Expect Irsay decision before start of regular season


The two-game suspension of Ray Rice and the looming suspension of Josh Gordon have left folks wondering when or if the NFL will take action against Colts owner Jim Irsay.

In early June, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that league insiders expected Commissioner Roger Goodell to impose a six-to-eight-game suspension on Irsay.  Some also believe that Irsay could be suspended even though it’s his first offense and even if the underlying legal case isn’t resolved.

Nothing has happened in more than two months, but it’s safe to assume that discipline will be levied before the start of the regular season.  That’s the league’s pattern when it comes to incidents occurring in the offseason.  The discipline becomes determined and implemented before the next football game that counts.

The league also is likely showing patience in this regard because Irsay’s legal case could soon be resolved via ongoing plea negotiations.  A trial before a judge had been scheduled for August 28.  It’s unclear whether the trial will proceed as scheduled, and it’s also unclear whether Goodell will wait until the outcome of the trial before issuing discipline, given that it’s due to begin within a week or so of the start of the regular season.

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  1. Six to eight games seems appropriate for drug and alcohol use compared to Ray Rice’s two game suspension for domestic violence. Smh. Why one person is the judge and jury in a multi-billion dollar company is beyond me. Gooddell was just a fast-tracked NFL employee with no legal training… Are we sure he’s qualified to make these decisions?

    Just a thought.


    (Marshawn wasn’t arrested, btw.)

  2. What does a 7 game suspension mean? Nothing. Goodell still has no qualms about letting the new Browns Owner being corrupt, or that the Vikes owner had serious charges leveled at them. No problem with Oakland playing games with different markets; same for the Rams.

    Point being that ‘the shield’ is only enforced on players.

  3. What does suspending an owner for games actually do anyway? If they try to enter their box a British style bobby blows a whistle and chases them into the bushes?

  4. Suspending an owner does nothing.

    The only way to hurt an owner is to take away draft picks or salary cap space.

    Stop the charade on Irsay it’s pointless and unproductive.

  5. The only way to hurt Irsay is cap space or draft picks.

    Suspending him? Nothing, he’d still be involved in any decision making process should the team suffer a major injury while on “suspension”.

    The max 1 Million dollar fine: Would be like me buy you a case of beer.

    He will go unpunished.

  6. So he does not get to sit in the owners box to watch his team play, but he still has to pay his employees. He is the owner, I don’t understand why and how he can be punished, unless you take away draft picks decrease payroll or not allow his team to participate in the playoffs.

  7. No sense in hurrying God-del be your usual self and only go after the ones that you are mad at. The rest ……hope all is forgotten.

  8. ^^^^ You guys all DO realize The Commish works FOR the owners, right? OF COURSE he’s going to do something that gives the appearance of being some kind punishment but it’s like a Captain having to reprimand a Colonel. Seriously.

    If you really want to punish him…..take Twitter away from him!

  9. Taking away draft picks and more importantly salary cap space doesn’t only harm the owner, it harms the coaches and the current players on the team. Only punishment that affects Irsay and no one else is a max fine and a suspension. The fine may be a drop in the bucket compared to his net worth but it’s the only way to punish him and not have it affect the coaches and players.

  10. Spineless Godell will do little against Irsay. Doubt he will be suspended at all. Godell will hem and haw and eventually say that Irsay has to participate in a 12 step program or something like that.

    After all, what are buckets of painkillers, a DUI and tons of cash that was likely either intended to purchase more pills or the profits from selling them compared to weed ?

  11. Suspending a player or owner a certain amount of games isn’t doing anything. They need to develop a punishment based on a percentage of money. Hit their wallets. Depending on the players contract their fine might be chump change to them compared to another player whose contract is different. The punishment should be equal. If a player is making 100k and a 4 game ban takes 25k thats a 25% penalty. But if a player is making 500k and the ban takes away 100k its lesser punishment for the player making more money percentage wise. NFL should base fines off an equal percentage of players earnings.

  12. Hit him in the pocketbook in addition to suspensions fine fine him $5 Million donate that money to MADD and victims of domestic violence. If it’s 4 to 8 game suspension make sure Irsay cannot have any contact with team ban him from premises. Mandate that he is in stage 3 of drug program and subject him to stage 3 testing. If he does this again have him sign legal document that NFL will seize his team and sell to highest bidder. Draconian measures he’ll yeah since he is an owner they should be subject to the highest standards. Do I think this will happen? He’ll no! Goodell has shown his tone deafness with his handling of the Ray Rice matter. The NFL needs serious leadership too bad Adam Silver is not available.

  13. This should be a joke of a decision. I wish I could just not hear about the owners, the commissioner, the off the field incidents, dumb quotes from Jerry Jones, etc. and just watch football.

