Cam Newton ready to ease back into game action

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The Panthers held Cam Newton back last week to make sure he could protect himself, but they’re going to expose him to the elements gradually this week.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said there wouldn’t be any planned running around for Newton Sunday night against Kansas City, in hopes he doesn’t aggravate his surgically repaired ankle.

He can’t help himself because he loves to compete and he wants to win,” Rivera said, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. “That is one of the things that is of concern – that he’ll get out there and he may see something, he may go from a three to a seven [in effort level] and the next thing you know he’s out there doing his thing. That’s just who he is. He’s very competitive.”

Newton said he’s still not quite 100 percent, but he said he’s confident he can play.

“The thing that keeps coming back up is, ‘Keep treating it. Treat it when it feels good, treat it when it feels bad. Don’t be that guy that only treats it when it’s nagging. Try to stay ahead of the pain,’ ” Newton said. “That’s what I’ve been doing, and it’s been paying off. . . .

“Each day it’s been getting better and better for me. At this point we don’t want to have any mishaps in the treatment process.”

Taking care of their quarterback is the first priorirty. But with so many questions about a rebuilt offense, the Panthers are putting a lot of faith in Newton being himself come the regular season, and Sunday night will be their first tangible evidence.

11 responses to “Cam Newton ready to ease back into game action

  1. TRANSLATION: Cam Newton is off anti-depressants and has to ease back into the reality of having no wide receivers of any professional ability

    SEE: #1 wr Kelvin Benjamin (ROOKIE)

    SEE: #2 wr Brenton Bersin (0 CAREER receiving yards)

    SEE: #3 wr Tiquan Underwood (1006 CAREER receiving yards in 4 seasons)

  2. Either sit him or play him. He can’t go into a game with restraints. He has to go full tilt or not play at all.

    Trying to play a limited role will only create indecision, that may result in hesitation, ultimately injury.

    No just Cam – any player.

  3. I sure don’t like the way this ankle’s supposedly healing. I think there’s a lot more going on here than the Panthers are revealing.

    Who’s playing backup QB? Derek Anderson?

    Matt Blanchard??

    Joe Webb???

    My confidence for the season continues to waver…

  4. Panthers are in better shape at QB than most teams. Cam is solid, Anderson is a former Pro Bowler, Webb and Blanchard look OK. All that is lacking are the preseason reps between the starter and the WR’s. That didn’t seem to stop Cam Newton in his rookie year.

  5. No need to worry….if Newton can’t go, the Panthers can always turn to former “Probowler” Derek Anderson. LOL

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