matter.

    Resting him last year in preseason helped the vikings achieve a 5 win season so it has been successful. Running the ball adequately when down multiple scores in the 4th qtr has always been achievable and is in line with the team’s goals.

    Very few running backs are paid half of what Peterson is paid.

  14. Hey nowillrepeat, if the refs (Pete Morelli and crew) in the 2009 NFCCG had not been transparently biased and/or incompetent, the 12-men-in-the-huddle wouldn’t have made any difference. There were at least 4 or 5 horrific calls, all against the Vikings, that gave the Saints the game. And, that’s not just my opinion; ESPN and others gave scathing reports about the officiating.

  15. Makes you wonder whether the groin problem has really healed.
    Mini should run him ’til he drops this year since he’ll probably be down with Jerrah next season.

  16. You know when you hate that hard on a playa’, we can can see you salivating with envy.

    . . . and that list of former Vikes that went on to play for the Sea-slugs:

    No gas left in the tank!

    Just sayin’

  17. Is this a Vikings fan complaining about officiating from a game give years ago, that Adrian Peterson fumbled away?

    No way!

    Let it go. Your pathetic franchise doesn’t deserve championships.

  18. That game was one of the worst I’d seen. To think? You have to play dirty and take shots at a 39 yr old grey haired qb just to beat him. Not just 1 or 2 shots. It was 1 or 2 shots every single series. Not 1 flag came out for any of the hits.

    At the end of the day the Viking could’ve stayed focused and stopped the turnovers, but when you playing against the team and the officials, that’s a hard one to overcome. Saints fans know the truth whether they admit it or not. Obvious bounty on a 39 yr old qb

  19. seahawkfanfrom1970s says:

    Top five greatest Seahawks:
    1. Percy Harvin
    2. Sidney Rice
    3. Heath Farwell
    4. Kevin Williams
    5. John Randle

    I couldn’t agree more.

  20. This post and all the comments are ridiculous in so many ways.
    The crowd commenting is bipolar. Extremism and delusion on both sides.

  21. 1)Ponder would never see reps with AP at RB anyways, and it wouldn’t change his supporting cast. They a also won’t get anything for him, and have no reason not to keep 3 QBs.
    2)Not putting AP in the top 5 Vikes all time is outrageous.
    3)Saying AP will rush for 3000 is ridiculous. Might as well say “a million fabillion ja jillion yards times infinity plus 1”
    4)Peterson would play if he could, suggesting it was his decision not to play is stupid, it is a coaching decision and possibly the general manager’s precaution and coaching staff doing what the boss wants.
    5)I’m not even going to respond to the Seahawk fans statements. They have a ring so they have until their elimination from SB contention to engage in trash talks combined with delusions before they are ridiculed along with everyone else.

  22. I always root for whoever is playing the saints…needless to say I don’t care for them…their so called superbowl win should have been taken away… wrote down n books that no one won that superbowl or they could have put cheaters behind it…lol

    Anways I look for the vikes to be winning a superbowl in the next 4 years and be good from year to year.

    For some of you on here…have you ever looked at vikings history..they have had some of the best defenses and offenses… look up their stats…they have been in playoffs more than they haven’t….a lot more.. making it to superbowl for any team is an accomplishment in itself…everyone only remembers who wins unless of course its your team that looses.

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