  14. Penalty should involve draft picks. Also, I expect something to be officially written on how to handle owner’s missteps in the future. Pretty bonehead move by NFL to have zero rules/regulations for such things.

  15. If Donald Sterling — an ignorant, senile old man — can get banned for life for making racist remarks in the privacy of his own home (he’s an idiot for being suckered into making them by his mistriss), than Jim Irsay certainly should be banned for life because he actually put people’s lives in danger.

    Let it be known that I don’t condone anything Donald Sterling said, but the reality is that Jim Irsay’s actions were FAR worse.

  16. Goodell will suspend maid service to Irsay’s stadium suite for 8 games…

    Expect a decision on Josh Gordon’s case 1 minute after the close of business “today”.

  17. How do you “suspend” an owner (one of your bosses) exactly? It’s not like he’s suiting up on Sundays. Is he banned from the facility and stadium? So what? He has no impact on game prep. If anything, Irsay being around detracts from the Colts ability to perform.

    The NFL and it’s disciplinary system is a complete and utter farce.

    At a minimum, hefty fines and loss of draft picks are in order. Especially since the Colts colluded to executed the model for all future tank-o-ramas in order to instantly replace Peyton with Andrew.

  18. Just take away his access to booze, drugs and social media and he’ll cry like a baby. It’s called deterrence. Checkmate.

  19. Ins’t this a typo, should it say Expect an Irsay cop out…. Either take his cash or his picks…Making him sit in his comfy home watching on a big screen would be like what I am doing, lol. Major punishment, i guess you get him Sunday ticket for Viking games only and black him in Indy…lol

  20. Illegal prescription pills and tens of thousands of dolars in cash and a DUI isn’t a big deal to me at all, especially when it only involves an owner.

    But marijuana…. Man, I hope Roger bans all marijuana offenders for life. On the first offense. And throws them all in jail for such a heinous act.


  21. This is what I don’t get — there’s no argument he’s guilty of holding the drugs, the cash and driving under the influence, not to mention that he went to rehab. Does the criminal plea and sentence in a situation where guilt is unquestioned and undisputed really matter as far as NFL disciplinary action?

  22. “greenbaydean says:
    Aug 15, 2014 2:29 PM
    Taking away draft picks and more importantly salary cap space doesn’t only harm the owner, it harms the coaches and the current players on the team. ”

    Which is exactly what happens when a player is suspended for off-the-field issues. Team is hurt. No difference here.

  23. xnihilofan says:
    Aug 15, 2014 2:27 PM
    ^^^^ You guys all DO realize The Commish works FOR the owners, right? OF COURSE he’s going to do something that gives the appearance of being some kind punishment but it’s like a Captain having to reprimand a Colonel. Seriously.
    Allow me to quote the NFL code of conduct:
    “All persons associated with the NFL are required to avoid “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League.” This requirement applies to players, coaches, other team employees, owners, game officials and all others privileged to work in the National Football League.”

    You’ll notice owners are specifically listed as being subject to the CoC. It’s simple really, you wanna be a part of the NFL, you agree to follow the rules. If an owner doesn’t like it, nobody is forcing him to not sell the team.

    Also, if a private with the MP sees a General commit murder, that lowest peg of the army can put the highest officer in chains.

    This is because no matter the rich and powerful and their armies of bootlicking toadies claim, THE LAW IS SUPPOSED TO APPLY TO THEM TOO.

  24. Na all you fan boys of trying to punish the owners like the players because your upset when adults can not take responsibility for their own actions.

    Only way up punish an owner is to take away 15% cap space for two years and 1st and 3rd round picks for two years. Along with no compensatory picks for the Colts either.

    There you go. Since everyone wants to punish owners and not the players for being irresponsible.

    I personally do not think owners should be punished. And the players agreed to the punishments. If they players want to not abide by their unions contract then they should break the union and then they can negotiate their own contracts including their level of punishments for themselves.

    Or the players can just take responsibility for their own behavior and try and act like a professional.

  25. There are two reasons for withholding the announcement:
    1. Fans and players will be focused and ecstatic on Week 1 of the regular season. There won’t be much talk over the bogus easy treatment.
    2. Irsay probably wanted time and space to make all owner decisions for his team on draft, trades, promotions, royalties…contracts….before the start of the season so there would be no impact to his profits.

    Bet me. Bank it.

  26. coachbeck says:
    Aug 15, 2014 6:48 PM
    And the players agreed to the punishments
    So did the owners. Maybe if there was an Owners union, you’d get behind the idea that they should have to pay for their bad behavior?

  27. “Which is exactly what happens when a player is suspended for off-the-field issues. Team is hurt. No difference here.”

    When was a draft pick ever taken for a player’s off the field issues? I’ll wait.

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